General Hospital Thursday September 21th, 2000 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/21/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Ned tells Lila that he talked to their PI about the search for Emily; still no news. He thanks her for her advice. Edward comes in before Ned has a chance to talk about his proposal to Alexis. Edward shows them a big article about Alexis which includes her internet photo. Ned is dismayed. Lila says it's a positive article. Ned is humiliated and Edward rants on about it. Ned leaves to give Alexis the bad news. Monica comes in, weary from lack of sleep because of worrying. Monica gets a call from her fertility doctor. She cancels her appointment and says she's "discontinuing" her treatments. Edward says he thinks that's a bad idea. She can't believe his change of attitude, and neither can Lila. Edward confides to Lila that he hoped it would take Monica's mind off Emily, and besides he doesn't think it would work anyway.

Dara is not happy to hear that Carly married Sonny. Bobbie is surprised, too, so Dara asks her if she'll sign an affidavit that the marriage is a fraud. Bobbie says she's just surprised they didn't wait for the church wedding they had been planning. She suggests Dara spend more time looking for Emily. Dara tells Alexis she's still pursuing Sonny, but Alexis says they have no case without Carly. Alexis visits Luke with good news--since Mac got the search for Luke's office himself, and he's prejudiced, a judge could throw out all the evidence against him.

Ned shows the paper to Alexis, who whimpers. Then she rages about being a "trend setter" for the new millennium, as the paper put it. She worries how this will affect her legal reputation. He says he has an idea. Before he can propose, she's called back to the police station.

One of Stefan's men tells him that Chloe went to the beach again, went to the dock and started to swim far out to sea before she came back okay. She returns to Stefan warns her not to try it again without letting him know. She wonders how he knows, so he lies that he saw her "from the bluff". She thinks they can escape by the supply boat. He says it's futile, but she's determined. He proposes chess but she suggests she teach him gin rummy instead. They plan and he wins. She's tried so she decides to take a nap.

Bobbie brings Luke a sandwich and he searches it for a weapon for his escape. He asks about Lucky. She says she asked him to see Luke but he won't yet. She wants to call Laura, but he nixes the idea.

Liz talks to Tammya bout her trip to Albany. Carly comes in and asks Liz for coffee, then mentions her wedding. But Liz already knows, thanks to Jason. Liz says she feels sorry for Sonny, having to marry Carly. Mike arrives to Liz asks him to give Sonny her "condolences". Carly explains to Mike that she and Sonny got married. She expects him to be disapproving but he supports the idea. He thinks she's good for Sonny and will make him happy. She hopes so and thanks him. Bobbie comes up and bitches at Carly for not telling her about the wedding. Mike goes to visit Tammy. Carly tells Bobbie that she didn't think Bobbie would approve, after their last conversation. Carly fills Bobbie in how the wedding went. She wonders if Jason is right that Sonny cares about her. Bobbie recounts everything that Sonny has done for her, and to be near her. She urges Carly to tell Sonny how she really feels. Carly's not sure if she wants to risk her heart.

Roy asks Lucky to visit Luke. Lucky says he has no time. Roy says he is putting up a "good front" like Luke does. Lucky says he knows he's like Luke, but not in a good way, and that Emily needs him. Roy visits Luke. He searches the place for bugs and finds the same two he already knew about. He puts gum over them so they are disabled. Luke tells him what happened in London and what Alexis told him. Luke asks Roy to investigate what Helena's up to right now. They talk about Lucky a bit. Dara finds out about the bugs and tosses Roy out. She gets rid of the gum and Alexis is called in. Dara tells them that a judge has banned Alexis from the case because of "conflict of interest".

Lucky gets money from Nikolas as he prepares for his trip to Albany. Nikolas advises him to be careful. Helena comes by and wonders where Lucky's going, so he tells her. She thinks Nikolas should go, too. Nikolas yells at her for her threats and getting into his business. 

Tammy wishes Liz luck with both her search and with Lucky. Lucky and Liz are leaving when he sees Helena again. He hides Liz as he confronts Helena. Helena tells him she thinks the trip is a bad idea. He says he doesn't care what she has to say, and neither does Nikolas. He turns and walk away so she loudly says, "Protect your queen". Liz watches with suspicion as Lucky turns and smiles at Helena.

At Kelly's Maxie is upset by a newspaper headline about Luke's arrest and return. Felicia tells her not to worry and that she won't run off again with Luke. Maxie doesn't believe her at first so Felicia reassures her and answers her questions. They chat then about their great summer and her relationship with Mac, then they go home.