General Hospital Update Friday 9/22/00


General Hospital Update Friday 9/22/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Jason stops by Sonny's to see if there is any news about Emily. He asks how Carly and the marriage are going. Fine so far, Sonny says. He wants to thank her for marrying him but doesn't want her to get the wrong idea. Jason suggests he give Carly a gift just because he likes her. Sonny is surprised by the idea, and then he leaves to go shopping for a gift. Carly returns. Jasons tells her Sonny went out and that Sonny wants to spend time with her tonight. SHe is pleased and wonders if he and Bobbie are right about Sonny having feelings for her. She doesn't want Sonny to laugh if she suggests they make a real marriage of it. She shows Jason a sexy outfit she bought for Sonny. Carly prepares a special dinner and Jason assures her that lobster was a good choice. She is really nervous. He reassures her to "go for it" with Sonny. She goes to change. He answers the phone and takes down a message from Benny. Sonny returns and Jason rushes out. Sonny smiles at the romantic table setting and lights the candles. Carly comes down wearing the sexy outfit. She tells him that the night is a thank you to him for all he's done for her. She admits she wasn't very gracious about marrying him, even though she got him into the predictament with the law. He opens champagne and they toast each other. She asks him to dance with her, so he puts on music and they dance. It is very romantic. He gives her a diamond necklace (or bracelet?). She is very touched. They kiss.

Zander ties up Emily in a barn so he can go get supplies. He's very solicitous but doesn't believe she won't run away. She asks him for "something to write in" like her journal at home, and candy. Zander returns and is upset to see that Em's gone. He gets angry and then sits, looking sullen and woebegone. Emily runs by and looks like maybe she is considering leaving, but decides to stay. She tells him she hid because she heard something and thought it was the farmer. He is touched that she didn't run like she promised. He gives her the stuff he brought for her, including grape pixie sticks she had asked for. He observes how unhealthy they are. She says that's funny since he was a drug dealer. He says he sold them, he never took them (yeah, right). She tries to force him to try it and they joke around.

Jason finds the store where Zander bought the candy. The owner says he hasn't seen Em but recognzies the description of Zander as someone who bought pixie sticks recently.

Liz runs downstairs at the docks and tells Helen to "get the Hell away from him!", meaning Lucky. They play a little tug of war with him; he is still in a daze from being in Helena's control. But when Liz asks him to come with her, he takes his hand and leaves with her. Helena gets angry and yells for Andreas. She tells him that Liz is now "a liability". Lucky wants to get to the train but Liz insists they talk about what happened. He stalls and then tells her that "there's something wrong in side my head". He explains he's been losing time and saying things he can't control. Liz points out that Helena seemed to be triggering his "personality switch". Lucky doesn't want to believe it but Liz recounts exactly what happened. When Liz tells him that Helena said "protect your queen", he gets very quiet and goes into a trance.

Stefan watches Chloe sleep. She dreams Lucky's encounter with Helena. She awakens and is very startled to see Stefan looming over her. She takes a walk and then returns, apologizing for her reaction. He lies that he was trying to hear if she said anything in her dream. She tells him she saw Lucky change instantly from being angry to being complacent. She thinks she is dreaming through Helena again. He agrees and realizes he's right about Helena controlling Lucky.

Hannah watches Taggert, who is by his mom's bedside. AJ brings her food. She says he shouldn't have. AJ says he's "not trying to intrude". She tells him again she's with Taggert and returns the food. Depressed, AJ drinks from his flask. Tony does a neurological examination of Taggert's mom on Monica's suggestion. Juan brings Taggert his mail and asks about his mom. Taggert warns Juan not to spread himself too thin, hanging out at the police station waiting for news of Emily, and also supporting Taggert. Gia comes up just as Juan is blaming himself for Emily's kidnapping. She blasts him for bothering Taggert while their mom is in the hospital. Taggert tells her to cool it. Their mom awakens and asks why Gia is there. Taggert lies that he phoned Gia so she could be there. Taggert says his mom has to cut down on her work load. She worries more about Gia's classes. Taggert and Gia leave her to rest more. Tony tells them she's fine. Hannah wants Taggert to get some rest or fresh air. Gia volunteers to keep watch. 

Nikolas tells Juan about Liz and Lucky going to Albany and inquires about Taggert's mom. Gia tells them to get lost. They point out that she's pushing away people who could care about her. Nikolas returns after a little while and says he's there to annoy her and keep her mind off waiting. He knows what it's like to wait in the hospital. She complains about her mom's "expectations". He sympathizes and talks about Stefan's similar attitude for him. They chat about Nikolas' travels. She is jealous of what a good life he's had. Taggert and Hannah return. He insists Gia go home. Hannah observes he really loves his sister. AJ, drunk, comes back with flowers for Taggert's mom. Taggert grabs him and throws him up against the wall.

Luke teases Alexis some more about her internet pinup. He rages about all the bad luck he's been having. She promises to find him another good lawyer. Luke is told he's getting a visit from his lawyer. He expects Alexis but gets Scott Baldwin instead. Luke says, "When Hell freezes over!"