General Hospital Monday September 18th, 2000 Update


General Hospital Update Monday 9/18/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Emily stops Zander form using his gun on the sheriff. They watch while the doctor gives the cop his blood pressure medicine. The sheriff asks Emily and Zander where they're from. Emily lies to the cop about how she got injured and where they're from, and he leaves, satisfied. The doc thinks Em should rest but she wants to get going soon. He gives them cookeis and says to drink lots of fluids. Em tries to talk Zander out of taking her but he insists he still needs her. The sheriff returns while Zander is getting her water, so she looks worried.

Sonny, Jason, and Alexis try to talk Carly into continuing with the wedding. The justice urges her to look at Sonny and think about how he feels about her. This doesn't help. She storms out. Jason goes after her while Sonny and Alexis get the justice out to make a phone call. Alexis suggests that Jason take Carly out of the country after all. Jason goes to Carly's room; she's wearing a robe now. Jason reminds her that Sonny makes her happy and she's just "scared". She wants to flee and says Sonny doesn't love her. Jason says Sonny does want to marry her. Sonny comes up then and hears them arguing outside the door. He hears Carly say she's marrying Sonny just for Jason's sake and wishes things had been different in the past (so she and Jason could be together). Jasons thanks her for her friendship. She tries to say she loves Jason, not Sonny, but he disagrees. He bets her $20 that she will be happy with Sonny. He tells her that if she finds out she's not happy, to call him. He turns around while she gets dressed. Carly apologizes to Sonny for panicking. The justice of the peace returns and the wedding comes off without any further problems.

Interpol arrests Luke. He denies being Luke Spencer. They don't buy his act, or his phone ID. Luke and the bank manager drink tea and whiskey while they wait for the other Interpol guys to arrive. They come and take Luke, and his money, away. He protests his innocence loudly.

Helena won't answer Lucky's questions. He yells that he's having troubel remembering things, like when she rescued him. She tells him "protect the queen" and he gets complacent again. Helena gives him the money he needs and he leaves.

At Kelly's Bobbie hugs Liz, who's worried about Emily and they briefly discuss the kidnapping. Roy returns and they hug. He tells Bobbie that Luke will be there in a few ayds. They talk about how stubborn Luke is. Roy learns about Emily.

Nikolas comes by and chats with Liz. He tells her that Lucky's visiting Helena. Liz worries about that and sympathizes with Nikolas having to go to her for his money. She doesn't think that putting up a reward for info about Em is a good idea.

Bobbie gets the call that Luke's been arrested. Roy wishes Luke had listened to him. Liz and Nikolas wish the trial weren't bringing Stefan's death up again. Lucky is angry when he learns about Luke's arrest. Bobbie sees his bruises and hugs him. He goes inside Kelly's and chats with Liz and Nikolas. Roy tells Bobbie how he helped Luke, but assures her that he's safe from the authorities.

Taggert tells Gia that their mom had a heart attack and is having surgery. He reassures her. He doesn't know that Gia has been living in Port Charles this summer. Hannah and Juan discuss Gia. Gia lies to Taggert that she still lives in NYC. She says she and their mom had a bad fight and haven't spoken for weeks. Taggert says that their mom is so proud of her starting at Columbia, so she's probably forgotten their fight. Gia worries about their mom's surgery. Hannah is shocked to learn that Gia blackmailed Emily. Juan doesn't think she should tell Taggert. Taggert introduces Gia and Hannah. Gia goes to get coffee. Hannah fills Taggert in on what Juan said. Taggert can't believe it. He blames his mom's pressure on Gia, and his own absence. She kisses him and leaves at his request so he can deal with his sister. Gia returns to Taggert asks her to tell him about the blackmail.