General Hospital Update Thursday 9/28/00


General Hospital Update 9/28/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Felicia visits Lila. They catch up on things and wonder where Jax and Chloe went.

At Kelly's, Roy gives Bobbie tickets to the baseball game for them and Lucas. She's happy about that but he can tell she's upset about something. She is worried that Luke is not taking his imprisonment seriously and wonders why. Roys promises to try to find out. Felicia drops by so Bobbie fills her in about Luke. Felicia's happy to hear that Scott will be representing him, but not that Luke is not cooperating with his lawyers. She wishes she could see him. Mac arrives to meet her. Bobbie leaves for work. Mac wants Felicia to visit Luke so they can be sure of her feelings. She reluctantly agrees but says nothing will change.

Alexis visits Luke in jail. She tells him that her petition to the judge to throw out the evidence (due to Mac's bad search warrant) didn't work. She says the judge is punishing him for fleeing and that things don't look good. He's disgusted. She assures him she will be there for him but needs to know everything that happened the day Stefan died. He is vague and unhelpful, so she gets annoyed. As she's leaving, Roy arrives. She advises him to get information from Luke, saying the trial starts next week. Roy wonders, too, what Luke is hiding. He guesses that Luke was with Felicia that night. Luke tells him to mind his own busienss but Roy insits he's already involved. Luke says he's not doing the "noble" thing but Roy knows better. Luke says he can get off without Felicia's help. Roy doesn't buy it and says maybe he'll talk to Felicia then. Felicia arrives, much to their surprise.

Carly asks Sonny if he can go with her and Michael to the park. He says no, he's got work. Things are tense and Sonny is even more monosyllabic than usual. She tells him the Q's are grateful for Jason's help in looking for Emily, and that Lila thanks Sonny for his help, too. She wonders if maybe Jason can come over to dinner but he says no. She tries to talk to him about what Mike did, but he says he won't talk about it "ever. Are we clear?" She reminds him that when she lost the baby, he helped her great through it, so she wants to help him, too. That's what married people do, she insists. He says Mike has nothing to do with them. "Mike lost it and he walked out. That's what Mike does", he says. He tells her to just let it be and that she can't help him. She storms out. Sonny phones Jake's looking for Jason's. He finds out he's there so he decides to go see him. Leticia brings Michael in so Sonny plays with him for a minute and talks to him about Carly. He says he needs to figure out a way to make it up to her.

A.J., drunk at Jake's, sees Jason and asks if there is any news about Emily. Jason pushes him away and says he's drunk. A.J. can't believe that Jason's not grateful for getting him out of jail. A.J. insults him, saying Jason hasn't done much to find Em. Jason tells him to back off and how he has been out looking for her day and night. A.J. doesn't want to hear it. Hannah comes in and takes A.J. away (Jake called her). Carly arrives and tells Jason he owers her twenty bucks because her marriage is over. Carly plays pool and rants about how Sonny is treating her like she doesn't exist. He gets her to calm down and tell him what he happened. She notes that when Mike hit Sonny, it was like Deke hitting him all over again. Jason points out that Sonny works things out his own way. She says Sonny doesn't need her the way he should, but he assures that Sonny does, and she should just wait. They hug, of course just as Sonny arrives...

Chloe and Stefan take a swim. She says she used to be a long distance swimmer. She can't believe she's lost track of the time and doesn't know what day it is. She comes up with an idea about how to get off the island. SHe plans to escape by sneaking onto the supply boat. He says it won't work unless they have a diversion. He shares the first time he tried to escape from Helena. They talk about Helena and how she treats him. When he says he and Helena are alike, she vehemently disagrees. She knows how much Alexis loves him. He decides to go inside so she says she will scope out the boat some more. He puts his shirt around her shoulders so she won't be cold. After she leaves, his henchman shows up and Stefan tells him that next time the supply boat is there, he and Chloe will steal it, but he has to make sure they fail.

At Kelly's, Gia asks Nikolas why he keeps visiting her. He says he figured she could use the support and that her mother must be getting better. She is edgy and snaps at him. They sit and she explains that she's not looking forward to her mother finding out the truth about where she's been lately. He helps her go over her options. He suggests she tell her mom the truth before she finds it out elsewhere. Hannah brings A.J. by so Nikolas helps her bring him inside. She wants to sober him up. But first she chews him out for his recent behavior. He tells her he feeels "helpless" because he can't help his sister or his family. Taggert sees them through the window and scowls. He goes inside and A.J. apologizes to Taggert for what happened at the hospital. Taggert says nothing. A.J. also thanks Hannah and then leaves. Taggert tells Hannah that A.J. won't get better as long as she helps him. He tells her she has to make a choice between the two of them.

Alan prepares to go to work; Monica is shocked that he's leaving when Emily's gone. But he says he can't do anything else to help her except sit around and worry. They hold each other and Monica snobs. She tries to be hopeful. The whole family gathers to hear news from Garcia. He tells them that Emily was spotted near the Canadian border by a cop. He tells them that Em lied that she and Zander didn't need help and that she called him her "boyfriend". They are relieved she's well but confused by her actions. Garcia theorizes that she might have been frightened by Zander's gun. After he leaves, Ned suggests they turn the letter over to the police, but the rest of them don't agree. Ned asks to see the letter so he goes upstairs to get it. Alan and Monica hug. He's glad he didn't go to work after all.