General Hospital Tuesday June 13th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/13/00

On the phone, Sonny takes care of his business with the guys who are holding Larkin, while Carly paces. He gets off and she says he's right about the nursery. She's started taking down the wallpaper but needs help. He says he will help first thing in the morning. She babbles about how she can't sleep because of the nursery so she needs to take the wallpaper down and make it just a room again. OK, he says simply, realizing that this might give her some peace. Sonny goes in with her to the nursery; she hasn't made much progress with her scraper (hasn't she ever heard of wallpaper solvent?). She is so manic that Sonny makes her stop and calm down. They hug tightly and she says she's okay. Sonny tells her that she's hurting herself. She asks him again why he didn't wait before he gave the order to get rid of the baby. He tries to explain his decision to save her. Carly understands but it's hard for her to get her mind wrapped around what happened. They admire Jason's ability to live through something awful and "not look back". Carly says the worse part of it besides not having the baby is that "nothing helps". She says she's "empty" and asks him if it helped him when he smashed the cradle. Sonny suggests they steam the paper off the wall but then he accidentally mentions "the kids". They discuss how they are dealing with their pain and anger. He talks about how he tried to use Lily's death to punish himself until he realized that wasn't what she would want, and it's the same now with their child. He suggests she wake up every morning and tell herself, "I had a son and he knew he was loved". She says he is "such a good dad" and smiles at him. They leave the nursery for the last time. Downstairs, they have a drink and suggest they each get some sleep. Sonny recounts when he first held Michael and says their baby would be even smaller than that. But they are no longer so upset, they are sharing good memories. She talks about when Michael was born and her postpartum depression, and then holding Michael for the first time. They relax on the couch, her head in his lap, as they talk about what might have been with their son. Sonny paints a rosy picture of their family as Carly listens.

Chloe has a dream where Stefan walks toward her with the music box and says, "Chloe, help me. You're the only one who can". Chloe is frightened as he moves toward her and orders him away, yelling, "No!". Ned comes to visit and hears her screaming so he bangs on the door until she wakes up. She tells him about her dream, but she is a bit disoriented. She shows him the journal. Ned asks if she really thinks she saw Stefan's murder. She shares that this was the most vivid dream she's had. She describes the scene in detail and then how his housekeeper said he's missing. Ned urges her not to worry, that it was just a dream. Alexis phones to tell them what's been happening with Stefan. She is going to Greece to see if Stefan went there. Chloe is upset that her dream may have come true.

Mac takes a warrant and has his men search Luke's club. He wonders where Taggert is. Mac's men find Luke's gun and Mac tells them to drill his safe open, too. Taggert comes in looking a little beaten up from his fight with Larkin and his friend. Mac yells at Taggert for being late, saying that Stefan is missing and Luke probably killed him. He's very overwrought so Taggert tells the other cops to leave them alone for a minute. Taggert tells him he doesn't have an excuse for being late but that what Mac is doing is wrong. He's not "running a murder investigation", he's "looking for an opportunity to get back at Luke". Mac rejects the notion. Taggert keeps on it and reminds Mac that once their positions were reversed (with Sonny? or Jason?) and Mac helped him see some perspective. They talk about what motive Luke might have. Mac agrees that he is biased so he puts Taggert in charge of the search. He thanks Taggert for his words but tells him he better not order his people around in front of him again. Mac phones Kevin and asks him to come by his house to see him. Mac sees Felicia's fake passport as "Orphey".

Felicia awakens a sleeping Luke in bed with another round of sex. Later, she gets dressed and wakes up Luke to tell him she's leaving to be there for her kids when they wake up. She thanks him for saving her the previous night and reminding her that she is "strong enough to fight back", among other things. She wishes she could stay but her kids come first. She also says she has to try to make things right with Mac, if she can. Luke says okay (sheesh what a doormat!). Luke tells her that he doesn't like the idea of "groveling", but she assures him she won't. But she can't put her kids through a custody trial. Luke says he knows she will have to stay away from him in order to make a deal with Mac. They kiss and she leaves.

Kevin visits Mac at the house. They talk briefly about Christina, Lucy and Julie. Mac tells Kevin about his filing for divorce and custody, and Felicia's reaction. Mac asks Kevin if he thinks he's doing the "right thing". Kevin suggests that Mac become Felicia's friend again. Kevin explains that he's been thinking about their situation and that Felicia is acting the way she has because of Mac's being gone. She keeps pushing him further away and it's a vicious cycle. Kevin says that if Mac can make a compromise and promise to support Felicia, and put aside his feelings of anger and hurt, she will go back to normal. Mac's not sure he can make that sacrifice. He worries what will happen with the girls if it doesn't work but Kevin reminds him that a custody battle would be worse and how much the girls need their mother. It galls Mac that Felicia might get Luke. He tells Kevin about his investigation into Stefan's murder. Felicia comes home just as Kevin is leaving.
She walks in calmly and asks why Mac's still there. He asks where she was and says, "Where were you? I was worried". She lies that "she's been driving around, trying to clear my head" and asks Kevin if he thinks Mac should take her girls. Kevin tries to stay neutral and suggests Felicia phone Lucy to help her friend. After Kevin leaves, Mac fills Felicia in on what Lucy has been going through. Felicia feels really bad for Lucy losing her child. Mac says he came over to explain the custody battle to the kids. He tells her about how he asked them what they wanted. Then Felicia whines that it's not fair because they're not old enough to make that decision and they're mad at her. Mac says he agrees and that he thinks a custody battle would be bad for them. Mac suggests they come to some kind of compromise and explain to the girls that they won't lose both of them. Felicia is saddened that he still wants the divorce but agrees. Mac tells her as he's leaving that he was worried about her, since he knew she was so upset. He's glad she's safe. Felicia looks upset.

Luke finds his club being torn about and angrily asks Taggert what it's about. Taggert tells him that Stefan is missing and he's a suspect.