General Hospital Wednesday June 21st Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/21/00

Lucy comes out on stage in a blue harem-like dress. She makes another AIDS speech to get them to give up more money. She tells them that Stefan underwrote the ball this year and asks them to send their prayers his way. Nikolas comes up to make a speech about Stefan. He says that Stefan donated the money because of the cause, not just because of an obligation, and he thanks them all. Lucy asks them again to bid on things in the silent auction. Emily looks around to see if Lucky is there; she hopes he shows up for Elizabeth's sake. Mac chats with Robin until Amy comes up and tells them that Lucy is screaming for her.

Lucy is having trouble getting into a striped, tight dress; Kevin comes by and helps. She tells him about the call from Scott. He is hopeful for her. Taggert and Hannah are seated at the Quartermaine's table; Taggert sarcastically thanks them for seating them there. AJ watches as Carly and Sonny arrive. Alan warns him not to make trouble. AJ flirts with Hannah. Carly and Sonny greet Roy and Bobbie.

Chloe gets a package delivery from Jax. She reads a note from him saying he wishes he were there with them. Ned mentions that Alexis has a "scratched cornea". (Then why did we see her all dressed up and heading out with them yesterday???) Robin greets Sonny. Carly looks at the gun in her purse.

Sonny asks Robin how she's doing. She says she's healthy and she's going for a medical degree. They catch up. He says Jason hasn't contacted him, but not why. She asks why and then Carly comes up. Carly makes a snide remark and then kisses Sonny to get at Robin. Carly and Sonny go back to their table. Robin looks shocked.

Lucy thanks Elizabeth publicly for designing the costumes. Everyone applauds, including Lucky, who just walked in. Helena notices him there. Lucy introduces Juan, Liz, and Emily. They do a "Footloose" song and dance. It's great and everyone loves it. Elizabeth notices Lucky from stage.

Robon intercepts Carly. Carly says she has a lot of nerve to show up. Robin asks why she's with Sonny. Carly tells her they're together and getting married. Robin asks what happened with Jason. Carly says it was all her fault and tells her about the child she lost. They start to argue heavily until Sonny comes up and breaks them up. Robin tells Sonny she's "lost all respect" for him and doesn't understand how he can be with her. Sonny says she doesn't understand; Robin walks away. He asks how Carly's doing. She says "not as good as I'm gonna be".

Elizabeth finds Lucky outside on the balcony. He says she was great. She invites him to sit with them. He agrees and they go in. Lucy omes out onstage in a lime green number with unusual beaded sleeves. She introduces Eddie Main, who sings "Simply Irresistable". Emily and Juan notice that Lucky has arrived. Ned looks better in his leather pants than Bobbie did in hers, LOL The crowd goes wild, especially Chloe. AJ yells a rude comment. He looks drunk as usual.

Lucy donates a picture of kids with AIDS to Carly for donating a large amount. Sonny informs her that he made a donation in her name. On the way up, she passes AJ, who is clapping sarcastically. She turns around and looks like she's about to pull out her gun and shoot him, but she thinks better of it and goes up to the stage to get the picture. Carly, broken up, thanks Sonny and makes a speech about how adults should defend children and babies. Everyone claps uncertainly. Carly's dress is beautiful. Bobbie asks Carly if she's okay.

Lucky walks over to Helena and sits next to her to say hello. They compliment each other. Nikolas and Liz watch with unease. Nikolas goes over and interrupts them. Lucky and Nikolas go back to the table. Nikolas again warns Lucky that Helena is "lethal" and he should stay away from her. 

Hannah chides AJ for drinking. He rants about Carly's hypocrisy. She agrees but doesn't like what he's doing to himself. (Hannah is wearing a dress that does NOT flatter her behind) Audrey takes the microphone and talks about Steve. She thanks them all for supporting the cause that Steve believed in. She introduces a number with Lucy, Tony, and Alan. Their number is a bluesy versin of "hey, good lookin" and then it gets jazzed up.
My comments--Who picked these numbers? The acts are not as good this year as usual, I don't think. Alan should stick to musical theater numbers and his suit was too tight (he looked like William Shatner with a better toupee). Lucy's singing isn't too bad for a change but she looks too hot for either of them. The ending is very good and their dancing is fun.

Liz, Emily and the gang introduce Jamal and Allyson to Lucky. Em doesn't like when Allyson flirts with Juan. Amy chats with Bobbie and Roy. Amy mentions last year's ball so Roy is again interested in what happened. She evades his question. They kiss and decide to leave early.

Lucy comes out in a silvery, glittery, strapless gown. She introduces Robin, who talks about how great her life is now, even though she's HIV positive. She talks about the strides they've made. AJ walks out. Carly grabs her purse and tells Sonny she can't take hearing Robin's speech, so she's going to the bathroom. Robin finishes her speech by thanking everyone for their fight. Carly follows AJ, who gets another drink.

Lucy announces that they broke all previous records for raising money. Lucy asks the audience to join in on singing "Lean on Me". The camera pans the AIDS quilt while Juan and Emily start the song. Lucy and Robin help them sing from the side of the stage. The audience starts singing along. I suddenly realize what's missing from this ball--not one African American participant! No Dara or Justus singing this year, Taggert and Jamal are in the wonder it has no soul. Did they intend for Juan to be the best part of the whole thing?

Carly points her gun at AJ on the patio and says, "Say goodbye--I'm about to do to you what you did to my son".