General Hospital Monday June 12th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 6/12/00

Felicia and Luke lie naked in bed; they kiss more. (Part of me thinks it's great that a man his age can do a love scene and look great, but part of me is GROSSED OUT! He's way too old for her. She looks younger than she is and he looks older than he is). She asks Luke what rules he had growing up. He says he only had two, eat when you're hungry and sleep when you're sleepy. Felicia says she had 4,000 and she's broken 3,999 tonight, except the one, "be happy". They think about what it might have been like if they'd met earlier, in Texas. Luke paints the romantic scene for her. They end up laughing. Then they order delivery Mexican food and kiss more. They start to have sex again but fall off the bed. Later, Felicia thinks of phoning home (finally!) to check on her girls but decides it's too late. Luke convinces her to stay the night so they start in again.

Laura and Nikolas sit on the docks and discuss Stefan. Laura thinks maybe Stefan didn't do the wrong thing after all (not telling her about Lucky) but Nikolas says Stefan should have told her. Nikolas avoids a question about Liz. They see the lights on at Windemere and wonder what's going on with Stefan. They decide to go walking. They are sort of hoping Liz and Lucky will walk by. They go back to that area on the docks and see that Stefan's lights are still on. Laura talks about how she once saw Stefan having a business meeting at 3 am in the study, serving them breakfast. Nikolas shares that he can't trust Stefan about some things but he's good with the money and running the estate. They both agree that Stefan loves them. She tells Nikolas about the sad conversation she had with Stefan earlier. Nikolas wonders why the lights are still on so he debates about checking on Stefan, but decides to call him tomorrow instead.

Chloe takes her pills and remembers the dream she had about Stefan being poisoned. Alexis visits and wants to know why Chloe is so upset. Chloe asks Alexis to stay and keep her awake because her dreams are too scary. Alexis says she brought microwave popcorn. Chloe asks her if she's spoken to Stefan tonight. Chloe speaks with Jax on the phone (he's calling every hour from overseas). The two women share popcorn. Alexis finally answers her question and says she plans to visit Stefan tomorrow. They briefly talk about Helena's thing for Jax. Alexis gets a phone call from Mrs. Lansbury. Chloe looks worried when she hears that Stefan's housekeeper can't find him. Chloe urges Alexis to "find him tonight". Alexis has to rush out to look for him but urges her not to worry. Chloe writes about her dream about Stefan. Stefan has knocked over the music box that she keeps seeing and says the dream "felt so real". She worries that he's really dead. Chloe tries to phone Jax's hotel but he hasn't checked in yet. So then she phones Ned to ask him to come over right away.

Alexis meets Mac on the docks and tells him that "Stefan has dropped out of sight". Mac questions her. Stefan was supposed to have a big meeting but never showed up, and there is no evidence that he has packed. Mac remembers Luke's threats.

Helena continues to taunt a paralyzed Stefan (who lies on the floor), with Andreas nearby. It suddenly occurs to her that maybe Stefan is faking, so she has Andreas kick him to make sure. Helena bends over him and says, "paralyzing mommy was not the wisest choice, my dear. You know how cross I can get". Helena notices the wound on his face. She asks Andreas for his lighter and burns Stefan's thumb lightly. Andreas leaves at her request. Helena leans over Stefan, stroking him, and says, "There's something I'd like you to know". She tells him that he will die as he has lived, "alone, longing, and cold". She reminds him that everyone has left him and nobody cares for him. She says when he was a baby, she tried to love him, but he cried too much and she couldn't comfort him. Then she talks about how wonderful Stavros was and says she has wished many times that Luke and Laura had killed him instead of Stavros. She adds that he should be grateful she let him live this long. It's very sick the way she crawls all over him and insults him while he can't move. She wonders why he thought she would let him live after he discovered what she had done to Lucky. She finally says goodbye, that she doesn't love him and never has, and she probably won't miss him. Then she kisses him right on the lips and asks Andreas to throw Stefan "overboard". Andreas drags him out as planned. Helena waits to hear the splash, then smiles. "Goodnight, second son" she says evilly. Helena picks up the music box and strokes it lovingly, and talks to Mikkos. She speaks warmly about Nikolas being the family's future. Andreas comes in so Helena asks about Stefan. He says Stefan is "at the bottom of the harbor". He holds her hands and kisses them; she says she feels "melancholy". He keeps kissing her. Speaking of too old, yuk.

Roy meets Sonny on the docks; they discuss their search for Hannah. Sonny fills Roy in on what they've found out about where Larkin has traveled with Hannah. They run into Taggert, who tells Sonny to leave because he and Roy will take care of it from there. Roy tells Taggert that Larkin said "no cops" so Taggert can't be seen. Sonny tells Roy to stop before he runs off because if Larkin sees him, he'll kill Hannah. The three argue. Taggert insists on going after her. There is a lot of testosterone. Sonny's phone rings. He gives them the address so they all rush off. 

Larkin takes Hannah to the top of a very tall empty building on 4th street (where she can scream and no one can hear). She screams fruitlessly. Larkin has a man helping him. She tries to escape but there are two of them. He tells her that even if Roy finds them, it will be too late to save her. 

Taggert, Roy, and Sonny end up going upstairs in the building where Hannah is being kept. Hannah screams. Larkin and pal see the guys coming up. Larkin's friend wants to bail but Larkin points out that Sonny's men won't let him leave. Larkin gives Hannah a big kiss and then throws her off the roof as a "distraction". Larkin and the other guy run into Sonny, Taggert, and Roy on the stairs. When larkin mentions that Hannah was on the roof, there is a big fight. Sonny rushes upstairs with the money, looking for Hannah, while Taggert and Roy handle the other guys. Sonny finds her dangling off a ledge. He reaches with his hand but she almost falls. After a long time with Sonny yelling at her and him trying to pull, he gets her to grab his other hand and he pulls her up. They hug with relief at the top of the ledge. Taggert rushes through the door and helps. Hannah thanks Sonny profusely. Taggert is at a loss for words. Roy rushes in and hugs his daughter. Hannah asks Taggert if he got Larkin, and Taggert confirms it. Sonny tells Roy his men have everything covered and that they will keep him safe until tomorrow when they make the deal with the FBI. Taggert objects but Roy reminds him of their deal. Taggert and Roy argue about Sonny's deal with the FBI. It really irks Taggert that Sonny is going to get away again. Hannah is on Roy's side and points out that Sonny saved her life. Taggert wonders if Hannah is going back to Sonny, but she says "No, not ever". Roy asks for 24 hours so Taggert has to agree. Taggert and Hannah hug and kiss. Then she hugs Roy and thanks them both.

Sonny returns home with his money. Carly rushes downstairs and asks him for his help. He wonders what she wants at that time of night.