General Hospital Monday July 3rd Update


General hospital Update Monday 7/3/00

Carly wants to know why they have to go back. Sonny just says "business". She questions him but he reminds her she's not supposed to know about his work. He is willing to stay if she needs to. She smiles, grateful. She thanks him for bringing her there but says she's not ready to return to PC. She worries about his business, though. Sonny reminisces about bringing Jason and Michael there. Jason observed that Sonny hated it there. Sonny wants to be happy there and feels better there, but...even though he seemed to have everything, it wasn't enough. But now he feels like the place is complete with her and Michael there. They joke around and make nice. They both agree that they've had differences and are both pig-headed, essentially...Sonny reminds her that they have to go back to the real world eventually. She wants to make some plans but doesn't know what she wants to do for the rest of her life. He suggests they help each other get through it. She talks about what happened before, with the cradle, and how she didn't know know what to do or say. He says they can get through anything if they work together instead of against each other. Later, Carly chats with Leticia. She is wondering about the future. Carly doesn't know what's going on yet, when they are going back or where they will live. Sonny and Carly talk about 4th of July. She remembers watching country club fireworks from outside when she was a kid. Sonny remembers barbecues with family. They look at the stars together. Sonny points out some constellations. Carly asks if they can come back there next year. They go walk on the beach.

Stefan hears Helena talking via his bug about how she has Jax where she wants him. He has his shirt off once again and has his blonde girlfriend in bed. He plots what to do with Helena, since she will not be expecting anything from her "dead son". "All the better for me", he notes, "but sadly, not for Mr. Jacks" and he makes a funny face. Stefan tells his girl that he needs a way to "anticipate" Helena's movements.

Helena explains to Jax that she will give Jax the compound in exchange for one night with her. She knows that he is attracted to her and this will give him an "excuse". Jax asks how he knows that he can trust her. As a good faith gesture, Helena gives him a small sample of the drug that Chloe needs. Jax says he wants the whole company and a full supply of the drug, once he "renders" his "services". Helena agrees but says she wants Jax to romance her, with flowers and all the works. They shake hands on the deal and he kisses her hand goodbye, then leaves.

Chloe dreams about Jax coming toward her in a sexy way (she's looking from Helena's POV) and there is the music box in the background. Jax says, coldly, "Is this what you really want?" Chloe awakens abruptly. She phones someone and asks them to come there and that she had another dream. Alexis arrives and wonders how she is. Chloe asks about Stefan and how he is. Alexis would rather not talk about her missing brother. Chloe describes the dream. She confesses that she's had dreams before about Jax, like for instance one where he wanted to murder her. Alexis points out that those weren't real. Chloe knows that Jax wouldn't ever hurt her, but she fears the worst. Jax returns so Alexis leaves. Jax wonders what her dream was about, but Chloe instead wants to know what happened with Helena. Jax lies that she didn't meet with Helena and he's decided against dealing with Helena. She's relieved. She suggests they take a night off and just have fun together. Jax makes some phone calls about his plans with Helena. Chloe returns in a beautiful dress, almost catching him. He admires how beautiful she is. She puts on music and they dance.

Helena tries to select a negligee while Andreas brings in her roses from Jax. He kisses her while she keeps selecting, but then she dismisses him. She admires the roses and anticipates her union with Jax.

Liz pushes her way through the crowd, looking for Emily. She gets groped by some guy and gets away. She finds Nikolas and they worry about Em. Liz is very pissed at Juan. Juan walks up looking for Em, so she tells him off. Juan agrees he was "a jerk" and says he doesn't care about Allison. He is upset to hear that they don't know where Em is and wonders if Em is stoned again. Lucky tells them that he saw Liz go off with some guy in his car. Lucky and Juan argue about it. They all try to decide what to do. Lucky suggests that Juan find out from Allison who the guy was that Em went with. They ask a friend of Allison's who says she left to go to another party. They ask the girl about the guy that Emily left with. She thinks his name is Tom. Liz snaps at the girl, so she gets upset and walks away. Nikolas and Juan think they should phone Taggert, but Lucky is against the idea. He thinks they should look on their own. They split up to look around the big house for clues. They meet back and compare notes. A stoned guy comes by and offers them drugs, which they all refuse. Again they argue about calling the cops. Lucky leaves to ask more questions. Liz agrees and follows him, and so does Nikolas. Juan tags along but he's not happy about it.

Emily and the guy go back to his hotel room. She is stoned and glad to be in a state of not caring any more. She is seductive, especially when he mentions Juan's name. He takes her to the bed. Next we see Emily and the guy are naked in bed, asleep. A hypodermic needle is in her hand and other drug paraphenalia lies on a nearby table.