General Hospital Thursday June 22nd Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 6/22/00

AJ tells Carly he should have expected that Carly would shoot him. "You shoot all your exes, how can I forget?" She yells at him that he never gets punished for his actions. AJ stupidly argues with her that it's her fault, too. She says she's going to prevent him from wrecking Michael's life. AJ says go ahead and shoot him so Michael won't have to grow up with her as a mother. Sonny walks up behind her and says, "don't". Carly argues with him. He asks her to think of Michael--he needs her. She says she has to stop him for Michael's sake. Sonny gets closer to her and says she's not thinking. He tells her how much he admires her for being "fearless", especially when it comes to her son. He tells her again how much Michael needs her and that she's hurting him right now. Sonny gets in front of the gun to stop her and talk to her more. He asks her to give him the gun. Carly finally gives it to him. Sonny tells AJ he'd better forget what happened and they leave. AJ has a big drink and starts laughing. He says, "Wow!" Hannah comes out looking for him; Taggert got called away on cop business. AJ tells her about what Carly did. He says it's ironic that Sonny saved his life. He shares that "it felt incredible". Hannah suggets he go home and rest. He tells her he can survive anything--he survived Carly, a car accident, etc. He is "indestructible". Hannah tells her that he should be thanking God for making him so lucky instead of bragging about being indestructible. He doesn't care and then he grabs her and kisses her until she can push him away and yell at him. AJ comes on to her; she is disgusted. Hannah offers to take him back to his room "to sleep". AJ goes with her.

At home, Carly paces while Sonny tries to calm her down. She says that it was stupid to consider killing AJ in a public place like the ball. She starts to rant and rave about getting poison or drugs to kill AJ. Sonny tells her she can't get away with it and she doesn't want to live the rest of her life with AJ's blood on her hands. She is so worried about what might happen to Michael. She says, "If something happens to my son, I will die". They argue and Carly explains more about her grief. Sonny assures her that they won't let AJ hurt them. Sonny asks her to let him try to help her. She sees that Sonny has a nanny packing up Michael, so she thinks Sonny is stealing her baby. Sonny tells her that they are both going away for a trip where they can rest and recuperate. She is blown away. He kisses her and they all leave. Sonny tells Johnny to get rid of all the guns in the house. On their plane, Carly falls asleep on Sonny's shoulder.

Chloe visits Felicia at home. Felicia is all dressed up even though she didn't make it to the ball, I guess. Felicia is upset so Chloe asks her why she's acting so weird. Felicia reveals, "more fallout from my time with Luke". Felicia tells her about the divorce and how Mac threatened to sue for custody. She blames herself that Mac changed because of her. They talk about how charismatic Luke can be. Chloe asks if she can't change his mind about the divorce. Felicia says she violated the trust Mac had and that he thinks she's been sleeping with Luke all along. Mac walks in just then. He tells Felicia he's there to say goodnight to the girls. Chloe goes to leave but tells them that she is a "child of divorce". She asks them to think about what they're doing and the love they have, before they walk away from it. Mac tells her she didn't see the "long slow death" of their marriage and how he had to endure the suffering of the girls for a long time. When Mac says he's giving Felicia another chance, she objects and says that she wanted to hold on to her marriage, the divorce was his idea. They argue and nothing gets resolved. Chloe says she's sorry for both of them. The girls come out and Chloe says hi to them before she leaves. Georgie asks Mac to spend the night. Mac says he can't tonight. Maxie tries to argue that they don't want to go to the dude ranch, but Felicia mostly ignores her complaints. Felicia reads Georgie a story, leaving Maxie and Mac alone. Maxies begs Mac not to leave them. Mac sits her down and talks to her about it. Maxie keeps blaming Felicia. Mac tells her that Felicia's trying to work things out, too. Maxie rehashes their problems. Mac says she shouldn't take sides. Maxie says that Felicia doesn't want or love her, but Mac disagrees. He suggests that Maxie be a big person and forgive her. Felicia comes out later and thanks Mac for talking to Maxie. She tells him that if he changes his mind or wants to call or visit them at the dude ranch, to feel free. Maxie gives Mac cookies she baked. He asks her to promise to try to have a good time at the ranch. She says she'll try but she'll call him "every day". When Felicia tells her good night, Maxie tells her, "You look pretty, mom" as she leaves. Felicia is taken by surprise but looks sad about Mac.

Allyson visits L&B and asks Juan why the place isn't filled with posters of him. She tells him she wants "more" after what she heard at the ball. She is very flirtatious and coming on to him. She finds a tape he has of a new song and asks if she can hear it. He tells her that he and Emily are safe. She says, "So?" and suggests they both take a night off from their dates. Emily walks in and things get awkward. Juan tells Allyson she should leave. She tells him that he's invited to a late-night party on Friday but he says they might have plans. Emily yells at him, thinking that he was going to play his song for Allyson. She rants jealously. Juan plays the song for her and she melts. She realizes it's her poem and tells him, "It's terrific". He tells her he wants it to be his "first single". She apologizes for blowing up. He says he would've felt that way, too, if he found her with another guy. They kiss and make up.

Nikolas walks Elizabeth to her studio. She says she needs to be alone so she can "say goodbye to Lucky". He says Lucky loves her. Elizabeth says that Lucky was his old self at the ball, but the only thing that's changed is he doesn't love her. She says she loves him too much to "stand in his way". He offers to talk to Lucky but she doesn't think it will help. She tells him his uncle would have been proud of him tonight. She looks out the window in the dark. She hears someone breaking in so she gets a big board and hits the intruder over the head. When she turns on the light, she sees that it's Lucky. She revives him and makes sure he's not badly injured. He apologizes for sneaking in. He says he comes there sometimes late at night. She's curious as to why. He admits he comes there to remember how great things were back then between them. She is confused. He says he used to like to watch her paint. She says she's about to, so he is welcome to watch. So she paints whil ehe watches. It's almost like old times. After a while, Lucky says he's leaving but thanks her first. Elizabeth looks hopeful. He stands outside her door for a minute.