General Hospital Wednesday September 20th, 2000 Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/20/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Hannah and Garcia confer. She asks him if he's seen Sorel do anything suspicious. He says he's been clean but tells her that A.J. paid Sorel a visit that seemed to piss the gangster off. Bobbies comes by to see Luke. Dara lets her see him. Bobbie wonders what he'll do now. "Prove I'm innocent", he says. Bobbie has asked Alexis to defend him. Luke explains how he was caught in London. Bobbie offers her help. Luke asks her to find Lucky but she says she already told him about the arrest. Laura and Lulu are out of town, he relates. Bobbie greets Felicia at Kelly's with hugs. Bobbie's happy to hear she and Mac are reunited. She tells Felicia about her visit to see Luke. They worry about his situation. Felicia still feels like standing by him but can't. Bobbie says he understand and watns her to be happy. Felicia is happy, she says. She gives Bobbie some pictures she took during the summer but realizes she has Mac's pager, so she rushes off to give it to him.

A.J. counts money in a suitcase, takes a drink but puts it down without drinking it. He seems to be contemplating something. He is about to leave when Hannah arrives. She questions him but he's evasive. Finally she opens his suitcase of money and says she knows he's trying to buy Emily's freedom. She says she knows he saw Sorel. He's offering money to Sorel to get Emily. Hannah explains why it won't work and urges him to leave it to the pros.

Garcia questions Luke. Mac arrives and takes over. Luke asks whether Mac's "made progress" in framing him for murder. Mac says he's found plenty of evidence. Luke refuses to play his game. Mac tells him he's "going away for a long time". Felicia visits the PCPD and greets Dara. Dara goes to find Mac. Felicia sees Luke through the window. Mac surprises Felicia while she is staring. He thinks she's there to see Luke, but she gives him his pager. He apologizes and they go off to lunch.

Nikolas and Lucky compare notes after hitting the raves. Lucky found some info from a guy who partied with Zander in Albany. They make plans to go there. Lucky suggests they bring Liz. Nikolas is pleasantly surprised. 

Jason chats with Liz about Emily. He is not happy to hear that Lucky and Nikolas are offering a reward for info. He cautions Liz to be careful. He tells her about Sonny Carly's wedding. She is shocked. Jason explains why they did it. He thinks Sonny and Carly are falling in love and will stay married. She talks about Lucky, and about Emily's predictament. He telsl her to stop blaming herself. Lucky and Nikolas arrive. They bicker with Jason. Liz thinks they should all work together to find Emily. Hannah comes in and asks Jason's help with A.J. Jason says he can't, but Liz convinces him to go look for A.J. Lucky is jealous of Jason. He says that Jason's just trying to impress Elizabeth. Bobbie asks Lucky to talk to her about Luke. She said Luke woudl love to see him. He refuses. Liz and Nikolas show their support. Liz wonders if he wants to leave for Albany now or if he should at least see his father first. He doesn't think so, and he compares Luke's arrogance to his own, such as when he got Emily in further trouble by getting rid of Ted's body. He blames himself for what happened to her.

Nikolas offers to stay behind and keep looking for local leads. They all agree. Liz and Lucky plan to leave Friday. Liz knows Nikolas is staying to let her and Lucky have time alone, so she thanks him with a hug.

Jason finds A.J. and stops him from seeing Sorel. He tells A.J. that Sorel doesn't know where Emily is, or she and Zander would be dead by now. A.J. finally understands. Jason wants to follow Lucky's lead so A.J. wants to go, too, but Jason says no.

Ned brings Alexis some flowers that were being delivered to her penthouse. She has dozens and dozens because of her internet pictures. Ned's worried about her but welcomes the distraction from worrying about Emily. They read lews suggestsions in her email. Johnny arrives and takes some of the roses to GH. Ned and ALexis flirt and kiss. She finally gets Bobbie's message about being Luke's lawyer. It makes Alexis feel good to be needed as a lawyer again. Alexis visits Luke in jail. She knows he didn't murder Stefan, that Helena did. She confesses about her internet woes. He laughs and teases her. They see Mac and Felicia. Alexis suggests that Luke not let Felicia visit him. They watch them walk out with Mac's arm around her, so Luke says sadly that he doubts it will be an issue. 

Monica, Lila, and Edward continue to worry. Edward rants at Monica. Ned arrives and Edward suggests he use his media connections as Eddie Main to get attention to Emily. Lila and Ned remind him that this could endanger Emily further. Ned chats with Lila about Alexis' problems. She gives him the idea to ask Alexis to marry him.