General Hospital Tuesday July 4th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/4/00

Emily wakes up and discovers her predicament. She throws the needle on the fllor and starts to sob. She tries to wake the guy next to her but she can't. She gets hysterical. Lucky knocks but she doesn't answer, so he picks the lock and goes in. He sees the dead body first and then the drug paraphenalia. Emily creeps in from the bathroom and asks if he's really dead. She cries on his shoulder and says she doesn't remember much. He asks her if she's hurt and tells her what little he knows. She's worried about what Juan will think. He tells her that Ted drugged her drink and he must have been a hard core user. She remembers the syringe so he wants to get rid of it. Em asks Lucky not to tell anyone. He agrees but says they have to get rid of Ted's body, too, or the police will come after her when they find evidence. She doesn't like it but has to agree.

Liz blames Juan for Emily's disappearance. Juan wants to call the cops but Lucky said to wait. Liz, Juan, and Nikolas argue. Finally they all decide to go to Taggert. Then Lucky phones. He tells Nikolas not to tell Juan anything except that Em's okay, but Juan grabs the phone and demands to talk to her. Lucky won't let him, and Nikolas grabs the phone back. Lucky tells Nikolas to bring Liz to the motel but to ditch Juan. Liz and Nikolas convince Juan that he can't go.

Emily wants to shower but LUcky says she should wait until she's been examined by a doctor. Em cries, not even sure if she was raped or not. He gives her her clothes. He lends her strength. LIz and Nikolas arrive and learn what has happened. Lucky explains to Nikolas that he found Emily because he ran into another girl that Ted had drugged and taken to the same motel at another time. Liz examines Em in the bathroom and says that she looks okay but she should still get checked out at the clinic. They hug. Nikolas gives the girls money to get away. Lucky and Nikolas plan to dump Ted's body and clean everything up. The motel manager knocks loudly and demands to be let in.

Chloe and Jax pack up a picnic lunch. He feels guilty for lying to her about Helena. She goes to get a surprise. He takes out the bottle of pills and phones Tony. Jax gives Tony the pills and asks him to have them analyzed. Chloe returns and is surprised that Jax got the pills. Jax lies that it's not from Helena. Tony does a double take but doesn't say anything. He leaves. Jax and Chloe hug.

Reginald is sulky and angry because Leticia's gone. He bangs a lot of dishes as he sets up the Q's picnic buffet. He blames A.J. for his girlfriend being gone and calls him a "little weasel" to Monica and Alan. A.J. is surprised to find that Carly took Michael out of the country. The family argues. Monica yells at Edward and warns him he'd better be "fun" at the picnic for Emily's sake. Monica worries about why she can't get hold of Em on her cell phone. She refuses the traditional champagne toast so Edward demands to know why.

Taggert phones Hannah to say he's on his way. She's setting up a picnic lunch. A.J. sees her lying in the sun and smiles appreciatively. She is not happy to see him, but he is charming. She tells him she's expecting Taggert. He is persistent and asks her out again. She turns him down again. Taggert arrives with a rose and kisses Hannah, much to A.J.'s disgust.

Roy and Bobbie have a picnic. Laura brings Lulu by to say hi so they invite them both to stay. Roy takes Lulu on a piggyback ride. Bobbie chats with Laura, glad to have Roy back. Bobbie expresses her sympathy about Stefan's death. She tells Laura about jumping out of the plane. Laura compares Bobbie's adventures to noes she shared with Luke. Roy returns with Lulu. Bobbie and Lulu leave to get Lulu's face painted. Roy and Laura chat. He tells her that Luke still loves her. Laura doesn't buy it and says "too much has happened". Laura and Lulu leave. Bobbie is surprised to hear that Roy is looking for a new place to live. She invites him to stay with her, but he declines. He refuses because he can't afford much rent and thinks it would be difficult for Lucas. She disagrees. Tony brings Lucas by so they all sit down together.