General Hospital Monday September 11th, 2000 Update


General Hospital Update 9/11/00

By Suzanne Lanoue

Zander recognizes Emily from Kelly's. He wonders why she's outside, not going in to the rave. Taggert comes up with other cops to raid the rave. Nikolas, Lucky, Juan, and Gina are caught inside. She panics. Juan sees Em with Zander. Em worries about her parents finding out where she is. Lucky stops Juan from going over to Emily. Taggert checks license plates and finds Zander's car. He opens the trunk and finds Ted's body. Taggert checks the registration and calls out Zander's name. He doesn't step forward so they start checking I.D.'s. Zander panics and grabs a cop's gun, and takes Em hostage. Taggerts tries to keep him calm.

Jason's surprised when Liz tells him that Em went to a rave to get information. He and Liz worry that Zander will recognize her. He goes after her.

Nikolas and Lucky keep Juan from rushing to Em's aid. Taggert gives Zander Nikolas' car keys and asks him to let Em go, but Zander insists on taking her as hostage. Em is hysterical but he makes her drive. THey leave. Taggert calls his men to follow at a safe distance. Juan yells at Taggert for letting them go. Lucky questions Nikolas quickly whether Em can drive his car and how much gas it has. Jason runs up so they fill him in. Taggert has the cops stop Jason from chasing Emily. He asks Lucky and the rest to tell him what's going on. The guys argue. Jason demands his phone call and to know what charge Taggert has him on. Taggert assures Jason that it's not good for him to go after Emily. Jason phones Benny. Lucky and the others tell Taggert the whole story about Ted and Zander. He is stunned. Lucky takes full responsibility for their misadventures with Ted's body. There is more arguing. Zander switches cars after Em runs the jag into a ditch.

Carly accepts Sonny's proposal but she's glum about the fact that thinks neither he nor Jason care about her. They awkwardly plan their wedding. She makes one demand, that he pretend to like her in front of Michael. He says he's angry but he doesn't despise her. He just wants her out of his business, but he doesn't want her upset all the time or feeling imprisoned. He tries to convince her that they can build a life together again. They joke around a bit. He promises to treat her right and they shake on it. Benny phones Sonny about Jason's arrest. Carly insists on going so he says she needs to stay calm and not mention their impending marriage to anyone (if the cops find out, they'll get her sworn statement before they get married).

Hotel security (really Interpol) knocks on Luke's door. He looks ready to bold out the window. Roy comes up and tells the Interpol guys that he is an FBI agent (using his fake FBI badge) that has Luke under surveillance. He says they are trying to find his accomplices in a jewel heist. They agree to give Roy 2 1/2 hours. Roy goes in and Luke is halfway out the window. Luke is suspicious and wants to know who tipped off Interpol. He can't get his pilot on the plane so they wonder if he's the one who finked on Luke. He is wary of Roy's help but finally decides to trust him. Luke insists on going out the window. Roy reluctantly follows.

Mac brings firewood inside the cabin where Felicia waits by the fire (where are they that they need a fire in early September???). They reflect on their fun day with the girls. She wants her family back. He agrees that the girls seem much better. "What about us?" she asks. Mac is sorry about how he treated her. They both apologize. They make plans to take a sunrise ride. She talks about how beautiful it is in the area at sunrise. They talk again about their relationship. He's not sure if he knows the adventurous side of her. He asks her if she fell in love with Luke. She doesn't directly answer him but tells hims he loves and wants him. They kiss but he leaves before things go too far.

Stefan ominously watches Chloe sleep, hoping she's having Helena dreams. She wakes up and says she knows she was dreaming but can't remember much. She definitely heard the music box again and says she wants to use the dreams against Helena. She suddenly insists on checking out the other side of the island. He thinks it's too dangerous at night but she goes anyway.