General Hospital Monday June 26th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 6/26/00

Chloe dreams about Laura, and Stefan is standing next to her. She wakes up in a cold sweat. She phones Ned and asks him about Laura and Stefan. He comes over. She can't figure out why she dreamt about Laura, since she's never met her, and why she was acting like she was angry with her. Chloe draws a picture of the garden she saw Laura in. Ned tells her that he recognizes the garden at Windemere. She is shocked. He has a meeting but suggests they go to the garden tomorrow. After he leaves, Chloe takes her sketch and heads out. She goes to Windemere and sees the bench. Helena comes up behind her and asks what she's doing trespassing. Chloe says Alexis gave her permission. Helena says she comes there to think about her son. Chloe says she is sorry for her loss and hopes the police find his killer. When Chloe mentions the poison, Helena wonders how she knows he was poisoned.

Helena taunts Laura that the police think Luke killed Stefan. Laura accuses Helena of killing Stefan. Helena makes fun of Stefan's "great love" and says again that Laura was a substitute for her. They continue to argue about Stefan, Luke, and their children. Laura tells her calmly that Luke will be proven innocent. Helena finishes by telling Laura it's "fitting" that she's "finally alone".

Stefan keeps listening to the CD he got where Helena is talking to Andreas. He muses that he will have to keep Helena from getting the right answers to her questions. 

Bobbie notices that Roy is distracted by Hannah playing pool with AJ. Roy goes over to the table and tells Hannah that AJ just moved his cue ball to make a better shot. Hannah introduces Roy and AJ. AJ asks about Roy's connection to Sonny and implies that Roy is a crook and that he should go away. After AJ walks away, Roy and Hannah bicker about AJ. He tells her that AJ is "a drunk" and blames him for Carly losing her baby. Both Hannah and Bobbie tell Roy, nicely, to mind his own business. AJ and Hannah continue to play; he keeps cheating. He loses from cheating but points out that her witness has finally returned. The bartender doesn't believe at first that she is an agent. He claims it was too dark to see anything. Finally he gives a description because AJ comes up and starts handing out money to the guy. Hannah cuts him off and sets AJ straight. "Paid testimonty is inadmissable", she tells him. He just ruined her case. After she walks away, AJ gets a description of the guy's car from the bartender. Hannah doesn't want to hear it and tells him to go away and stay out of it. She has to give him a ride back to Kelly's. They are still arguing. AJ insists that he knows what kind of car the guy has. He will give it to her for a kiss. She tells him, "When I kiss a man, it's because I want to". He gives her the info anyway. Taggert comes by and tells AJ he wants to discuss Hannah with him.

Sonny is very angry because of Carly's words and actions, so he throws a potted plant. She is very sorry and they hold each other. He tells her it's okay. She rants some more about AJ. He tells her that by thinking about him so much, she is giving AJ power over her. He hates him as much as Carly does, but it doesn't matter, he says. They have to "let go". She talks about how much she is suffering from the loss and he shares his feelings, too. He helps her to deal with her pain. After convincing her that she should deal with it by thinking about what the people she loves would want, he asks her what she wants. She says she just wants the "ache to go away for a little while", so he takes her hand and leads her away to a surprise. They go swimming in the ocean. It takes her mind off her troubles. He talks about how his mom used to take him swimming in New Jersey, and once they went to Martha's Vineyard. That's where he learned to swim well. She talks about growing up in Florida. He learns that her real name is Caroline and that her best friend was named Carly. He says she is a "survivor". They end up making love. Later, as they look up at the stars, he tells her he learned to fish, especially at night. He brought her there because being there, swimming and looking at the stars, helped him to put things in perspective before. They discuss God.

Laura goes to Jake's to have a drink and look for a guy named Tim. a guy accidentally spills her drink and then tries to hit on her. Mac comes in and tells her that drowning her sorrows with strangers won't help. He says he has tried that, too. They decide to have fun together to try to stop thinking about their respective ex-spouses.

Roy tells Bobbie that her house is "peaceful". He talks about how he hasn't had a permanent place for a long time. He still has a hard time grasping that he is free now. She holds him and he buries her face in her ample bosom.:) They start to make love but are interrupted by Tony bringing Lucas home.