General Hospital Thursday June 29th Update


General hospital Update Thursday 6/29/00

Bobbie visits Monica at home, hoping to catch her alone. She brings Monica a home pregnancy test. Monica confesses that she had cravings last night and was nauseous this morning. Bobbie asks if she's told Alan yet but Monica says she won't until she's sure. They ask about each other's children. Bobbie's almost as excited about the possibility of a new baby as Monica. Alan walks in and wonders why they're sitting there with big smiles. Bobbie makes an excuse to leave. Monica asks Alan about the staff meeting and other things. Alan thinks Monica is having another affair. Monica can't believe his attitude. He says that he knows the signs, she is "beaming" and "radiant". He thinks that Monica is paying him back for Rae and he again denies that he fooled around with her. He even accuses her of having fun in bed with him because she feels guilty. She denies she's having an affair but accuses him of having an affair of his own. He knows she's hiding something and wonders if it's "murder". She laughs and makes a joke about killing him, then leaves the room, smiling to herself.

Laura visits Roy to asks if he's heard from Luke. He says no, and he probably won't. Roy thanks her for her help when he was first in town but says he's looking for another room. She says that's okay. She wishes Lucky would move home. He says he met Lucky. She asks how Lucky was. Roy says Lucky was "interesting" so she asks him what Lucky said about her and Luke. He tells her about Lucky getting the ID's and him offering Lucky a job. Laura keeps prodding so he tells her about what Lucky said about the rape. She says Roy has a right to know what happened, since Roy was arrested for the rape. Roy is shocked when she tells him that Luke did rape her and she changed her story to the police so Luke wouldn't get in trouble. Laura sort of defends herself for loving Luke. She explains how Lucky found out and wishes he hadn't, and that's why he moved out. Laura doesn't understand why Lucky has regressed back to that stage of anger at them. She blames Helena for brainwashing him. She storms out to confront Helena.

Bobbie drops by the club to see Roy, wondering why he hadn't returned her calls. Roy says that back when he and Luke ran the disco, he thought he'd be rich by now, but his life is better than it has ever been. She wonders what his dilemma is about; he doesn't really answer. He says he's sorry and they hug.

At Kelly's, Emily thanks Elizabeth and Lucky for going to the rave party. Em worries that Allison will be "all over him". Juan comes in and drags Emily away for a surprise. Lucky asks Elizabeth if she really thinks Juan is "good enough for Emily". Elizabeth thinks that Lucky might be over-protective but agrees that Juan acts weird sometimes for someone who supposedly loves Em. Lucky realizes that his behavior has been similar to Juan's. Lucky apologizes and she says that's okay. They hear Tammy yell at a guy to "get out". He has offered her money for sex and when she refuses he tells her "everybody knows you're pulling tricks upstairs". Lucky tells him to leave and he takes a swing at him, so Lucky decks him and throws him out. Elizabeth is surprised and questions him but Lucky says he has to leave for work.

Juan shows her that he rented a room for them until tomorrow and gives her a rose. She is touched by his preparations for their first time and worries she might mess things up. They kiss and end up half naked on the bed but Emily stops him. She is afraid and tells him she needs more time. He thinks she doesn't trust him. She says she will be ready next time but he asks her to make up her mind. He is disappointed and angry so they get dressed and leave.

Emily returns to Kelly's crying so Elizabeth asks her what happened. Emily says she's "stupid" and explains all about it. Emily fears that Juan will have sex with someone else because of the rave. She says she wants to prove her love for him and vows to go through with it tomorrow night after the rave.

Chloe is overjoyed when Jax returns home. He is sporting a little fuzz on his face. He tells her sadly that he couldn't get the medication for her, no matter what he tried. She says she loves him for trying. She tells him about the dreams. He is annoyed that she didn't mention this on the phone. She hugs him, glad to have him back. Jax says he'll help her figure out what the dreams are about. They joke around and he gives her a big box. It contains a bag of chocolate, and some hats, including one that makes her look like a Swiss Miss. He talks German to her even though she can't understand it. Tony arrives and laughs at their silly hats and yodeling. He says he got her test results back and they need that medication. Jax tells him sadly that he didn't get it. Tony explains that they can't use the Gamma Knife on her without the medication (some kind of surgical procedure). Jax says he'll go back to Helena and tell her to "name her price", but Chloe doesn't approve. She's worried what Helena might do to him. Despite her protests, Jax phones Helena to set up a meeting.

Helena picks up the music box and looks at before Laura storms in. Andreas tries to stop her but Helena dismisses him. Laura insults Helena, saying she's "angry, bitter, and live only for revenge". She accuses her of poisoning Lucky's mind and killing Stefan. Helena says Laura killed Stefan by playing Luke and Stefan off one another for years. They keep arguing. Laura asks Helena questions about her murder of Stefan, including how much Nikolas is suffering. Helena continues to deny it. Laura vows to convince Mac that she killed Stefan, then she leaves.