General Hospital Update Monday 10/9/00


General Hospital Update Monday 10/9/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Jason and Zander point guns at each other. Jason tells Zander to put down the gun. Lucky and Elizabeth are holding Emily back, but she breaks free and throws herself in front of Zander, yelling at Jason not to shoot him. They hear sirens so Zander freaks. Emily and the rest tell him to put the gun down and run over the border so he'll be free. Finally, he does. Emily cries, so Jason holds her. Jason asks her if she's hurt but she says Zander didn't hurt her. Jason disposes of the gun. Lucky is shocked that Em and Jason want to hide the evidence, but she promises to fill them later and Jason backs her up. The cops arrive, so Emily tells them that Zander dropped her off in the woods two days ago and she just found her way there and ran into her friends. The cop is puzzled and continues to question them. He wants to get their statements but Jason asks if they can give them to the PCPD. He reluctantly agrees. Lucky takes Em aside. Liz asks Jason why he let Zander go, and he replies it was because Em asked him to. She says she went along with it because he asked her to. Lucky apologizes to Emily for not going to the police right away and for not letting her call Jason. She says he's her best friend and they hug. She and Liz hug and promise to call each other later. Em worries whether Zander will make it. Jason tells Emily, "Never get in the way like that again". They hug and tell each other "I love you".

In the courtroom, Scott asks Felicia on the stand how she knows Luke didn't kill Stefan. She relates that she was with Luke all night and what happened to lead up to that. She doesn't admit sleeping with him but Scott points out that she registered as "Orphie Goodlove". Mac looks shocked. Dara cross-examines. She tries to get Felicia to admit that she was attracted to Luke, despite Scott's pbjections. Felicia is forced to admit that she took out of town trips with Luke and that her girls wanted to live with Mac in the custody battle. Finally Dara asks if Felicia had "sexual contact" with Luke, so she is forced to admit it. Laura and Mac look hurt. Dara asks if Felicia is "a promiscuous woman", which makes Luke explode in anger. Felicia answers no, so Dara draws the conclusion that since Felicia has these strong feelings for Luke, she would lie for him. They argue about whether Felicia's lying or not. Scott asks Felicia what happened and she shares that she and Mac were working things out and that she jeopardized her marriage by testifying. He asks her why she did it, then, so she says, "How could I not? Luke is innocent". Laura leaves, Scott rests. Felicia looks ashamed as Mac stares at her. Laura cries outside the courtroom. Scott gives his closing arguments and the court adjourns so the jury can deliberate. Luke yells at Scott for putting Felicia on the stand. Felicia tries to approach Mac but he walks past her. Bobbie thanks Felicia for what she did. Felicia talks to Luke before they take him away. Luke gently reprimands Felicia for going against his wishes, but she's glad she did the right thing. He worries about her.

Lucky and Emily catch up with Roy and Bobbie outside the courtroom, about what's been going on. Lucky worries about Laura. Dara apologizes to Mac, but he knows she was just doing her job. Mac goes inside and sees Luke touching Felicia's face as he thanks her and leaves. Felicia is glad to see Mac has returned and asks him to listen to her.

Laura has a lot of scotches at the Port Charles Grill. A reporter comes up to bug her about her opinion of the trial, so she yells at him.

Alan and Monica worry about whether forcing AJ into detox was the right thing. AJ is angry and threatening. He tells them to sign his release papers or they'll never see him again. Alan and Monica share his progress sadly with Lila and Edward. They are discouraged that he's threatening to go back to drinking after he's released. Monica paces and the rest bicker. Jason brings Emily in and they all rejoice. Jason actually smiles to see Monica and Emily hug. When Emily says that Zander got away, Edward grouses at Jason for letting him get away. Monica thanks Jason. Alan tells Emily what happened to AJ. Emily asks Jason to go in with her to see AJ. AJ is really happy to see her. She tells him Jason found her and asks how he is. Emily holds both their hands and tells them she has the best brother in the world. They both agree that they have the best sister. Alan and Monica happily watch their three children.

In the limo, Carly is angry that Sonny knew the charges were dropped against him already. He doesn't know why she's so angry. He just assumed she wanted to make love, unless she has some "ulterior motive". She doesn't admit anything but asks him why he wanted to make love if he knew. She's angry and hurt. He tells her he wanted her and still does. She asks, "Just for sex, right?". He doesn't reply so she tells Johnny to drive them home. Once there, she threatens to pack her and Michael up and leaves. He says it's her choice, not his. She asks him what he means. He says if it were up to him, she's stay there with him. He confides that he overheard her tell Jason that she only married him because Jason asked her to. She says that's not what it sounded like. She tells him she needs to hear him say that he wants her in his life, for herself. He says when he married her, he chose her. He says the charges against him "were the excuse, not the reason". He tells her he's not good at using words to tell how he feels, but he'll try harder. He very sweetly tells her he wants her in his life, he needs her, she makes him happy, and he wants her to keep being his wife. She agrees and they hug. They are heading upstairs when they are interrupted by Benny. He tells Sonny that the situation in Puerto Rico is "very bad". When Sonny wants to go there, Benny cautions him that it's "very dangerous". Sonny insists on going but Carly tells him not to go.