General Hospital Tuesday June 27th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/27/00

Tony gives Bobbie and Roy an exasperated look and explains that Lucas forgot his homework. Lucas asks who Roy is, and when Bobbie introduces Roy, he asks, "Weren't you here when mommy almost married Jerry?" The grownups pause at that one. Bobbie replies that yes, Roy was at the wedding, and that they are "old friends" on a date. Lucas goes upstairs to get his work and Tony asks to speak with Bobbie alone. Roy reluctantly leaves them alone. Tony and Bobbie quietly argue. She says he should have called first and he says she should have been more careful. He agrees to call next time but asks her if she consider that her relationship with Roy might not be "healthy". Tony points out that Roy is an ex-con who worked for Sonny. Bobbie says she doesn't want to talk about it right now and that Roy is the man she loves. She says if Tony knew the whole story, he would think differently. Tony replies that's the same thing she said about Jerry. Lucas calls so Bobbie goes up to help him. Tony tells Roy that they should "come to an understanding". He tells Roy his feelings about their relationship with regards to Lucas. He asks if they could see each other outside of the house and away from Lucas. Roy says that isn't Tony's call and he, Roy, has to follow what Bobbie says. He tells Tony he is sympathetic, as a father himself. Bobbie comes back with Lucas. Tony and Lucas leave. Roy thinks maybe he should leave. Bobbie tells Roy that Tony was wrong in everything he said. Roy feels that Tony has a right to be concerned that his son is around an ex-con. Bobbie points out that Roy is not going back to jail. Roy is concerned that he's not a good role model for Lucas, the way Tony is. He has no career and no money. Bobbie doesn't want to hear this silliness. Roy apologizes, saying he is just a bit confused about who he is right now. Bobbie says that "the only thing that matters" is they loved each other. They hug.

Taggert tells AJ his theory that he is a "screw up" and that Hannah lies to fix things. He says he knows that AJ can cause damage and that he'd better not do anything to hurt Hannah. AJ says, on the contrary, he wants to protect Hannah from Taggert. AJ suggests that Taggert is hung up on Hannah only because of his obsession with Sonny, her ex. Taggert tells him to keep his "psychobabble" to himself and threatens AJ with physical harm. AJ is not scared. Taggert tells AJ that if he cared about Hannah, he'd leave her alone. AJ says he doesn't want to, and he leaves. Taggert tells Hannah to come out from where she was eavesdropping. She tells him to stop worrying about her. She says she can reach him so she wants to help him, and he is a "good person" when he is sober. Taggert says that people who are "fixers" usually have problems in their own lives they want to fix. She tells him she knows better than to listen to what AJ said about Taggert only going for her because of Sonny. They kiss and then he is paged away.

Elizabeth gives Emily a chocolate shake to cheer her up. Em is down because of the girls throwing themselves at Juan, like Allyson. They again discuss trust. Emily feels like maybe Juan will go for other girls because he can't have sex with Emily. Emily isn't sure if she's ready for sex yet. She is afraid that if she doesn't have sex with Juan, she'll miss her chance (like Liz did with Lucky). They discuss it. Lucky comes up behind them and says hi, "Need a man's opinion?" Emily babbles on and then makes her escape. Lucky and Liz share the chocolate shake. Lucky is very flirtatious with her. He tells her how much he missed her milkshakes when he was gone. He says they would have brought him one if he had asked, but he never asked for anything. Liz has to close up so he offers to help. He turns off the lights so it becomes a very romantic setting. Lucky asks what she and Em were discussing, but she refuses to answer. He puts on a song on the jukebox--one they danced to before many times. He asks her to dance so they do.

Stefan talks to a French guy who works for him about how he has to thwart Helena's plans. Stefan has the guy tell a man to "hold for Helena's council, Mr. Zunis". The man does so, in a perfect American accent. Stefan smiles and takes the phone. He adopts a German accent and asks for a "progress report" into the investigation of Stefan's death. Stefan later gets back into bed with the pretty blonde he had before. He says that after his call, Mac will head over to Helena's and get rid of any doubts she has that he's still alive. She asks if all his problems will be over then. "No, not quite all" he replies and then he kisses her.

Chloe tells Helena that the police suspect the poisoning of Stefan because of a vial they found in Luke's safe. Helena talks about how sloppy Luke is and when Chloe says she has to go, Helena implies that Chloe has a relationship with Luke. Chloe bristles at the suggestion. Helena says she just meant that men tend to like "a certain type". She compares the two of them and says it's possible that someday they might find themselves "with a man in common" (meaning Jax). Chloe replies that she is going to be sick and excuses herself. When she gets home, she finds Alexis and Ned waiting for her. They are aghast that she went to Windemere by herself. Alexis tells her the history of the bench, how it was a replica of one in Greece. Chloe says she barely knows them so why would she dream about it and them together? She also tells them about Helena showing up and her comments about sharing Jax. She wonders if she should phone Jax. They don't think it's a good idea because he will fly home in alarm. Ned thinks Chloe might be in danger.

At Jakes, Laura asks Mac if two people can't want each other without it meaning a long-term commitment. She says she just wants to be held, so he holds her. They share a light kiss but he pulls away. He tells her she's "beautiful" but this is not what they both need right now. Laura tells him he is "a good man". She talks about her love for Luke. Mac says that he and Felicia were "best friends" that fell into a relationship. He says he meant it when he said he would forsake all others, but obviously Felicia didn't. He says, "I don't know, maybe I bought into a love that didn't exist". Laura says that's what Lucky says she did with Luke, but she thinks their love was real, just not strong enough. Mac says he wasn't the one who broke up the marriage so he refuses to take blame. She says she can't just dismiss her marriage. Mac reminds her that Luke killed a man she presumably loved. Laura refuses to believe it. They argue about the so-called evidence. Laura says that if Luke were to kill a Cassadine, it would be Helena, not Stefan. Mac doesn't want to hear it. She asks if it's possible that his feelings for Luke are clouding his judgment. Mac reminds her that Luke didn't have an alibi. He tries to lighten up the conversation and says she deserves better. He walks her to her car.

Mac visits Helena and looks around. He says he thinks Stefan was murdered but he won't bother to offer condolences. Helena asks why he thinks Luke murdered Stefan now. Mac maintains that Luke thought Stefan was pressuring Lucky. Helena appreciates the information. Mac leaves brusquely. Helena is pleased to figure out that Mac is framing Luke, not Stefan, and that Stefan is truly dead. She tells her man to draw them both a bath. He gets the recording disk out of the computer (to send to Stefan).

AJ goes back to the bar and tries to buy more information, but Jake pushes the bartender away and tells AJ to leave her people alone. He offers to make a bet. If he wins, he gets to ask questions, if she wins, he'll give her $300. The bet is that the next person who walks through the door is a cop. In walks Dara. AJ says he wins, but Dara says she's an ADA, so Jake takes his money. AJ asks her to help him break up Taggert and Hannah. She thought he was calling about the case, so she's steamed and tells him not to call her again.