General Hospital Thursday September 14th, 2000 Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/14/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Chloe badgers the man who keeps her and Stefan on the island. Chloe and Stefan joke around for a minute, then talk about escape, and fighting Helena. They both agree that her dreams are the key to their escape. Chloe has a dream about reading a book and then Stefan comes in with the music box. She screams, "No!" so Stefan awakens her, concerned. She tells him about the dream.

Ned goes to the station and demands Taggert give him any news. There isn't, so Ned harrasses him. Alexis tries to calm him down. Nikolas arrives and says he has an idea. He wants to go to th eraves and ask for information (HUH? Last time we saw him, he was helping an injured Lucky and listening to Sorel tell his men to kill Zander and Emily! What happened to that?). Nikolas gets a call, acts shocked, and hands the phone to Alexis. There is so crisis so they rush off. Taggert gives orders to find more info about Zander. He gets a call from someone and rushes out, Hannah following. Taggert is told by Monica that his mom collapsed in the airport with heart problems. Taggert goes in to see her. She awakens and smiles at him.

Nikolas and Alexis visit Helena, who has been named Nikolas' trustee (in charge of his fortune). They protest. Nikolas says he'll challenge her status and if she does anything to interfere with his getting his money or helping Emily, she'll pay. Helena agrees that he can have access to his money but says they should spend time together. No way, he says, and storms out. Helena and Alexis trade barbs before Alexis leaves.

Luke and Roy disguise themselves as Englishmen in London. Roy thinks it's a bad plan for them to dress up in costume and get Luke's money out of the bank. They argue. Roy worries that he'll go back to prison. Luke phones and finds out that Helena has returned to PC. Roy argues some more against Luke going to the bank. Luke says he agreed to go back Sonny's way but he has to pay for it, he won't be indebted to him. They prepare to leave but then Roy says he's not going.

Sonny warns Sorel over the phone that if anything happens to Emily, he'll pay. Carly is glad Sorel won't meet with Sonny. They argue. Carly thinks Jason should handle it. He storms out. Bobbie visits, so Carly fills her in on what she's missed. Bobbie is shocked, especially that Carly was read to flee with Jason. She discusses her relationships with both men. Bobbie tries to get her to admit that she loves Sonny, but she's too stubborn. Sonny returns and welcomes Bobbie. He asks her to keep their wedding a secret. Bobbie mentions that she and Carly had an important talk so Carly talks to tell him that Bobbie thinks they are getting married for love rather than to keep him out of jail. They are interrupted by Alexis, who says the cops are planning to get Carly's deposition tomorrow, so they must get married tonight.

Zander returns tot he cabin wearing a hat and sunglasses, and unties Emily. He has a newspaper. They don't see any news about the kidnapping, which surprises them. Zander wonders if it's a trick by the police. Emily tries to talk him into giving himself up or letting her go. He plans to get across the Canadian border with the help of some friends and then let her go. He ties her up again. She keeps nagging him. He goes out to get food for them. She keeps trying to get out of her bonds. Finally she gets off the chair and breaks a window pane. She starts screaming for help and tries to use the broken glass to cut the ropes. Instead, she cuts her arms, and there is a lot of blood. Zander returns and finds Em's body partly blocking the door. He panics, unties her and tries to get her to his car.