General Hospital Update Monday 10/2/00


General Hospital Update Monday 10/2/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he never stopped loving her and thanks her for not giving up on him. He hopes he never hurts her again and worries about Helena. She assures him that his love will keep her safe. There is a loud knock; a guy from the rave, Jerry, says he knew Zander from Kirbyville, which is near the Canadian border. Zander has friends there. Lucky gives him money, then they start packing.

Jason looks for Zander at a coffee shop in Kirbyville. Liz walks in and is stunned to see him there. They fill each other in on what they've learned. She also shares that it's been great for her and Lucky to spend time together, and about Helena's programming of Lucky. He's glad to see her happy and she thanks him for his support. Liz plans to get Kevin's help to fix Lucky's brain. Jason empathizes because of his own brain injury. Lucky walks in and is not happy to see Jason.

Sonny tells Carly she's "free" and she can have an annulment. She's astounded, and yells at hime for deciding for her again. She refuses to go along with the annulment. He points out how reluctant she was to get married. They argue. Sonny claims he "wasn't thinking clearly". She says there's no alterative, he needs her help to stay out of jail. He asks why is fighting him and she lies rather than confessing she loves him. She says they can try it for a few more months and they should "go for it". They keep arguing. They share one close moment but that's interrupted by Alexis' arrival. Carly starts bitching that she won't go along with it. Alexis tells them that they have to stay married if Sonny wants to "stay free". Sonny asks her to move up the trial date so they can be "free". Carly asks if it ever occurred to him to ask her what she wants, that wants to stay. He can't believe it. She says they will work it out and she will quit trying to fix things. He is sorry he hurt her and says she doesn't deserve to be hurt, and that she should be with a man she loves. She tells him he shouldn't worry about hurting her, because she can wait. He tells her she's "a good person" and he says she is, too. He offers her ice cream.

Sherry, a friend of Juan's, tells him his song is on the radio. He's not too excited, he just hope Emily hears it. He is worried but she assures him that Em will be okay. He tells her what Taggert said. She hugs him. Nikolas and Gia come up just then so Nikolas yells at him for cheating on Em. They argue and Juan tells Sherry to leave. Gia tells Juan and Nikolas to cool it. Nik can't believe she's the one trying to calm things down for once. Juan is not amused. They all sit down and Juan tells them what Taggert said. Nikolas agrees it doesn't sound like Emily. Gia wonders if maybe Emily was befriending Zander in order to stay safe, that she thinks he will let her go. Juan is outraged and leaves.

AJ is rushed into the ER by the paramedics and Hannah. Monica is there and asks what's going on. Hannah tells her it's AJ and he has alcohol poisoning. Monica has someone get Tony. She urges AJ to fight. Tony works on him while Audrey gives Monica support. Monica questions Hannah about what led up to this. Monica blames herself as usual. Tony tells Monica that AJ will be okay. Hannah goes over to AJ's bedside and looks down at him, wondering why he did it. Alan, Edward, and Lila arrive. Monica is glad AJ's alive, but Alan worries about any "permanent damage". They question Hannah and bicker about whose fault it is. Edward blames Hannah for not keeping AJ away from alcohol. Tony tells them that AJ is better and being moved into ICU. They won't know about any damage until later. He says Hannah should be thanked for getting him there when she did. Edward tries to avoid responsibility for what happened to AJ. He fondly remembers the child AJ was. Alan says that "alcohol didn't poison him, this family did". LIla begs AJ to wake up, and he does. Hannah and his family are hovering over him.

Felicia tells Mac that she said goodbye to Luke and that her feelings for Mac will never change. He's not sure why he had her see Luke. He wishes he could know for sure they had a chance. SHe assures him that she never was running away form him, she was just searching for a part of herself. But now she knows what she wants. She knows he can't promise anything, she just wants to a chance to prove hserlf. He says that's not necessary, they just need to start over. He says he's always loved her. They kiss. Mac is called away to work. She wants him to spend the night but he says it's "too soon". When he moves back in, it will be for good. Tammy tells Felicia that she's gald to see them happy again, but she's worried about Luke. She urges Felicia to come forward if she knows anything. Felicia tells Tammy about her visit to Luke but Tammy says things aren't going well for him.

Emily and Zander listen to Juan's song on the radio. She talks about their fight at the rave. Zander points out that Juan is a jerk, but she sticks up for him. She just wonders if they were "ever really in love in the first place". She mentions Lucky and Liz as being a couple who are really in love. They talk a bit about love. She says she's no longer "in love" with Juan. Zander says, "Maybe Juan's too stupid to see how special you really are". Zander and Emily make their plans as they hit Kirbyville. She looks forward to seeing her family and friends again. She wonders what she will do about Juan and if she'll ever see Zander again. He doubts that they will ever meet up, since he'll be in Canada. He says he'll miss her.