General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/26/00


General Hospital Tuesday 9/26/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Ned postpones his concert because of Emily. He's on the phone. Alexis is on her phone, trying to get Luke another lawyer. A woman, Chelsea, comes to interview Alexis. She's on the inspirational women speaker's committee at PCU and wants Alexis, the superwoman, to lecture. Ned makes some funny comments as the woman goes on about how much she admires Alexis and why. Alexis tells Chelsea that she can't accept. Chelsea, following her role model, refuses to give up and says she'll call again. Ned thinks she should take it, but she doesn't want to because of the internet thing. He watches as she deletes her fan mail. She says someone who always starts their emails "Dear Heavenly Angel" and sends them to her no matter how many times she changes her address. Ned scowls. She reads one of this guy's emails and Ned mouths it, so we know that he is her secret admirer. He pretends to be jealous. She leaves for work and he writes another romantic email.

Bobbie walks into Roy's living room, looking for him (she is wearing a revealing nightgown). He comes in with flowers and breakfast. They hug and eat, and discuss Luke's problems. He maintains that he's not like Luke, despite some similarities they share. She needs to know that he'll always be honest with her. She gets a phone call from Tony to meet her at Kelly's. Roy worries that he's making her life difficult. She assures him that all that matters is how much they love each other. Roy's old boss Agent Ford arrives to talk to Roy as Bobbie leaves. He tells Roy they want him to work for them again. Roy refuses. He tells Roy that he knows Roy tried to help out Luke by lying to Interpol, but he still refuses. He also tells Roy that a kid he helped put away, got killed in prison right before he was to be released. Roy knows the kid was probably innocent. He gets very upset and orders Ford out. When Bobbie's phones, Roy ignores the call. He looks at a newspaper clipping about the kid being put in jail and still looks very upset.

Tony tells Bobbie that the babysitter is sick and he needs to go to work. He didn't bring Lucas to Roy's, where Bobbie spent the night, because he thinks he's a bad influence. Bobbie tells him that Roy is here to stay, so Tony has to deal with it. Lucas asks Bobbie if she was with Roy and says that Roy doesn't like him like Jerry did because he doesn't visit when Lucas is there. She hugs him and tries to explain about Roy being in prison. Lucas agrees to spend time with her and Roy.

Tammy talks to Mike on the phone. He bought a silver dish so she wonders where he got the money. Nikolas comes in and tells her Liz and Lucky got to Albany okay. He orders coffee and bagels for him and Gia. He fills Gia in on why they're in Albany. She can't believe he's bowing out to let Lucky have Liz. He explains that they fell in love years ago. Juan arrives and wonders if there's any news about Emily. Gia and Juan bicker. Juan worries about Emily's spirits and thinks if they release his song earlier, it might be a way to encourage her. Nikolas agrees.

Sonny goes to Kelly's for some coffee. Tammy tells him that Mike hopes he can make amends. Benny stops Sonny to tell him that Mike has borrowed another 10 grand from loan sharks.

Carly gets up early to make coffee for Sonny and nag him about having breakfast. She asks him to ask Jason to stop by if he sees him. There is an awkward moment; she shares she's concerned about Jason because he's always looking for Emily. They joke around and make dinner plans before he leaves. Mike arrives with a wedding gift, a silver bowl. They chat about the disasterous plan they had together. He doesn't know why she's still mad, since he married her. They discuss whether Sonny loves her or not. He tells her that when he tried to apologize to Sonny, all he cared about is that Mike endangered Carly, his "family". She doesn't know whether to believe him. Sonny returns so she shows him the bowl Mike brought. He asks for privacy with his father. Sonny asks him how much the bowl cost and then says straight out that it didn't cost him $10,000 and where's the rest of it. He yells at Mike for leaving him with another mess to clean up and says, "I'm done with you!". Mike tries to make excuses. They argue and say harsh things. Carly hears them arguing. Sonny tells Mike to take the bowl, pawn it, whatever. He yells that Mike left him and his mom, and broke his mom's heart. His voice breaks and Carly watches sympathetically. He yells that Mike "ran and hid like the coward you are". Mike throws some of Carly's past mistakes in his face, like leaving Brenda at the altar. The exchange gets worse and Mike ends up slapping him. Carly throws Mike out and see Sonny crying. He quickly pulls himself together and says, "It's okay, I'm not hurt", but his eyes show the real truth. She looks scared and worried. She tells him that Mike has no right to talk to Sonny that way because Sonny's so "good", "kind" and "honorable". Sonny can't deal with listening to her because he's in too much pain. He stares out the window as she watches and worries. He wants to go out but she insists that he stay or she go with him because he's so upset. He says he's fine and leaves without her.

Lucky and Elizabeth arrive at their hotel room after their long bus trip. He suggests they sleep so they can stay up late going to the raves. He says he'll take the floor. She says she doesn't mind, they've shared a bed before. He lays on the floor and they chat about the mind control thing until he falls asleep. She whispers, "I love you" to him. Later, Lucky admires her sexy outfit. They chat about Emily. He helps her with her bracelet and they leave.