General Hospital Wednesday June 14th Update


General Hospital Wednesday 6/14/00

Sonny orders someone to take down the wallpaper in the nursery. Carly thanks him and tells him about how Michael is doing. They are encouraged by the fact that he hasn't mentioned his baby brother today. Carly asks if Sonny wants to go with them to the park but he says he has business. Roy and Bobbie drop by and Carly realizes they all know something she doesn't. Bobbie fills her in on what has been happening with Larkin, Hannah, and the FBI.
She gives Sonny a hard time for not telling her before. He tries to sidestep it but she says she knows she was being so self-centered that he didn't have any other choice. She worries that he put himself in danger. She says that instead of going to the park, she's going to wait there until he's "safe". Sonny takes her aside and says to tell Michael they "have a date with a dump truck". Roy and Bobbie kiss, as Roy leaves with Sonny. Carly asks Bobbie why she's always thinking of herself and not Sonny. Bobbie hugs her. Carly puts Michael to bed and acts nervous, worrying about Sonny. Bobbie asks about why the workmen are taking out the wallpaper so quickly. Carly tells her about Sonny smashing the crib and how empty they both feel. Bobbie relates her own experiences about losing a child. Carly says there is only one things that needs to be done. AJ should pay, she rants. Bobbie suggests that Carly forget about AJ and concentrate on her family.

Mac visits Felicia at home. She asks him if meant what he said last night, and he says he does. He asks her if she's considered where to take the girls during summer vacation. She wants to take them away with her to a dude ranch in Colorado. Mac is not happy about her taking the girls away, but says that the ranch sounds like a good idea. They are very nice together, for a change. They agree about how to handle things with the girls.

Luke phones Alexia and leaves a message to find out what's going on with Stefan, since the cops are harrassing him aobut his disappearance. Felicia visits him at his office and they hug. She wonders why he's got a bag packed and ready. He fills her in on Stefan's disappearance and how he is a suspect. Felicia is indignant. She reminds him that he has an alibi during Stefan's disappearance, but he asks her what she could possibly tell Mac and the rest of the cops they were doing. She points out that there is no evidence against him. She is annoyed that Mac didn't mention it and fills Luke in on their agreement. She was going to leave but now she doesn't want to. He urges her to go on with her life for her kids' sake. She asks if he'll be in touch, but he says he thinks they shouldn't have any communication for a while. They kiss goodbye.

Roy and Stefan go to the hotel room where Lark in is being held by Sonny's men. Larkin is cocky and tells Roy that he'll be in trouble when everything falls apart. Roy taunts Larkin about what his experience in prison will be like. The FBI men arrive and Roy tells them what Larkin has been up to and how corrupt he is. Sonny shows them that Larkin is there. Sonny and Roy gives the agents the proof they have. Roy tells them about Larkin kidnapping Hannah, too. When the men want the proof, Roy says they won't see it until there is a deal made. Roy threatens that if they go public with their proof, all of Larkin's cases will be suspect and it will be bad publicity for the bureau. Roy says in return for not making the proof public, Roy wants his time to be commuted, his record as a snitch destroyed, Hannah's record cleared of any suspicion, and Sonny given amnesty. The agents agree so Roy and Sonny hand over the proof. Roy shows he recorded their meeting. One of the agents, whom Larkin had framed, thanks Roy for clearing him. The agents leave. Roy and Sonny congratulate each other. Roy tells Sonny he can retire if he wants. Sonny says "getting out is not an option for me" but says Roy has a fresh start to do anything he wants.

Chloe visits Tony at GH and tells him about the dreams and how the dream makes her someone else--that it's like a "psychic experience". Tony says it's possible, although he's skeptical. He says that her growth puts pressure on a certain area of her brain that might create these things. He suggests she find the person in her dream (she described it vaguely and didn't mention who it was she saw) and find out if they've been in danger. He also asks her to examine her feelings about that person. Ned meets her there. Alexis has told Ned that Stefan hasn't shown up in Greece. They decide to speak to Mac. Mac is surprised when they tell him about the dreams she had. He is politely skeptic. She tells him what Tony said. Mac gets the forensic report and suddenly his mood changes. Mac thanks them and says he'll call if he has more questions. Taggert comes in and can't believe what he heard of their conversation. Mac reads the forensics report, he says there is "traces of poison" from a bottle in Luke's safe. Taggert can't believe Mac believes about the dream. The cops bring Luke in. He is complaining about his treatment. Mac asks him where he was last night. Luke suddenly says maybe he needs a lawyer. Taggert and Mac tell him that there was a notation about a meeting with Luke in Stefan's appointment book. Luke thinks they're lying. Mac mentions the bottle of poison. Luke denies knowing anything about it, so Mac arrests Luke.

Felicia suggests to Maxie and Georgie that they go away for the summer. Maxie is skeptical about it and says she doesn't want to go without Mac. After Felicia tries to convince her for a few minutes, Maxie declares she's staying with Mac and Felicia can't stop her. Then she stalks away. She needs a good spanking....

When Chloe comes home, she finds flowers from Jax. She plans to phone him so Ned asks if she's going to tell Jax about the dreams. She says she doesn't want to worry him so no, she won't tell him. They discuss the forensics report and wish they knew more. Ned questions her on the surroundings she saw in her dream. Ned suggests they go to Windemere to see if the decor matches her dream, since she's never been there.

Tony thanks Alan and Monica for giving him a chance and encouragement to be a surgeon again. Monica gives a pregnant woman directions to a doctor's office and Audrey helps her. Monica admires that the woman is pregnant at such a late age; she tells Alan that it is the second one she's seen this week. Alan wonders why anyone would want to have teenagers when they are in their sixties. They discuss Chloe briefly.

Sonny phones Carly to tell her that everything worked out great. Bobbie leaves to go celebrate with Roy. Later, Sonny comes back and comments on the wallpaper being gone in the nursery. Carly says the room feels empty still but he says it's not finished yet. She asks him about what happened with Larkin so he fills her in on their deal with the FBI. She is proud of him. She tries to prod him on "unfinished business". She quizzes him on how he handled Larkin but he evades it by saying that he doesn't want to bring his business home. They decide to go to the park with Michael. She thanks him sincerely for all he's done for her.

Bobbie asks Audrey if she can get out of covering her shift. Audrey has rehearsal for the Nurses' Ball and most of the other staff is involved, too. Audrey mentions that Lucy is not as involved this year because of her troubles. Bobbie confides that she is celebrating with Roy. Audrey is surprised because she though Roy was a fugitive still. Tony starts listening in nearby. Bobbie tells Audrey that Roy is "practically a hero". Roy arrives so Bobbie rushes up and they hug tightly. Tony watches stone-faced. Bobbie and Roy whisper romantically about their plans. Tony congratulates Roy on his freedom. Audrey tells them to go celebrate. Tony wonders to Audrey if they know enough about his past, for Lucas' sake. Roy asks Bobbie to get a week's vacation so they can go to Hawaii. They keep kissing at GH near the elevators.