General Hospital Wednesday September 13th, 2000 Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/13/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Lila and Ned wonder where Edward's at and worry about Emily. They give each other emotional support. Edward comes in with roses from Lila's garden and grouses at Ned and about the police. Alexis arrives and says she's been trying to get Jason released from jail. Edward yells at her for bringing bad news. Alexis explains the situation. Lila makes Edward leave with her. Ned blames himself for distancing himself from the family. He gets an idea and leaves hastily. Edward phones the newspaper to offer a reward, but Lila begs him not to. He decides to listen to her and to the police. He talks sweetly to her about how much he misses Emily and how grateful he is to have Lila there.

Taggert suggests that if Jason works with them, he'll let Jason go. He questions Jason but gets silence. Monica arrives and Taggert asks her to get Jason to cooperate, But Monica is there to support her son, not to question him. She says she's missed him. He planned to see her and Lila, he says, and asks how Lila is doing. Monica says Lila is optimistic. Monica thought she had lost him and it gives her "faith" that Emily won't be lost, either. He takes her hands and promises he'll go after Em when he gets out. Alan walks in and yells at Jason for not cooperating with Taggert. Monica and Alan bicker, she defending Jason as usual. AJ follows Alan in and watches them, and makes smart remarks. He suggests they work together for a change. Alan keeps yelling at Jason, almost crying. Jason just glares at him. Alan begs him quietly and then leaves. Monica apologizes and leaves AJ alone with Jason. He asks Jason if he can find Emily if he gets out. Jason replies that he can't promise that but he'll do a better job than the police could. So AJ confronts Taggert. Hannah walks in as AJ is defending Jason, saying he won't be a vigilante. Taggert won't budge so AJ chews him out. Hannah tells Taggert she agrees with AJ--Jason is their best hope. Taggert releases Jason. As Jason is leaving, AJ says, "what, not thank you?" to Jason. Jason replies, "You'll get your thanks when Emily is returned".

Nikolas speaks on the phone to someone at Kelly's about L&B business. Ned comes by and chews him out about Emily. Nikolas tries to explain why they did what they did. Ned wants all the info so they can find Emily. They argue. Ned leaves, Gia arrives.

Sorel worries that his meeting with Sonny might be a trap. His men catch Lucky snooping around. Lucky tells Sorel that he's looking for Emily's kidnapper, Zander, one of his dealers. Sorel denies knowing him. His men throw Lucky out as he warns Sorel he should make a deal with the cops. They beat Lucky up. He phones Nikolas for help. Nikolas and Gia come looking for him. Lucky collapses in pain. They find him and help him to the car. Lucky wants to go find Emily but Nikolas says he needs to find a doctor first. They argue. They have to hide when they hear Sorel and his men. Sorel tells his goons to find Zander and kill him and Emily.

Monica and Alan continue to argue back at the mansion. She says it's their fault Emily's gone. They vow never to neglect her again.

Chloe searches the coast with binoculars, frustrated. She tells Stefan she can tell they're in the mediterranean by the shade of blue of the ocean, plus it's where Helena's power base is located. She thinks Jax will look for her there. Stefan warns that Helena might have faked her death, too. She is horried but says Jax won't believe she's dead, but it could take a while. He chats with her about Jax's chase after Brenda's ghost. She sticks up for Jax when Stefan implies that Jax is on a wild goose chase. He expresses sympathy for what she's gone through lately, especially from Helena. She says she's fine. He lends his support and says Jax will come looking for her soon. He explains he spent years looking for "a lost love", so he knows why Jax is doing it. She is determined to find a way off the island. He says they'll find it together, "We're all we've got". They worry about their loved ones. She tells him how Alexis and Nikolas team up against Helena and how much grief they were in from his death. This upsets him.

Mac and Felicia return from the sunset ride, very happy. They flirt and there is a lot of sexual tension. They get into a water fight and end up embracing and kissing. The girls return and applaud the kissing. They laugh at Felicia's soaked blouse. The kids want to know if they're back together. Mac suggests they just take it one step at a time. He gets a call from Garcia saying Luke was located by Interpol. Felicia returns and sees he's distracted. He tells her the news but says Luke escaped again. She tells him Luke didn't kill Stefan. He asks again what her feelings are for Luke. She says she's glad he's free and she cares about him, but Luke is just a friend. Mac is the only one she loves. She pours out her heart. Mac says he "needs some time".

Ned and Alexis meet at Kelly's. They talk about Nikolas, and Emily.