General Hospital Tuesday September 12th, 2000 Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/12/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

AJ tries to apologize to Hannah at Kelly's. He shows her two tickets to the Bahamas and promises not to drink while they're there. She accepts his apology but turns down the trip offer. She says she's dating Taggert and AJ has to make the decision to quit drinking for himself. He keeps being pushy and makes lewd remarks. She starts to tell him off but she gets interrupted by a phone call and has to rush off.

Edward, Ned, Alan, Monica, and Lila get a visit from Hannah, who fills them in on what's happened to Emily. They argue a bit but then pull together. Monica and Alan vow to pay more attention to Emily when she returns.

Lucky and the gang worry about Emily as they find the abandoned Jag with Taggert. Taggert asks them for more info. They tell him about Gia, but not her name. Taggert threatens them with arrest. Lucky again takes responsibility. Taggert chews them out for what they did. Lucky and Juan want to go look for Emily, but Nikolas suggests they take Taggert's advice and let him do his job. Lucky pretends to go along with that idea but then questions a guy at the rave about Zander.

Gia runs into Nikolas at Kelly's. Hannah asks Nikolas if he's OK as she walks by. Nikolas chews Gia out for being selfish. AJ meets Hannah so she fills him in. At first he thinks Jason has been murdered, but she tells him what happened to Em.

Sonny and Carly arrive at the station. Jason is cuffed to a chair. He explains what happened with EMily. Carly demands to Dara that she release Jason. Sonny and Jason watch, shaking their heads, while Carly makes a big scene. Alexis arrives and supports Carly's statements. Jason fills Sonny in on where Emily was headed. Carly interrupts. Dara won't let Jason leave until Taggert arrives. Carly raises a fit but Jason calls her off. Taggert finally arrives and asks Dara to hold Jason for 48 hours. Sonny decides to take Carly home. Taggert intends to interrogate Jason to see what he knows about Zander. Lucky comes by and wants to talk to Jason, so Taggert gives him 5 minutes. Taggert fills Dara in on what the boys did but asks her not to prosecute them. She agrees to give them community service. Juan arrives and asks to hang out until they hear word about Emily, so Taggert agrees.

Lucky visits Jason and confesses about everything, but Jason already knows from Liz. Lucky says he wants to find Em and asks Jason to tell him where to look, but Jason tells him to stay out of it. Lucky says, "Emily needs me!"

Sonny phones to set up a meeting with Sorel. Carly asks him not to go, worried that Sorel with set him up with the police. Sonny is touched that she is worried about him.

Zander brings Emily to an abandoned summer cabin. She is shaking with fear and begs him to let her go. Zander is under pressure and apologizes for yelling. He says he won't hurt her and she's a nice girl. She yells at him for stripping her naked and putting her with Ted's dead body. He says he didn't kill Ted. He explains that Sorel, his drug supplied, killed Ted. Em can't believe how dumb Zander was to trust Sorel. Zander suspected Ted was a "narc" so he told Sorel, who asked Zander to follow Ted next time he saw in at a party. He did and phoned Sorel, who then killed Ted and made it look like he od'ed. He would have killed Emily but Zander asked him not to. Emily shares how scared she was but is relieved to know that Sorel's men did not molest her. Zander confides that he was the one who undressed her and put her in Ted's bed. He asks her how she got out of the room, and with Ted's body, so she tells him about her friends. She says that since he's innocent, they can go to the cops, but he doesn't think they'll believe him. She says the cops want Sorel. He thinks Sorel put the body in his trunk, so she tells him that it was her friends. He gets angry and throws something across the room. She gets hysterical again and begs him not to hurt her. He says he won't, but he ties her up so she won't get away.