General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/27/00


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/27/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Bobbie goes to Roy's house and finds him working out furiously on the punching bag. He has no excuse for ignoring her call and apologizes. She forgives him and asks if he's upset about Ford's visit. He tells her about the offer but says he turned it down. He says that kind of work is awful because in order to bring criminals down, you have to get close to them. He talks about a kid he got to know that showed him pictures of his kid because he thought they were friends. He refuses to put away any more "friends". Then he tells her about this kid Leo he got to know when he joined a gang in Miami. The FBI double-crossed him and ended up putting Leo away for 10 years. He tells her Leo was recently killed just as he was about to get out of jail. Bobbie tries to get Roy to see that it's not his fault and that he has to get on with his life. He cries in her arms. Later, he makes tea and she hugs him. He wonders if there will be a funeral for Leo. She's glad he turned down Ford. They cuddle on the couch and he thanks her for being there.

Zander's engine overheats. He suggests that he walk back to the gas station in town. She is nervous but promises she'll stay with the car. A cop stops and tells Emily he's looking for someone. She tells him that her boyfriend went to town to get a radiator hose. He offers to drive her into town and drive both of them back, but she makes up a story about she and her boyfriend "Billy". Zander watches them from the bushes. She sees him and gestures for him to come out. He does and she runs to him and throws his arms around him. The cop believes their story and asks if they've seen a particular stolen car, but they haven't. He leaves. Zander is amazed that she didn't leave with the cop. He promises again to let her go in Canada. He got her more pixie sticks to eat. She helps him fix the car. He leans over her and there is touching. They fix the car and she asks if she can drive a while, so he agrees. She leaves her hat on the hood so it falls off as they drive away.

Mac visits Luke and asks him if he's got a lawyer yet. Luke says he doesn't need one. They argue. Mac maintains that he wants Luke to have a fair trial so there's no appeal. Luke tries to get Mac to see reason, but Mac believes that Luke killed Stefan. Alexis visits and Luke makes lewd comments. She tries to convince him to accept Scott. He says that he doesn't think Mac framed him after all. He wonders if Stefan is really dead or whether Helena framed him. "Good luck proving it" Alexis says, especially without a lawyer. He tells Alexis about his and Scott's history. When Alexis assures him that Scott is long past lusting after Laura, that he has a wife of his own (even though he's getting divorced), Luke is annoyed to hear that Lucy married Scott. 

Felicia meets Scott at Kelly's. She wants to talk to him about Luke. He tells her that Luke doesn't want him. She says Luke's innocent. He is suspicious about why she's so certain, so she covers. He leaves. Mac arrives and she invites him to lunch. He tells her he spoke to Luke today and wonders if they should discuss it. She thinks they should avoid that topic, but does tell him about her meeting with Scott. He also shares that he tried to get an attorney for Luke. They are pleased with each other about being honest.

Scott comes in as Luke is berating him. Alexis tells Luke that he has to get Scott because Dara moved the trial up, the judge likes Scott, and since Laura asked him to be Luke's lawyer, Scott wouldn't do anything to hurt Laura. Luke is forced to agree to Scott because of Alexis' strong recommendations.

Jason visits Lila and brings Emily's letter to her family. Monica comes in so he gives her the letter. She reads it to Reginald, Edward, and Lila. It is touching. Emily misses them and apologizes for lying to them. Monica breaks down so Edward finishes. Emily tells them that Zander hasn't hurt her and won't, that he's been a gentleman and will let her go soon. It gives them hope. Jason tells them he knows that Zander has friends in Canada. He thinks they should wait and not tell the police. Edward takes him aside and asks him if he's being completely honest about Emily's safety. Jason says he wouldn't lie to Lila. He can't promise anything but he vows to bring her home safe. Ed shows his soft side when he blames himself and the family for driving Emily away like they did with Jason. AJ comes in and Jason briefly fills him in. Edward and AJ thank Jason. After Jason leaves, Edward continues to praise Jason, which annoys AJ, so he drinks.

Juan talks to Tammy about Emily at Kelly's. AJ arrives looking for Hannah, but she's at GH with Taggert. AJ tells Juan that Taggert is "nutty" so Juan tells him off for being a drunk and not helping Emily. Juan visits Ned at home and asks him to release song early. He explains his idea to help Emily. Ned loves the idea. He points out it will ruin their planned promotion and the song might be a flop, but Juan is willing to risk it if L&B is. Need agrees. Jason tells Juan about the letter.