General Hospital Tuesday September 19th, 2000 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/19/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Stefan contemplates the chess board. Chloe suggests they look for her "lucky bracelet" that she lost on the cliffs. He's annoyed that she keeps going there. They find the bracelet. She is determined to find their way off the island. Stefan is just as determined to keep her from it. He wants to use her dreams to fight Helena. Chloe tells Stefan that the bracelet's from Jax and it makes her happy. He asks her how she'd feel if Jax finds Brenda and chooses her over Chloe. She says she would be "sad" but wouldn't regret their love. She sees love as "a gift". He is amazed at her attitude. Later she has flashbacks to happy times with Jax, and cries.

Gia feigns ignorance as Tag accuses her of blackmail. He threatens to arrest her. They argue. Gia refuses to feel guilt or be repentant. Hannah returns and tries to get them to "calm down", but Gia bites her head off. Taggert defends Hannah. They keep arguing, then Gia storms off. Hannah kind of wishes she hadn't told Taggert today, but he's glad he knows. Gia blasts Juan for blabbing about her escapades. She is shocked to learn that Taggert is Juan's "legal guardian". Gia yells at Taggert, but when the nurse returns with news of their mom, they hold hands and hug, a family again.

Bobbie and Roy go to her place with wine, chatting about Luke's arrest. Bobbie worres about risking his life and they have a mild argument about that. Bobbie phones Mac to find out when Luke's trial is but gets Felicia instead. Felicia is not happy to hear about Luke's arrest. She fills Mac in when he returns from a ride with the girls. He phones Garcia and tells Felicia he has to go back to testify about Luke. She points out the lack of evidence but he doesn't want to hear it. He asks what she'll do now. They prepare to return to PC.

Sonny and Carly kiss for a long time when they get married. The justice of the peace leaves. Carly goes back to making bitchy remarks. She asks ALexis and Jason to stay for dinner. Alexis assures Sonny that he did the right think. Sonny tells Jason he heard him talking Carly into going through with the wedding, so he thanks him. Jason says he did it for Carly because he knows Sonny will make her happy. Sonny thinks Carly doesn't want him, but Jason assures him that Carly does, she's just scared. "She's in love with you, Sonny" Jason says. Sonny doesn't believe it. 

Alexis chats with Carly about her future with Sonny. Alexis thinks that Carly may be pleasantly surprised about her marriage and compares it to hers and Jax's. Alexis says Carly has a "soft spot" for Carly. Carly observes that Sonny respects Alexis and her opinion.

Jason has to leave to go back to looking for Emily. Alexis also leaves. Sonny asks Carly how she wants to celebrate, so he fixes them dinner. Sonny thanks his bride for marrying him and smirks when he asks her what she wants for dessert.

Emily tries to talk Zander out of shooting the sheriff. He finds a window and insists they escape through it. In the car, Zander says the cops are probably watching the border so they'll have to "lay low". Em wishes she could call her family so they know she's all right, but he says she can't. He has to keep up the appearance of being "dangerous". They each agree that the other is "pretty cool". She falls asleep on his shoulder as he drives. AWWWWWW....