General Hospital Friday September 15th, 2000 Update


General Hospital Update Friday 9/15/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Zander brings Emily to the bed and tries to stop the blood flowing from her wrists. He's concerned for her. She's dizzy and nauseous. He tries to help her to the car but she can't make it so leaves, telling her that he'll try to call 911 for her. He leaves, apologizing, but comes back later and helps her to the car. He plans to drop her off at a clinic. She thanks him for coming back. He begs her not to tell them who she is for a while so he can get away. She promises. The doctor comes out and helps her. Zander lies that they were hiking and she cut her hand on a bottle, and she gives her mother's name. Zander helps her into the cubicle and she thanks him. He decides he wants to keep her as a hostage. She protests but he threatens to shoot his way out if need be. A local sheriff arrives so Zander looks panicky.

Lucky and Nikolas visit Dara and tell her about Sorel. They ask her to question him about Emily, but she refuses, saying they have no grounds. She suggests they stay out of the way. Nikolas bitches that Helena won't give him his money so he can buy the information to find Emily. Lucky says he'll talk to Helena, so he pays her a visit. She pretends to be sympathetic and makes comments again about Nikolas and Liz belonging together. Lucky pulls out his necklace and seems to remember something. Helena returns with the money and Lucky asks her what Faison did to him and why he can't tell Liz he loves her.

Roy tries to talk Luke out of working with him, saying he'll be a liability to Luke's plan. He convinces Luke they should split up and meet in two days at Sonny's safe house. They shake hands and part company. Luke goes to the bank to get his money. He flirts with the bank manager. She offers him tea but he has a flask of whiskey. He wants a hundred thousand pounds. As he is about to leave, Interpol stops him.

Taggert sits by his mom's bedside. Monica says her heart vessel is blocked and she needs surgery. Hannah is there for support. Taggert cries as he sits by his mom. He hopes she knows that he's not "ungrateful" and that he loves her. A.J. comes by, thinking that Hannah is hurt. He expresses sympathy when he finds out about Taggert's mother. He leaves them alone. Taggert shares to Hannah that he and his mom don't get along. She didn't want him to be a cop, she wanted something better for him. Juan comes by and offers his support. They watch as Taggert's mom is wheeled into surgery. Taggert kisses her and urges her to fight. Gia arrives. Juan suggests she avoid the copy, but she goes straight to Taggert and asks if "mom" is okay. He looks surprised to see her.

Mac and Felicia return from a ride to find that the girls made a romantic dinner for them. There are hugs and kisses, and they have their "date". They reminisce about happy family memories. He asks her to dance, much to her surprise. They dance and kiss, but Mac pulls away. He tells her he loves her a lot but he has to take it slow. He leaves.

Carly, Sonny, and Alexis prepare for the wedding. Carly is bitchy about getting married for unromantic reasons to have a "loveless marriage". Alexis explains why they can't postpone the deposition. Sonny takes Alexis outside and asks her to be a witness and to get Carly some flowers. She is a bit indignant, but does accept. Sonny asks Carly if she wants out. She agrees to the wedding but still complains. They have a heart-to-heart talk and she gets tearful. He suggests she get dressed up. She wears her pretty casino dress. He gives her wedding rings and gives back her diamond engagement ring. They joke around nervously and bond. Jason stops by and wonders why they're all dressed up. Carly asks Jason to give her away. He wishes them luck and fills them in on the search for Emily. Carly says she'll be glad to have her "best friend" at her wedding, and she goes to get her earrings. Jason and Sonny make amends. Jason shares that his walking in on Carly and Sonny wasn't fun but it taught him that even someone he admires can make mistakes, so it taught him to forgive, so that's the end of it. Sonny asks him to be his best man but knows he's being "selfish". Carly returns and both men admire her beauty. Alexis returns with the flowers and a borrowed, blue scarf for Carly. Carly is touched and asks her to help her pin one of the flowers in her hair. Carly chats about weddings from where she grew up. Alexis gives her some advice but things are still prickly between them. The justic of the peace arrives and they take care of the details. Jason steadies a nervous Carly. The wedding starts and they all look glum. In a funny moment, Alexis has a little coughing fit when the justice asks if anyone has any objections. It is moving when Sonny says his vows and has to make Carly look him in the eye. Then Carly stops the ceremony.