General Hospital Friday June 9th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 6/9/00

Chloe has another dream about the music box. A man opens a bottle of port with two glasses next to it. Meanwhile, we see that the man in reality is Helena's manservant. Helena looks forward to sharing a glass of wine, er, poison, with Stefan. Later, Chloe awakens from a knock at the door. It's Alexis, who apologizes for waking her up. Chloe tells her that she's glad to be awake because Jax is out of town and she keeps having the weird dreams. Chloe tells her where Jax is, and why. Alexis thinks that Stefan is the only one who can get the medicine for her. They agree that Stefan is "a little weird" but he's basically a good guy. Chloe thanks her for her efforts. They hug and Alexis leaves to go talk with Stefan.

Laura and Stefan chat on the docks. They talk about their past warmly but he is a tad more bitter than she is. She notices the cut on his face but he dismisses it. Stefan points out that he wasted his life loving her when her heart has "always belonged to Luke". She cries that she has lost everything, not just time, because she did love him for a while. She's sorry that he has sacrificed, too. He asks why she couldn't believe in him. Laura says he lied to her so many times, and she basically accepted it, but the straw that broke the camel's back was when he didn't tell her that Lucky was alive. She says she can't trust him any more. He thinks it's all very ironic. Laura leaves, ending the conversation. Helena's man comes up and demands that Stefan come with him. After a time, Stefan goes with him.

Felicia is aghast that Maxie says she wants to live with Mac. She tries to discuss it with the girls but they won't hear it. Maxie says that they want to be a family with Mac, who wants them. Felicia can't believe she thinks she doesn't want them. Georgie says she gets stomach aches when Felicia and Mac fight. Felicia promises to work something out with Mac.

Mac gives the papers to Lucky so he can close the case against Helena. It is a big slap in Luke's face and Mac knows it. He enjoys seeing Luke upset when Lucky says that Helena is the only one who came looking for him. Lucky signs them and Mac warns Luke to stay away from Stefan. Luke yells as he slams Mac's door on his way out, that he will as long as Stefan stays away from his kids. Mac tells Lucky that there are some unanswered questions about his kidnapping and that if Lucky ever wants to retract his statement, it's okay.  Then Mac goes off talking about Luke's selfishness. Lucky agrees, basically. 

Outside, Luke smashes some garbage cans in anger, and then hears Felicia crying. She is sitting on the sidewalk crying. She wants to plead with Mac to come home but says she has to calm down first. Luke asks her to tell him what's going on, so she tells him about the divorce and custody suit. She further says that Luke doesn't know how mean Mac can be, that he'll drag her in to court and humiliate her and do whatever he can to hurt her. Luke tries to get her to see that this is all wrong. She screams that she'll do anything to get closer to her children. Luke tells her that if she goes in looking so upset, the other cops will be witnesses for Mac in the custody case. She agrees. He suggests taking her some place where she can calm down, so she goes off with him.

Nikolas and Elizabeth go back to the docks to try to find Lucky. They still talk about how weird it was when Lucky was eavesdropping on them. Lucky comes along so they ask him how it went. Lucky tries to leave but Nikolas stops him and says what he's doing is not fair. Nikolas says he won't be put in the middle between them, and he leaves to let them work things out. Lucky tells her, "Can't you see how crazy in love he is with you?" She doesn't want to hear it. Lucky says he's not pushing her away, he's letting her go. She asks him how he really feels. His eyes say otherwise, she thinks. She says she'll never stop loving him. He is cryptic and then walks off.

Helena puts two drops of the poison in one of the glasses. Stefan arrives and Helena offers him the poisoned glass, for a "mother and son reconciliation". Stefan recognizes the port as being his father's "private stock". He puts the glass down and wonders what's going on. She says that he has impressed her with the fact that he has survived losing Laura. He doesn't buy it and knows she still hates him. Finally she says, as she hands him the glass again, that they need to work together to defeat their enemies and to protect Nikolas. "We make a formidable pair" she says. He agrees but wonders why he should trust her. He compliments her and recounts how much he loved her as a child. He mentions that his greatest strength has always been to anticipate a problem from every possible angle. They dance around with their words and then drink from the cups.

Chloe dreams about Stefan being poisoned and collapsing, from Helena's point of view. It happens in real life, too. Helena watches him fall. Chloe wakes up abruptly, breathing heavily. Helena goes over to Stefan and sits on the floor next to him. She says she knows he can hear him. Stefan is paralyzed. She tells him that he'll drown tonight in a boating accident. She toasts him "to survival, of the fittest".

Maxie phones Mac to tell him that she found the divorce papers. She wants to know details about the custody petition. Mac says she shouldn't have read them. She asks more questions but when he finds out Felicia's not there, he says he'll come over to talk to them. Mac comes over and tries to explain to Maxie that the divorce is not their fault and Felicia still loves them. Maxie is still bitter and thinks Felicia doesn't want them. She can't understand why Mac is defending her. Mac gives the girls the choice of living with him or Felicia. They agree to live with him.

Luke takes Felicia to a hotel room. He asks if she wants room service or something. She says she's better. Luke suggests she chill out and he goes to leave. Felicia asks him not to leave yet. She feels so alone. Luke says, "no problem, I'll stay". She recounts that she felt so alone when Frisco left but she had to keep it together for her girls' sake. Luke assures her that the kids still need her. She talks about when Maxie was dying in the hospital, how she had Mac. But she says Mac became something else, Maxie hates her, Georgie won't talk to her, and her grandma is disappointed in her. She says Luke is the only one who doesn't look at her that way. Luke says even though they make mistakes with their kids, they'll always love you. They discuss Mac and then Maxie. Felicia doesn't know what to do about Maxie and Georgie wanting to live with Mac and how much he's influencing them. She whines about how much Mac has turned her kids against her. She says she's sorry about hurting her girls but not about following Luke around the world. Luke compliments her very simply, from his heart. It's a sweet scene. Felicia says that Luke never judges her or treats her differently, even when she hurts him. Luke says the only thing that hurts him is being away from her. They hold each other on the bed and start kissing. Luke abruptly says he has to leave, but she persuades him to stay, saying she won't change her mind, "no regrets". So they kiss more and start pulling off clothes, then end up in bed.

Nikolas runs into Laura on the docks. He wonders if she's seen Lucky and Elizabeth. He hopes they're "working things out". Laura sympathizes with him. Nikolas knows now what Stefan felt, to love someone deeply and know you'll "never be the one". Laura wonders if perhaps she judged Stefan too harshly.