General Hospital Friday June 23rd Update


General Hospital Friday 6/23/00

Laura finds Roy keeping Luke's business going. They argue about Luke's being on the lam. Roy tells her again that Luke is innocent. She demands to know how Luke got mixed up in the murder if he's innocent. She still doesn't think Stefan is dead. They debate who could be setting up Luke. Roy asks if Helena could murder Stefan; she says yes. He asks about Mac's motives, too. She says they should figure out who's behind it, since Luke can't be there to investigate. He agrees to work with her. Laura gets a letter from Stefan saying that if she got this, he's dead, murdered by Luke. He builds this story, saying that Luke has asked to meet with him that night. He asks her to look after Nikolas but not to tell him who killed him. He says he doesn't want to ruin the friendship between Nikolas and Stefan. He apologizes to her for lying to her and creating the "distance" between them. Laura breaks down crying. Lesley comes in from shopping and notices how upset Laura looks. Laura is forced to believe it. Lesley says this could be another game, but Laura doesn't think Stefan would do this to her, or to Nikolas. Lesley is still skeptical and says she still doesn't think Luke killed him. Laura hopes she's right. She cries; Lesley tells her not to blame herself for this. Laura goes to the bench at Windemere where she often sat with Stefan. She is holding a floor and reminiscing.

Lucky visits Bobbie. They hug. She offers her help in whatever he needs. He would like to spend more time with her and Lucas. He tells her that he and Nikolas are getting along fine and he hopes it stays that way. They discuss whether Nikolas believes Luke killed Stefan. Lucky notes that he is glad Nikolas has Elizabeth. She is shocked when he tells her that Elizabeth and Nikolas are now "more than friends". He is surprised she doesn't know that since she sees Liz all the time at Kelly's. She says that they are only closer because of wanting to search for him. She assures him that Elizabeth loves him. He doesn't answer, but says his mantra "things have changed". He hopes they can get on with their lives but she doesn't think Elizabeth will be able to let go. She urges him to listen to his heart and not push Liz away because that kind of love doesn't come along every day. Helena comes up so Lucky asks if there is any news about Stefan. Bobbie tells her to "shove off" and threatens to push Helena in the water. Then Bobbie and Helena exchange threatens. Lucky protests that Helena rescued him. After Helena leaves, Bobbie can't figure out why he likes her. Lucky and Bobbie joke around, hug again, and then he leaves.

Sonny phones Alexis to ask if she's heard about Carly trying to shoot AJ. He worries that AJ might have decided to press charges (that's why they left the country so quickly). Alexis promises to look into it. Carly runs out, panicking that Michael is gone. Sonny assures her that he's fine, he's on the beach with Leticia. He gets her to calm down and that he will keep his promise to take care of them. They hug. Later, Carly looks more perky later. She is wearing a pretty red bathing suit and talks about how Michael is getting freckles. They have lunch. She apologizes for "freaking out" earlier. He says it's okay. He offers to fly Bobbie there, whatever she wants. She asks him why he's being so nice (more like in a, why do I deserve this? kind of way rather than being suspicious). She points out that he used to hate her and that the only reason they got past it is because she had the baby. She wants to know how he feels. He says, "I need you" because of what they went through, and they understand each other. She doesn't understand her own actions. He said that if it weren't for Michael, AJ would be dead. He shares that he feels the same way she does, but when he looks at her, he's not alone. He gives a very sweet speech. She is so touched that she cries and holds his hand, then laughs in wonder. Later, Sonny is relieved to find out that AJ did not turn in Carly. Carly frets that AJ thinks he gets away with anything. Sonny tries to get her to calm down again. Carly starts throwing glasses at the wall so he tries to stop her. She starts slapping him, saying "I hate you!" but she looks sorry as soon as she does it.

Alexis visits Chloe; Ned is there to keep Chloe company so he has his work there while she waits to find out any news. Alexis doesn't believe that she really saw Stefan die. Ned again gripes about Alexis working for Sonny. He is worried about her emotional state. She refuses to believe that he's dead until she sees a body. Ned offers his help to search for Stefan, but she nixes the idea. She wants to be independent, stay strong, and do everything herself. Chloe returns. Ned and Chloe talk about her condition & what she will tell Jax. She says her vision is "still fine" and the medicine is working fine. She thinks now that her dreams about Stefan were just that--dreams. She just wishes she knew what happened to Stefan. They worry about Alexis. Ned is frustrated that he can't help her. Chloe suggests that Ned just be supportive, that's what she needs. After a hug, Ned leaves to go find Alexis. Chloe has another dream. In it, Laura is sitting on the bench and someone (from Chloe's POV) comes up behind her. In real life, Helena comes up behind Laura and insults her. She takes Laura's flower and throws it away. They bicker. Helena tells Laura that she was only a substitute for Stefan's love for his mother. Laura is stunned by that disgusting comment.

Stefan wakes up naked next to some blonde woman. They snuggle and kiss. Later he awakens her again and they start to have sex again but a knock on the door interrupts them. They are speaking French. Stefan orders the woman out; she pouts but does what he says. Stefan gets a package by messenger. It is a CD. He smiles. It is a recording of a conversation between Andreas and Helena. Helena tries to figure out who is framing Luke and wonders if maybe Stefan isn't dead after all. Stefan has a drink and toasts her, saying "Happy hunting, mother".

Hannah visits Jake's on business. She asks about the "assault" that happened in the parking lot the previous day. Taggert comes up and assists Hannah. They have to wait for a guy to return. Taggert flirts with her. He asks her to play pool so she agrees. They flirt and kiss as they play. AJ walks in and sees them necking. AJ makes a smart remark to interrupt them. They tell him to buzz off. Taggert knows she feels sorry for AJ. Taggert is paged away so AJ comes back and asks Hannah to join him in a drink. She says no but he tells her it's "club soda" so she agrees. Roy says hi to Jake. She tells him that they had a problem last night. "Would you believe they sent in the FBI?" she asks. He looks and says proudly, "Would you believe that's my daughter?" She is surprised. He asks if she comes in with AJ a lot. She says no, they didn't come in together. Bobbie comes in, annoyed because of her meeting with Helena. Roy kisses her and that changes her mood. They kiss some more. Hannah jokes around with AJ, who keeps trying to flirt with her. He asks her for a game of pool, so she agrees. He suggests that if he wins, she will kiss him, but if she wins, he'll go to an AA meeting. She says fine. Roy is worried about Hannah's relationship with AJ but also about Bobbie's going up against Helena. Bobbie is touched by his concern.