General Hospital Thursday June 8th Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 6/8/00

Jax asks if Chloe's afraid he might hurt her. She assures him that's not the case and says it was just a dream. He wonders why she didn't tell him. She tells him the dream was right after they had a fight about Edward and that she didn't have any other dreams about him threatening to murder her. She tells him that he was holding the music box again. She says it's weird, she felt when she was dreaming that it was someone else's dreams. He tells her not to worry and suggests she talk to Tony about them. After making love, Jax and Chloe kiss. Jax says he has to go to Europe to try to get the medication behind Helena's back, since it's the only way. Chloe wants to go but Jax says Tony wants her there.

Felicia is in shock by Mac's divorce and custody papers. He is defensive. She tells him he's not taking her girls. He points out that she kept leaving them with him so now that will be permanent and she can run around with Luke all she wants, and the girls will have a "stable home". She accuses him of using the girls to get at her because he's angry. They argue as usual. He tells her that the last straw was her quarantine at Kelly's. He doesn't care about the circumstances. What a jerk! Felicia agrees that they no longer have a marriage, since he can't believe anything she says. She says she won't fight the divorce but she'll fight him on custody. She tells him if he doesn't drop that, he won't get near them again. She asks him to leave. Mac asks if she realizes how much she's changed in the past year but she tells him to "get out". After he leaves, Felicia cries as she reads the papers. Maria comes in so she tells her about what happened. Maria is not surprised but sympathetic. Maria reminds Felicia that she hasn't been the greatest wife. Felicia cries and asks Maria if she thinks she's been a bad mother. Maria says she's made mistakes but she loves her girls. They hug. Maria suggests Felicia show the girls how much she loves them by "being there all the time". She suggest Felicia freshen up so the girls won't see how upset she is when they come down for dinner. Felicia looks at the picture of her and Mac with the girls and cries more. Later, Felicia hears the girls coming down the stairs. They wonder why Mac left without saying goodbye. Maxie knows they had an argument. Felicia tries to smooth things over with the girls when Maxie reads the divorce papers. She says "it's about time" and is glad that she and Georgie will get to live with Mac.

Nikolas doesn't understand at first what Liz is saying about Lucky wanting them to be a couple. Liz is a bit annoyed that Lucky would presume that and says that Lucky doesn't want her any more. Lucky has been listening nearby. A cop finds him and asks him to come with him, so they suddenly know Lucky has been there. They look shocked. Lucky asks what the charge is. The cop says he has orders to take him to the station. Mac wants to see him about the kidnapping. Nikolas offers to go with him, but Lucky tells him to stay with Elizabeth. Liz and Nikolas wonder how long Lucky was listening and why he didn't say anything. They wonder why he would do this, like maybe he's testing them. When Liz asks if Lucky would have any reason to think that Nikolas would be interested in her, Nikolas lies "no, not that I'm aware of". She asks if they ever talked about her before the fire and if Lucky could have gotten that idea then. Nikolas says no way and assures her that Lucky's feelings were so strong back then that there's no way they changed. She wonders how he could have changed so much. 

Larkin tells Hannah, who is bound, that she is going to pay for calling Roy.

Bobbie talked to Sonny on the phone and then tells Roy that Sonny has his people covering the docks, looking for Hannah. Roy wants to go out and help look but he's wanted by the police. They get a call from Hannah, who tells him what Larkin says: he has until midnight to get the million and he'll get another call to tell him where to make the drop. Larkin cuts her off as she tries to tell Roy not to do it. Larkin yells at her. Roy is livid.
Luke drops by for a visit so Roy hides. Luke chides her for not telling him she was back; they hug. He gives his sympathy for Carly's baby and asks her where she went. Roy listens in the other room and then comes out to tell Luke he's there. They tell Luke about their adventures and Hannah's kidnapping. Roy tells Luke that Sonny is getting together the million dollars that Larkin wants. Luke doesn't like the risks that Roy is taking or that he's depending on Sonny. Bobbie tells him to stay out of it if he doesn't agree. The doorbell rings so Roy hides again. It's a cop, who wants to take Luke to the station. Luke won't go until the cop says it's about Lucky. Lucky is still resistant but Bobbie suggests he go (to get the cop away from Roy), so he agrees. Roy says that he should leave, since his being there puts her in danger. Roy makes some calls and finds some warehouses that Larkin has used in the past. Bobbie wants to call Sonny but Roy insists he should go instead. As Bobbie is saying that he should stay because he's a felon and if he gets caught, "it's all over", when Taggert, standing in the doorway, says he should listen to Bobbie. Taggert reminds him that they have a deal to work together or he'll go back to prison. Roy and Taggert argue about how to handle things. Finally Roy gives Taggert the info he's found.

Larkin brings Hannah some food. He tries to feed her but she asks if she can feed herself. He is reluctant but stupidly releases her hands. He tells her not to try charming him again. He says he just wants to keep her healthy until tomorrow, then they'll "part company" after he gets his money. She asks what the noise is, and he says it's a "first-rate disposal unit" that will drown out any noise that the neighbors might hear. Hannah flatters him but things there are flaws in his plan. She says he will have to run from the FBI for the rest of his life, but he is unconcerned. He stupidly turns his back on her and she hits him over the head with a big pipe. She gets the keys out of his pocket but she stupidly doesn't tie him up or make sure he's going to stay unconscious. The key doesn't work so instead she takes his cell phone out of his pocket. She phones Bobbie's house; they try to trace the call. Hannah asks to speak to Roy. She tells him that she's in "some warehouse" and Larkin is "out cold" but she can't get out. Larkin starts to stir while her back is turned. She tries to describe what she hears outside. Larkin wakes up and there is a struggle. He gets the phone away and drags her out by the neck. He says they'll be gone by the time they get there.

Lucky goes to Mac's office. Mac wants to talk to him before he goes on with Lucky's kidnapping case. Lucky doesn't understand what there is to persue since Faison is dead. Mac apologizes for his detective work that led them to believe Lucky was dead. Lucky says it wasn't his fault. Mac still feels guilty. Lucky relates that Faison was never "cruel" to him. Mac says that he wants to go after Helena and Stefan for the kidnapping. Lucky says Helena rescued him and that Faison worked alone. Mac says he doesn't have to cover for her. Just then Laura visits Mac. She asks why Lucky is there. Lucky tries to leave but Mac says there are some papers he must sign in order to close the investigation. Laura is indignant that Mac is closing the case. She demands to know why he's "protecting the people" who hurt him. She tries to get Lucky to change his mind but he won't hear of it. Mac suggests he "cut her losses and move on". Lucky wants to be left alone but Laura tells him she can't possibly do that because she loves him too much. She leaves. Mac tries to get Lucky to thaw out with regard to Laura. Lucky tells him that he can't count on his parents but he knows there are people he can count on, such as Nikolas. Mac says he hopes Lucky can add him to the list. He says he didn't ask Laura to comes down there, but he did ask his dad. Just then, Luke comes in. Luke asks him what's going on. Mac tells him that the case is closed. There seems to be no reason for Mac to have dragged him down there. Mac leaves to get the papers. Luke tells Lucky he knows that Stefan and Helena were working with Faison on his kidnapping. Lucky says that he and Stefan are alike; they both constantly question him even though he tries to stay away from them. Luke makes a remark that he's had many opportunities to kill "that bastard" and wonders why he hasn't. Mac walks in just then to hear the pseudo-threat.

Laura walks on the docks but drops her purse as she gets her keys out. Stefan rushes up and helps her pick it up. Stefan asks Laura if she's okay. Laura shares that she just found out that Helena and Lucky are in "complete agreement" about everything so she's out in the cold. She tells Stefan he should be happy because he's in the clear. Stefan is not suprised to find that she still seems to doubt him, even though Lucky said Faison was the only one to blame for his kidnapping. She says that Lucky blames her for everything so she doesn't know what to believe any more. Stefan turns her feelings around on her. Lucky mistrusts Laura the same way Laura mistrusts Stefan.