General Hospital Friday June 16th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 6/16/00

Liz tells Lucky that there's nothing to forgive. Lucky appreciates the way she doesn't try to explain his feelings and says that's what Luke and Laura always do. He apologizes again for trying to do that with her. She tells him again how much she loves him, "always and forever". She asks why he doesn't trust her any more. He says he does. She asks what she's done to make him this way. He says she didn't do anything. She begs him to tell her what happened, why he's no longer in love forever. Lucky can't explain why he has to stay away from her. He feels like there's an invisble wall between them. Liz gently walks toward him and asks if the wall is there now, until she gets closer and finally they kiss. They are kissing a lot when Nikolas knocks loudly on the door so she has to answer it. He tells them that the police think that his uncle is dead and Lucky's father has been arrested. Lucky and Nikolas get into an argument over Luke. Lucky just wants to know the facts but Nikolas doesn't care because he's grieving. Lucky leaves to find out from the cops what's going on. Liz asks Nikolas why he yelled at Lucky that way so he explodes, "I'm so sick of hearing what Lucky needs!" He rants about how Stefan was like a father to him and compares him to Liz and Lucky's fathers. Nikolas keeps turning Elizabeth's words around on her. Liz reminds him that Lucky loves him, too. He doesn't want to hear it and storms out.

Felicia comes into Mac's office. He's on the phone ordering people to look for Luke. She wants to know what's going on, so he tells her Luke's escaped and asks her where he went. Felicia defensively wants to know how she would know. They discuss Luke's escape. Mac asks her to tell him if Luke contacts her.

Roy brings Luke to an empty apartment. Roy suggests that maybe Luke should ask Sonny for help again. Luke doesn't want to do that again. He asks Roy for some fake ID's and money to get him to Switzerland. He explains that someone is framing him for murder.

Carly and Sonny take Michael home from the park. They jokingly argue about Sonny giving yogurt to the baby. Taggert rushes up and tells Sonny that Mac needs to see him. Carly gives him a hard time for harrassing Sonny again, but Sonny tells her to take Michael home for his nap. Carly threatens Taggert that Sonny better be back in a half an hour. After Sonny leaves, AJ comes up and says, "It's good to see you. You're looking well, I'm glad". He says hi to Michael and tells her he's been thinking about her. She is unforgiving and on edge. She accuses AJ of causing her baby's death. He says it was both their faults. She repeats her mistakes by insulting him again. She tells him that it's amazing how he never gets hurt, only the other person that he hates. They argue about who Michael's father is. She tells him he belongs "at the bottom of the river" and he'll never get near Michael. Then she wheels the stroller away.

Sonny walks in to Mac's office and makes a fuss about being dragged in again. Felicia hastily exits so she doesn't have to give Mac her word about contacting him. Mac asks Sonny about Luke's escape but he is totally in the dark. Sonny is surprised to hear that Luke was even under arrest but he smiles and says "that's great!" when Mac says Luke murdered Stefan. Taggert threatens to search Sonny's residence for Luke but Sonny tells Mac that better not happen. Mac agrees. There is a funny exchange where Sonny insults taggert and walks out laughing.

Laura storms into Mac's office and yells at him for arresting Luke when he doesn't even have a body. Mac tells her the evidence they have that Stefan has not just left town, and evidence they found in Luke's safe. She doesn't want to hear it. Then he tells her that Luke escaped, making them think he is admitting his guilt. Mac tries to be sensitive but Laura still doesn't believe Luke's guilty. She points out that Mac has a "grudge" against Luke. He asks her to tell Luke to turn himself in if he contacts her. She leaves without agreeing. Mac tells Taggert that when they find Luke, he has already proved his guilt by running.

Felicia runs into Roy on the docks; she asks him if he is the one who broke Luke out of jail. He basically confirms it. He takes Felicia to see Luke. Luke is happy to see her. Luke sort of apologizes to Roy for raking him over the coals before (being an FBI snitch). Felicia starts pleading with Luke not to run. Roy arranges for Luke to lie to Felicia that he doesn't know where he's going yet (for her safety?). Roy says he will work to free Luke. Luke points out that he doesn't know he's innocent. Roy says that he knows that he's being framed because Luke wouldn't be stupid to leave evidence lying around. Felicia offers to tell Mac that Luke was with her all night. Luke points out the flaws in this idea. He says he just needs time. He can find out later who murdered Stefan, if he's really dead. Luke asks her to stay out of it. She cries as he says goodbye. They kiss. Luke leaves, worried that the cops might find him.

When Carly gets home, she orders Johnny to find Benny, and Alexis' number. Before she can finish, Sonny walks in. She is relieved that Sonny hasn't been arrested. She throws her arms around Sonny gratefully. She tells him about her run-in with AJ and asks Sonny to "kill him--now". Sonny tells her to forget it and explains that he can't do it for Michael's sake. Carly argues with the idea because she once again fears that AJ might get Michael from them. Sonny sits her down and makes her see reason. He knows Michael will eventually want to know his biological father, and finding out his father is a loser is better than finding out that his beloved parents killed his father. Sonny points out that AJ will soon destroy himself. He eloquently convinces her and then orders her to eat. Carly looks through her mail and finds a Nurse's Ball invitation. Carly mentions it to Sonny. He wants to give the table away but she wants to go.

Lucky runs into Helena on the docks. She wants to talk but he tells her he doesn't want anything to do with her. "Get out of my face" he says. Nikolas, lurking nearby, watches the exchange. She whispers that he's forgotten to "always protect the queen". A change comes over Lucky as he smiles at her and becomes very docile.

We see Stefan in a sauna as he puts his necklace back on. He looks contemplative--not dead.

Roy runs into Laura at Kelly's. When she mentions that Luke has escaped from jail, Roy doesn't seem surprised, so she knows that he knows something. He says she should stay out of it, but she demands to see Luke.

Hannah says hi to AJ at Kelly's. He tells her that he should be congratulated because he hasn't been thrown out of Kelly's yet. He asks her to be his date to the Nurses' Ball.