General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/3/00


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/3/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Nikolas phones Alexis to say he's not going to Luke's trial. Gia meets him at Kelly's and teases him about avoiding his relatives. He drives her to the hospital and then offers to stick around. He says he wants to get his mind off worrying about Emily. She thinks about how to lie to her mom, then says maybe she'll tell her the truth about dropping out of college. Gia goes in and her mom hugs her, but then tells her to go back to school. Her mom plans out how Gia can make up for what she's missed. Gia tells her she took a "temporary leave of absence" until winter semester, letting her mom still think that she has been in school all this time and is only taking the leave because of her mom being ill. Her mom is disappointed. Gia tells Nikolas what she did. Helena sees Nikolas and Gia holding hands so she rushes up to cause trouble. Gia goesn't take any guff from Helena. Nikolas intervenes when they start arguing heatedly, telling Helena she can't choose his friends. Nikolas promises Helen will "pay" if she crosses him now, so she backs down. Gia questions Nikolas after Helena leaves and is shocked to find out that Helena is his grandmother and that he'll become a prince someday.

Stefan watches Chloe for a minute while she stares out to sea through binoculars. Then he sneaks up and jokingly says he's a guard. She impresses him with her planning. She has him look through the binoculars as she describes her plan (she has to touch his hand to show him where to look). He points out that she's not equipped to fend off the bad guys. He teaches her self defense techniques, which of course makes them touch again. Later, Chloe has a dream where she sees Nikolas and Gia arguing with Helena. Chloe goes outside, leaving him to ponder. Stefan tells his man to send a fake message from Chloe to Alexis' voice mail.

The Quartermaines watch over AJ with Hannah as he awakens. They explain to him how he got there. They are all worried and there are some recriminations. AJ cracks wise as usual. Tony tells them that AJ needs to rest, so they all say their goodbyes and leave. AJ asks Hannah to stay. Hannah holds his hand, pets his head and reassures him. Hannah asks AJ, since he's so smart and charming, why he doesn't care if he lives or dies. He gives a nonsensical answer. She tries to convince him to quit drinking. He says maybe he's ready to do that.
Tony tells Alan and Monica they have the option of putting AJ in an involuntary detox program for 72 hours. Monica gives Tony permission to hold him. She wonders to Alan if they're doing the right thing.

Scott yells at Luke for not paying attention while he's trying to prep him for the trial. They exchange many insults. Alexis is there to try to keep things on an even keel. Luke maintains that the "whole case is a frameup". Scott asks him questions and Luke doesn't answer well. Scott and Alexis point out how Luke's answers and attitude will affect the judge and jury in a negative way. Scott starts to storm out, having had enough. Alexis convinces Scott to stay and says Luke will clean up so he'll look good tomorrow, since he's a "master of disguise". Luke insists on testifying so Scott wants to quit. Alexis is the voice of compromise. Dara brings a summons for Alexis to be a witness. This means Alexis can't sit in the courtroom except when she's testifying. Their protests to Dara are in vain. Luke watches, surprised, as Scott spars with Dara. He tells Scott to keep it up and they'll win. Then they get into an argument about Laura. Scott wants to bring her back to town for his trial, figuring not only that she has a stake in it but because having her there will make Luke look more innocent (since she was involved with Stefan). But Luke things Laura has already been pushed to her limit and shouldn't be involved. Scott assures him Laura is strong and needs his respect.

Alexis finds Ned at Kelly's and expresses her outrage at Dara's trick. He tries to cheer her up and says he has an idea, which he'll tell her after Emily returns (meaning the marriage proposal, probably). They sit outside and he makes romantic plans. She phones her voice mail and gets the message from Chloe.

Lucky accuses Elizabeth of contacting Jason, but they tell him that it was just a coincidence. They each share information. Jason says there's a "foot bridge to Canada" so he hopes to catch Zander there. Jason doesn't want Lucky and Emily to help, so they argue. Jason warns them that Sorel's men are on the lookout for Em and Zander, too, so it's too dangerous. Jason leaves, thinking they've agreed to go home, but Lucky wants to stay. He and Liz discuss what to do.