General Hospital Tuesday June 20th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/20/00

Carly complains that none of her shoes work with her outfit so she rushes out to get them. Mike visits and asks if Sonny has some silver cufflinks he can borrow. He is surprised to hear that they're going to the ball. Sonny can't figure out why Carly wants to go, either. Sonny gives him the cufflinks. Mike asks how they're doing. Sonny says Carly is still having trouble and he doesn't know how to help her. Carly comes home and hears them talking about her. Mike worries how Sonny will hurt at the ball, with AJ being there and all. Sonny doesn't want to go and also feels he'll be betraying the child's memory, but he promised Carly he'd go. Carly marches in talking about her shoes, pretending to be surprised by Mike's presence. He apologizes sincerely for his argument with her the other night. Mike leaves. Carly tells Sonny he doesn't have to go just because she wants to go. She says she can sit with Bobbie and Roy. He realizes she was eavesdropping and says he'll go. Carly talks to Michael about the ball. Sonny tells her she'd better get ready, so he takes Michael. Carly watches them together for a moment.

Bobbie, wearing horrible leather or vinyl pants (who is she, Eddie Main?) snuggles with Roy. They worry about Luke. She gives him a suit; he's perplexed. She says he can wear tonight to take her to the Nurses' Ball. He looks less than thrilled. She tells him how important it is. Roy really doesn't want to go. She tells him how good the show is and other reasons. When she mentions last year, he wants to know what happened, but she doesn't tell him. Instead, she starts kissing him. They kiss a lot and she undresses him, still trying to talk him into going to the ball. They have sex on the couch. She keeps trying to get him to go. Finally she gets angry. She gets dressed up in a sexy outfit and tells Roy that since she won't go with him, she'll go with sexy Irish doctor Ian Thornhart. That finally spurs him to get ready for the ball.

Hannah walks by Kelly's and sees AJ, so she stops to chat. He asks her again to go with him but she reminds him she is going with Taggert. He holds her hand and asks her if she thinks Taggert would mind if he has a dance. She rushes off to get ready. He makes a call to change the Q's seating arrangements.

Emily asks Juan at Kelly's why he's not ready to go; he says something is wrong with his voice. She knows he's just nervous about performing. He is embarrassed and doesn't want to mess up in front of friends. Em tells him to look at her if he gets nervous and other words of support.

Tony drops off his outfit and tells Amy he doesn't want to see Lucy. She begs to go with him. They feel bad for her situation but she's driving everyone more nuts than usual. Lucy yells at Amy and some other guy. Amy almost runs into Nikolas and Liz. She asks him how he's doing. He's "trying to stay distracted". Liz says he could leave but he says Stefan would want him to honor his obligation. He tells her about his uncle a bit. He asks if Lucky is coming; she's not sure. They hold hands.

Lucky visits Lulu but Laura tells him she's at a friend's house. He asks her what she's been telling Lulu about Luke. She replies that he's innocent, but Lucky wonders why he's on the run, then. Laura thinks a Cassadine is responsible. Lucky tells her how Luke threatened Stefan in Mac's office. She says that Luke wouldn't have left so much evidence lying around and maintains he left town because "he doesn't trust law enforcement". The only time they trusted the police was when they were told Lucky was dead. Lucky asks her, "Let me ask you something, do you ever walk outside of the delusions, or is that just too scary for you?" and points out that it wouldn't be the first time Luke killed a Cassadine. Laura isn't even sure that Stefan is dead but thinks Helena did it. Also she says that the cops aren't even checking into any other possibilities for suspects. Lucky says he doesn't care, he just came to see Lulu. He calls them "screwed up". She says they did a pretty good job raising him. She maintains Luke will be back when he can clear his name. He calls her a liar again and suggests she is neglecting Nikolas. He leaves before she can tell him that it was nice to see him.

AJ storms into the Q living room and takes out his flask, but Edward takes it away from him and chews him out for being drunk for the ball. AJ tells him he can stay sober then and his act immediately changes. Edward yells, "You were faking!" AJ says he thought he wanted him drunk. Edward is disgusted. Alan comes in so AJ asks him to toast him. It was a year ago that AJ was made CEO of ELQ. He tells them he's "free" and now he can figure out what makes him happy. Edward says he'd better not disappoint Lila. Alan tells AJ that he'll never be free until he stops "living for this family's reaction".

Mac tells Lucy what he's been doing on the search for Christina; he got the South American police involved. Kevin walks up so they tell him the news. Kevin suggests she go home but she says she can handle it. He brought her her jewels. She hugs both of them and then rushes off to do her hair. Mac says he has to go pick up Robin at the airport. He wants to tell her about Felicia before she hears it elsewhere. He fills Kevin in on what's been happening with Felicia and Luke. Kevin tells him that he and Eve are sitting at his table.

The curlers get stuck in Lucy's hair. Amy tries to get it out but she can't. Kevin comes along and helps. Lucy starts to panic but Kevin assures her she can do it. She thanks him for his support and says Eve is a "lucky gal".

Nikolas drops by Lucky's place. They talk about the Nurses' Ball. Nikolas is a bit down about Stefan's death. Lucky tells him about his visit to see Laura. Nikolas breaks down talking about his uncle. He knows Stefan is dead because he would never leave without saying goodbye. Lucky assures him Stefan loved him. Nikolas points out it's the same for him, Luke and Laura do love him. He tells Lucky that last year at the Nurses' Ball when he thought he was dead, he started crying because he missed him so much. He doesn't want to repeat that this year but he's okay because he knows Lucky is alive. They have a warm, brotherly moment and Lucky even calls him "big brother".

A disco song plays while we see most of the couples dressed up and leaving for the ball. Aj takes one drink. Chloe goes with Ned and Alexis. Lucky thinks about it, takes down a tux, smiles, and puts it back. Helena is escorted by her guy. We see Mac and Robin leaving his house all dressed up. We see everyone get seated at the ball and the curtain comes up on Lucy. She welcomes everyone. Meanwhile, Carly puts a gun in her purse before leaving with Sonny.