General Hospital Update Monday 9/25/00


General Hospital Monday 9/25/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Elizabeth tries to get Lucky out of his trance. Finally she shakes him and he comes out of it. They hug. She is explaining what happened when they hear Helena returning, so they grab their bags and run. They come back after she leaves. Liz thinks they should go somewhere else to discuss it, but he wants to stay there to go over what happened. She writes down the phrase "protect your queen" so he won't go into a trance. He realizes Luke was right, and she is amazed that Luke knew about the mind control. They hug again and she urges him to fight Helena. He suggests they go to Albany first. They missed their train so they take a bus.

Helena tells Andreas to keep close watch on Liz.

Jason questions the candy store owner about Zander and his car. He gives him lots of money to keep his mouth shut when he sees Sorel's henchmen approaching. Jason hides. Another man comes in and he turns out to be the farmer that owns the farm where Zander and Emily are staying. He chats to the owner about these kids hiding in his barn, so Sorel's men show him a picture of Em. They claim they're PI's working for her family. The farmer gives them directions to his farm. Jason buys matches and lighter fluid and follows.

Luke tells Scott to "Beat it". Scott tells him that he promised Alexis he would defend him, and he's also doing it for Laura. Scott says Laura asked him to make a deal for him while Luke was on the run. They argue. Luke demands to be taken back to his cell. Scott phones Alexis to say he won't be representing Luke after all. Bobbie arrives, surprised to see Scott. He explains why he's there. Bobbie thanks him for his help. He advises her that Luke's attitude will piss off any jury. Bobbie brings Luke pictures of Lucky and Lulu. She tries to put a guilt trip on him and persuade him to hire Scott for his children's sake. They argue about it. "Forget the past so you can have a future", she urges.

Taggert yells at AJ and almost beats him up. He tells AJ to leave in no uncertain terms. AJ reluctantly going but Taggert gets a security guard to escort him out of GH. AJ claims Taggert attacked him and waits for Hannah to back him up, but she tells AJ off, too. AJ throws his name around to get the guard away from him. After Hannah tells him he's "being obnoxious", he leaves by himself. Taggert berates himself for losing his temper. Gia comes back with Nikolas. Taggert agrees to leave to get some rest. He assures Gia that their mom will be gine. Taggerts tells Nikolas to alert security if AJ returns. Nikolas insists on staying with Gia. Gia visits her mom, who again asks why she's there. She keeps getting on Gia's case about school. Gia lets her rest. She and Nikolas chat again about "family expectations". He tells her that his uncle died recently before they could make up, but she can still make up with her mom.

Carly and Sonny kiss. He puts the necklace on her. They decide to have dinner. Sonny praises the lobster she ordered, but notices Carly is not eating. She confesses that she hates seafood of any kind. He insists on making her the world's best hamburger, which she loves. He praises what she does for him and how life is always unexpected with her around. He insists on cleaning up the dishes. She tells him about Bobbie's reaction to their marriage. While he is in the other room, she says softly that "Bobbie thinks I love you and I'm just afraid to admit it". He doesn't hear it so she makes up a lie. They kiss passionately and start to undress. Carly stops him and tells him she's not sure about jumping back into bed with him. He urges her to be honest. She says when he looks at her, she gets an "incredible physical response". She says she's impulsive emotionally, so if she has sex with him she's afraid she will assume they are connected emotionally and mentally. She doesn't want to misread him. He points out she's learned from her past and admires that. She asks him to give her time and patience, to take it slow. He agrees, saying she's worth waiting for. She thanks him. He says he'll miss her. They kiss and say goodnight, and she runs upstairs. He wants to say something else but she's gone.

Zander and Emily talk about her family while they eat dinner. She asks again if she can mail a letter, but he's too afraid it would leave a trail. Zander wishes he had a close family, too. He falls asleep while she writes in her journal. She is asleep, too, when a car comes up. They wake up and hide behind some hay bales. Zander pulls his gun. Sorel's guys go in and call his name, saying Sorel sent them and Zander is "home free". He tells Emily when he fires to run through the woods to the farmhouse. Sorel's man comes looking and is almost to them when suddenly the bad guys' car explodes, giving Emily and Zander the diversion they need to escape. Later, Jason finds the letter that Emily had started to write to her parents.