General Hospital Thursday June 15th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 6/15/00

Edward congratulates himself on a good business deal and again says he beat Jax. Alan and Monica remind him that Jax stepped out. Nikolas walks in and Edward gets testy. Nikolas (who has a broken hand from falling off a horse) says he's helping Lucy with the Nurse's Ball since she's having a tough time. AJ walks in and tells Nikolas he'll buy a ticket. Edward objects; he says he'll boycott the ball if AJ goes. The whole family gangs up on Edward and defends AJ. Nikolas gets a call on her cell phone. Lila slaps Edward with her fan as if she's saying, "stop being naughty!" Edward rants and raves about how AJ might embarrass the family at the ball. Lila tells Edward that if he doesn't welcome AJ to their family table, he will sleep in the guest room. AJ tells Edward that he is looking forward to it being an interesting gathering. Later, Monica finds Alan practicing his singing and compliments him. They are glad AJ will be at the ball. They hug.

Emily visits Elizabeth, who is distracted. When Em asks what's wrong, Liz tells Emily what Lucky said about Nikolas and her being together. Emily is shocked. They discuss it. Liz tells her that Lucky doesn't know that Nikolas tried to kiss her, as far as she knows. Emily tells her that Lucky definitely loves her, but Liz is starting to give up hope. Emily rushes out, determined to find out what's going on with Lucky. Laura brings Lulu to the studio. Lulu recognizes a drawing of Lucky so Liz gives it to her. She gives her paper and crayons so Lulu can draw her own picture of Lucky. Laura asks Liz about whether she's seen Lucky. Liz explains how bad things are between her and Lucky. Laura understands because she feels the way Lucky has been treating her. Liz tells her she's thinking about walking away from Lucky. Laura urges her to keep trying. More hugging!

Jake gives Lucky a room to rent. Lucky asks her not to tell his parents where he's staying. He pays her and she agrees. He phones someone to tell them where he is. It turns out to be Emily. She drops by and asks him about his place. He notices her nurses' ball shirt so she explains about Liz designing the logo for the last two years. He's not sure if he's going. She tries to talk him into it. She knows it's because of Liz and chides him for making Elizabeth so upset. She can't believe what he said about her and Nikolas and asks him what's happening and why he doesn't want to be with Liz. He tells her "because Elizabeth should be with Nikolas" and that Nikolas loves her. Emily points out that Elizabeth loves him, not Nikolas, and now he's "breaking her heart". Lucky says again that he's "changed". Emily yells at him to think about what Liz has gone through this past year. Lucky says he knows what he's doing. Emily orders him to tell Liz he doesn't love her then, so she can get on with her life.

Luke tells Mac he wants to be released. Mac says he's charging him with Stefan's murder. They argue. Luke tells him the poison wasn't his and suggests that Helena probably poisoned him. Mac still wants to know what his alibi is.

Bobbie tells Tammy about her impending trip to Hawaii with Roy. Roy comes in so Tammy teases him about taking her on the trip. Bobbie is excited to see first class tickets. He tells her about a quiet place he found in Maui. Luke phones and wants to talk to Bobbie. He asks her to come to the police station. Roy offers to go with Bobbie but she tells him to finish their vacation plans instead. Juan comes in, in the background, and has lunch.

Bobbie asks Mac what's going on so he tells her, with Luke's comments intermingled. Bobbie tries to make Mac see reason, but he defends what he's doing. Luke yells at Mac as he leaves the room. Bobbie asks Luke if he did it. He glowers at her and repeats that he didn't kill Stefan. She questions him about the evidence. He maintains he's being framed and that Mac is acting on revenge. He asks Bobbie to find him a good lawyer. She agrees and they hug, then she leaves. Bobbie goes back to Kelly's and fills Roy in on Luke's problems. Roy agrees that it's a bad situation. Bobbie worries about what will happen if Stefan's found dead. Roy wants to help Luke.

Mac questions Nikolas about Stefan's whereabouts. Mac is surprised that Nikolas hasn't spoken to Alexis so he doesn't know about his disappearance. Nikolas is shocked to find that Stefan might be dead. Nikolas asks if he's arrested Helena, but Mac says that Luke is the "prime suspect". Nikolas angrily questions Luke about Stefan's disappearance. Luke suggests that he asks his "grandma". Mac waits for fingerprints on the bottle. Felicia drops by to show Mac the brochure for the dude ranch. She says Maxie is "having a little bit of a hard time" with going (an understatement!). Felicia asks if Mac might join them for part of the time. Mac agrees. A cop brings info in about Luke's impending arraignment. Felicia asks what that's about and Mac tells her Luke is being arraigned for murder. Mac tells her all about the evidence against Luke. She has flashbacks to having sex with Luke. She asks Mac how he can go for murder when there's no murder. Felicia sticks up for Luke, which seems to annoy Mac. She asks him not to take revenge on Luke. He says, "Luke is finally going to pay for what he's done".

Dara visits Luke. He won't tell her where he was that night, either, but he does tell her that he is being framed and Mac is being biased. She keeps questioning him. Dara wants to help him but the evidence is strong. Later, Roy visits Luke disguised as a cop. He tells Luke he's there to help him "leave". Luke smiles gratefully.

Emily goes to Kelly's looking for Juan. Tammy tells her that he'll be right back. AJ comes in for coffee so Emily chats with him about the nurses' ball. He takes her comments badly and stalks out. Juan comes in and asks where she's been (she's late). She tells him she was trying to talk to Lucky about Elizabeth. They leave. Laura enters with Lulu and says hi to Lesley. Lulu shows Lesley her drawing. Nikolas watches them through the window. He looks upset. He remembers Stefan and fights they had. He realizes that Stefan went missing about the time he was considering going out to see him, so he feels guilty. Inside, Lesley oohs and ahhs about Lulu's picture. Nikolas comes in and tells Laura he has to speak with her privately. Lesley takes Lulu to her swimming lesson. Nikolas tells Laura what he found out from Mac. Laura tries to phone Mac for information. Nikolas wonders why she is so sure that Luke didn't murder Stefan. He blasts himself for not being there for Stefan. Laura tells him that she knows for sure Luke didn't kill Stefan. He doesn't believe it.

Lucky visits Liz at her studio. Things are awkward. He apologizes to her. They are interrupted by a man who checks Liz's smoke alarm. He says he is sorry for trying to push her and Nikolas together.