General Hospital Update Friday 9/29/00


General Hospital Update Friday 9/29/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

At Kelly's, Hannah tells Taggert that he's the only man she wants, and she doesn't need any time to think about it. AJ is not worth losing him for, she says. She makes a date with him for dinner but says she has to go tell AJ to leave her alone. They kiss and she leaves. Taggert asks Juan if Emily knew Zander before the kidnapping, but Juan says no. Taggert asks if she would cover for him and describes what the cop saw. Juan insists it couldn't have been Emily.

AJ pours a bunch of glasses and drinks each one with a toast. First he toasts people who have done him wrong, like Jason, Sonny, Carly, Edward, and Ned. Then he toasts to Hannah and Emily, hoping the latter will come home. AJ passes out on the couch with the empty bottle. Hannah knocks on his door, then leaves. She comes back later and breaks in. She sees him passed out and then can't wake him. She feels for a pulse and then calls 911.

Felicia visits Luke. He tells her how he got caught in London, telling it colorfully so she laughs. She says, "I guess you expected to see me before now". He replies, "I don't have any expectations. That's our deal, remember?" She remembers "everything". She said it was Mac's idea for her to visit and explains how they stand now. She says they had a "wonderful summer" but it's "not too late". She can still tell Mac the truth to clear Luke from the charges. "I will do that for you", she maintains. He says that's okay, the is case is "bogus". She doesn't believe him. He says she shouldn't risk her marriage with the truth, "unless you're looking for a way out". She says no, she's not. She wants her future to be with Mac. He jokes about their adventures. She keeps worrying about him. Luke tells her if he needs her confession, he will give her a sign in court. First he jokes that he will set Scott's hair on fire, then makes a silly gesture that he says he will give if he needs her. She is saddened but he urges her to "be happy, Orphey" and she leaves. Mac finds her at Kelly's and asks how it went. She says she has to tell him some things.

Jason suggests to Carly that they play pool, but she has to get back to SOnny. He walks her out as Sonny watches from the shadows. Jason returns so Sonny shows himself and asks about Emily. Then Sonny says his marriage "isn't working out" and he made a big mistake. He says he can't give Carly what she needs. He can't let her get close to him like she needs. Jason points out that Carly knows htis, even though she is always questioning him. He says Carly will get over it if she gets upset, and then they will share some nice moments, and Sonny will realize she's made his day better. Sonny wonders if that will be work for them and denies again that they are in love. 

Carly goes home and finds Bobbie waiting for her. Bobbie wonders why Carly is being so sweet, so Carly explains about the fight Mike and Sonny had. She realizes they get along much better. Carly wishes Mike and Sonny could resolve their differences the way she and Bobbie have. She realizes she's been trying to push Sonny to act the way she thinks he should, so she will back off now. Bobbie thinks it's a good idea and is impressed that Carly has that "insight". Carly shocks herself by saying that she's in love with Sonny. Sonny returns, so Carly asks him if he wants pizza. He says no. She apologizes for storming out and tells him she went to see Jason, and he helped her to see that she needs to give him some room. He tells her he realized that "this thing between us isn't going to work out". He says he doesn't think that she should have had to marry him for a lifetime just to keep him out of jail. She is hurt by his coldness.

Zander makes Emily slow down and stop the car. She's driving too fast so they might get caught. She gives him guff but agrees. He goes through a pasture to get food from a burger joint. She offers him the keys but he trusts her. She starts the car...he returns to find her gone. He yells at himself, then he sees the headlights. She's returned for him. He yells at her for leaving him there but she says she was just driving around, figured it was better than just sitting there. He apologizes and they eat their fast food. She asks him why he sold drugs. For money, he replies. She says he didn't look like one. He says again that he dealt drugs, he didn't do them. He regrets what he's done. He asks her if she hates him for what he's done to her, but she says no, she wishes they could tell the cops everything. He says no, they wouldn't understand. Zander wishes they could have met "under different circumstances". Juan's song comes on the radio, and Emily gets very happy.

Lucky and Ellizabeth return, exhausted from hitting the raves and not getting anywhere. He says he could only concentrate on her anyway. She puts music on and they dance, hold each other close. Liz talks about how she dreamed of him dancing with her while he was away. Lucky feels himself zoning out again and doesn't know why. He says he feels strongly that she should be with Nikolas, even though he knows that's not how he really feels. She realizes maybe that's what Helena wants. She asks him what happened when he visits Helena. He doesn't remember anything odd but does recall that he always left with the feeling that she and Nikolas should be together. They tell each other "I love you" and hug.

Jason finds Emily's hat on the ground and examines the tire tracks.