General Hospital Monday June 19th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 6/19/00

Helena continues to speak with Lucky on the docks while Nikolas watches. She tells Lucky that "Elizabeth belongs with Nikolas". Lucky parrots back what she says. Nikolas runs up and tells Helena to get her hands off his brother. She tells him that Lucky's in no danger; Lucky concurs. Nikolas asks her if she's planning to kidnap Lucky again. He rages about Stefan's death and thinks maybe she did it. Helena claims she's upset, too, and offers her support. But he tells her to stay away from him and his brother. He asks Lucky what she was saying to him. "Nothing", Lucky says. They debat whether Luke really did it. Nikolas warns Lucky to stay away from Helena. Liz comes up and listens in on their conversation from around the corner. Elizabeth walks up when Nikolas says he doesn't want to hate Lucky for what his dad might have done, but Lucky starts bitching at her. Nikolas has to leave for work. They argue. She can't understand his sudden change. He keeps talking about how she should be with Nikolas. She tries to be gentle and understanding with him. He says he shouldn't have kissed her because all they can ever be is "friends". He walks away, leaving her shocked and saddened.

Stefan gets his newspapers, including the Port Charles Herald, and laughs joyfully about the headline, that Luke escaped after being arrested for his murder. He drinks a toast "to a successful death"!

Felicia after having said goodbye to Luke. Laura tries to convince Roy to let her see Luke. He doesn't think it's a good idea. She wants to hear from Luke about whether he killed Stefan. Roy takes her to Luke's hiding place but they only find Felicia. Laura gripes about her being there. They argue. Laura yells at Felicia for wrecking all their lives and for making Mac want to go after Luke. After Felicia tells Laura that she doesn't know Luke, Laura starts screaming, "You bitch!" and Roy has to keep her off Felicia. Felicia runs out. Laura cries in anger and frustration. She's upset that Luke didn't even leave a note. Roy explains there wasn't much time. Roy tells her that Luke didn't kill Stefan; she wonders why he ran. Roy looks uncomfortable.

AJ promises Hannah that he won't drink at the Nurses' Ball if she goes with him, but she says she already has a date with Taggert. He says okay but asks her to keep him in mind if Taggert should cancel. AJ watches as Bobbie comes in and chats with Tammy about her trip to Hawaii. He goes over to Bobbie and tries to get her to get him permission to see Michael. She doesn't want to hear it. She says she can't do anything to help him and yells at him for not taking responsibility for Carly losing her baby. She gets frustrated that AJ keeps pushing and making her yell at him. She tells him the best thing he can do is leave Michael alone. Eventually he leaves.

Sonny asks Carly why she wants to go to the ball. She doesn't give a good reason. He doesn't think it's a good reason because she has been suffering. She says, "I'm tougher than you think I am" and talks about what the Nurses' Ball means to people. Sonny asks her not to push. Later, after Carly puts Michael down for a nap, she asks him again about the Nurses' Ball. She says this is the first thing she's wanted to do since the baby died. She also reminds him about Stone's memory. He doesn't want to go because it reminds him of all the people who died. She says she'll go alone, then, but he says no way. He considers it and then tells her he doesn't want her to be vulnerable to people like the Quartermaines. Finally he relents and says they can go. She thanks him and strokes his face, then decides to go out shopping for a dress. Later, she returns with bags and says she found a great dress. She tells him that her handbag is big enough to hold "the essentials".

Hannah runs into Taggert when she comes downstair from her apartment at Kelly's. They joke around. He asks her to help him at the station, working on Luke's escape. She reminds him about the Nurses' Ball so he asks her to be his date (it is a very sweet scene). Taggert confides that he'd already gotten tickets and a limo but didn't know if she wanted to go, since she went with Sonny last year. She is touched and says she'd love to go. Liz arrives, upset. Tammy notices and asks her "what's wrong", but knows it's about Lucky. She discusses her problems. Tammy gives her support. Lucky watches them from the window. Ned and Chloe come in for a bite to eat, still talking about Stefan and her dream. He suggests that maybe she should try dreaming again to get more clues.

Ned and Chloe visit Windemere. Mrs. Lansbury doesn't want them to look around but Alexis comes in and tells her it's okay. They all catch up on what's been going on. Chloe looks around and doesn't recognize the furniture. Alexis doesn't think that Luke would poison Stefan. They talk about the newspaper article. Alexis is trying to keep it together about Stefan's possible death. Ned tries to offer help but she keeps saying she's "okay". She says she has to stay in order to do some paperwork. Nikolas comes in and they hug. Alexis tells him they don't know he's dead. Nikolas is wracked with guilt about having shut his uncle out of his life recently. She hugs him some more. She tells him she doesn't think Luke killed Stefan; she thinks Helena did. Laura arrives and she agrees. She even thinks Stefan may still be alive. Nikolas just wishes he had told Stefan how much he loves him. She assures him that Stefan knows. Mrs. Lansbury comes in and tells them that a reporter is there asking questions. Nikolas goes out to handle it. Laura notices that he seems "older". Alexis gives Laura a hard time for being there and for treating Stefan badly.

Mac finds Felicia walking on the docks and gives her a hard time for not being home with the girls. She is trying to make sense of what's going on and tries to make him see that he's being vindictive. She says, "You're getting revenge on Luke, and some day you're going to hate yourself". He asks her again if she'll tell him if she hears from Luke. Fine, she agrees, but he doesn't think he'll believe her, anyway. He wants assurances that no matter what Luke says, she won't leave her kids. She promises that she will never do that again.

Roy visits Bobbie, who is wearing a sexy black dress. Roy tells her that Luke is "gone" and they hug. She tells him that she told people at Kelly's that he was at the travel agency, to give him an alibi, and shares how she lashed out at AJ. Roy hopes they can clear his name. They realize this is like 20 years ago only it was Roy on the run. Roy and Bobbie go to the bed and make love.