General Hospital Wednesday June 28th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/28/00

Emily asks Juan over the phone if he really wants to go to this party that Allison invited them to. He says it sounds fun and assures her that he wants to go with her, and tough luck on Allison. Edward and Lila come in so Emily gets off the phone. They tell her that Edward's old college roommate is coming for dinner and he wants the whole family there. She tells him she already has plans. They argue about it. Emily suggests that she come for appetizers only. She gives them a story about how she promised Elizabeth she would spend the night at her house. Lila tells her that of course she should go if she promised. Emily thanks her and rushes out. Neither Edward or Lila believed her story, but Lila thinks they should each have their own fun.

Mike chats with Tammy at Kelly's. He tells her he wanted to get Sting tickets but his horse lost. She worries about his gambling. Mike tells her that he found a "sure thing" pony. Again she tells him she doesn't need fancy things, but he says it's just for fun, his hobby.

Lucky visits Luke's club office but no one is there so he opens the safe. He looks through the stuff and takes out one of his fake passports. He chooses one and Roy walks in. Roy asks, "Planning a trip?" They introduce themselves. They joke around while they learn about each other's past a bit, but there's kind of an edge to it. The subject of Luke's being out of town comes up. Roy can't believe how many passports he has but offers him a job as bartender. Lucky says he already has a job. As he starts to walk out, Roy tells him there are some things he should know about Luke. Roy tells Lucky what he thinks about Luke: that he's a good man, and that he wants to be a good father to Lucky and Lulu. Lucky thinks that Luke doesn't deserve him as a friend and asks Roy if his "good buddy" ever told him that he raped Laura. Roy looks surprised, then he tells Lucky that he doesn't believe it. He says he was around when Laura got raped, so he would have known. Lucky tells him that Luke admitted it, and so did Laura. Roy thinks on it a minute and says that doesn't change that Luke loves Laura and always has. Lucky can't get past the rape so he tells Roy that he avoids Luke and Laura as much as possible. But he denies he's using the passport to run away. Roy again offers him a job. Mike knocks on the door so Lucky uses it as an excuse to leave. Mike asks Roy how he feels about gambling. He explains about the back room poker games they used to have. Mike explains that once Sonny and Luke split their business, there was more risk from the cops (because Sonny was paying them off). Roy says it would be even riskier now because of Mac being there all the time looking for evidence. Mike suggests that he get Sonny to provide protection again and explains that he and Sonny don't really talk about gambling because of their history. Roy agrees to think about it. He calls Claude in to ask about it.

At GH, Bobbie tells Amy excitedly about her trip to Hawaii. Audrey tells her that she will get someone to cover for her work for a week. Elizabeth visits Audrey for a chat. Audrey asks about Lucky and Liz replies that she's "taking it one day at a time". Audrey laughs after Elizabeth shares the story about hitting Lucky over the head. Elizabeth says they have been much closer since then, but he does pull away often. She tells Audrey that she wishes she could be more patient. Audrey shares her own past with Steve and how she coped. She thinks they have "real love". They hug.

Bobbie gives Monica her many phone messages. Monica is busy and absent-minded. Bobbie asks her what's wrong. Monica confides that she may be pregnant. Bobbie is surprised but happy for her. Monica shares her symptoms but hasn't taken the test yet to be sure. She wouldn't mind having another kid, she shares. Alan comes up and wonders what they're chatting about. Bobbie changes the subject and then is called away by a phone call. Monica and Alan talk about GH's future. Alan is worried about financial support but Monica reminds him that Nikolas said he would still support the foundation in Stefan's absence. Alan thanks her for the news and kisses her. She beams at him. 

Amy tells Bobbie how lucky she is to have Roy and was amazed to see him at the Nurses' Ball after what happened last year. Bobbie tells her that Roy has no idea what happened there. Tony creeps by. Amy wonders if Bobbie isn't pushing her luck. Tony comes up and makes a snide comment so Bobbie tells him to "butt out". She says that she doesn't want Lucas to get bad vibes from his dad about Roy. They bicker. She declares that Roy is not going to do anything illegal to jeopardize their relationship.

Sonny brings in a gift for Carly. She opens it up; it's a beautiful evening gown (lots of glitter). He says they'll go to the casino tonight. She says she "can't". He is surprised that she is turning him down. He thinks they should go and have fun for a change. He jokes that he thinks she's a "winner" and he has a "different sort of gambling in mind". She is intrigued so she agrees. When they get to the casino, Carly finds that Sonny rented the whole place out; he also assures her that the place is completely legitimate. He gives her $1000 to start with at the roulette wheel. Carly loses but he urges her to keep betting. Carly keeps losing so she tells Sonny to bet. He puts it all on number 3 (the two of them and Michael). It comes up on number 3, of course. Carly thinks he's cheating. Sonny tells his roulette guy to leave so Carly wonders what's up. He tells Carly she has great instincts but she second-guesses herself. They discuss it. She says that's what's gotten her into trouble her whole life. He reminds her about when she saved him from Hannah because of her instincts. He gets her to be the croupier (the person behind the wheel) to prove there is no cheating. Sonny bets and wins again. She can't believe it. They joke around. Then they switch places and Carly bets again. This time, she wins. Yeah, that happens....Carly decides to take her winnings and quit while she's ahead. Sonny compliments her on her decision to give the money to the casino staff. They kiss.

Emily tells Juan at Kelly's that she's definitely going to the party. Emily tells Elizabeth that she's her alibi for Friday and asks her to help her pick something out for the party. Elizabeth agrees but wonders if Emily really wants to go since Allison invited Juan. Juan and Em leave and Liz calls someone to say she has a problem. Nikolas arrives because of her request. She tells him about the wild party that Em and Juan are going to; she is worried about what might happen to Emily. She asks Nikolas if he would go with her so she would have an excuse to watch over her. He wonders why she doesn't ask Lucky. She thinks Lucky might think that she is using Emily as an excuse for them to spend more time together. She shares with him that she and Lucky got closer the other night. Then later Elizabeth says never mind because of his getting over Stefan's death. He says he'd like to help Emily. She thanks him and Lucky comes up. He wonders what's going on. Nikolas invites Lucky to the party with them. She explains why they're going. Lucky agrees with her reasoning and says he'll go, too.