General Hospital Wednesday June 7th Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/7/00

Mike visits Sonny. He apologizes for what he said the other night to Carly. He asks Sonny how he can help him to get through the pain. He doesn't want Sonny to lose it again. Sonny says he can't help, "my son's dead" he says sadly. Sonny has a phone call and is surprised when he returns that Mike is there. Mike tries to get Sonny to open up and release his anger. Sonny can't blame Mike; he blames himself. They argue. Mike tells Sonny to remember how his son made him "better" rather than punishing himself. Sonny denies he is doing that. He talks about how it is affecting Carly, how she sits in the nursery with his blue bunny. It is an emotional scene. Sonny says if he wants to help him, help him with Carly. Sonny can't figure out why Carly feels so guilty. Mike points out that he's acting the same way, but he doesn't care about that, only Carly. He talks about how Michael is suffering. Mike suggests that Carly see a doctor. Sonny tells him about the cradle and the aftermath. Mike says the only thing he thinks Sonny can do is be there for Carly, no matter what she says or how she tries to push him away. Sonny thanks him for his help and tells him he would have "been a great grandfather". Sonny gets a call so Mike leaves.

Emily and Juan sort through the L&B mail. Emily recognizes mail from a fan that already sent a bikini picture to Juan. They joke around about her jealousy. Elizabeth arrives so Emily asks her to open it. They wonder if there is a naked picture this time, but there is just a head shot. They tease Em, then Juan goes to the studio. Liz tells her that she better get used to it because once Juan goes on tour, girls will try anything to get his attention. Em can't stand the thought of life without him. Later, a blonde girl comes in asking for Juan. Emily tells her Juan's not there and tries to usher him out. The girl says she just wants an autographed picture. When Juan walks out, she screams and rushes over to him, introducing herself as "Suzy" and telling hom much he enjoyed him in concert. Juan looks a little befuddled. The girl prattles on. When Juan introduces Emily as his girlfriend, she ignores it. Nikolas comes in just as she is asking about where he'll be in concert next, but Elizabeth stops him before he can mention the place and date. Suzy gets a picture taken with Juan and herself. Juan goes along with it but Emily is cold. As she's leaving, Suzy tells him she will be in the front row of every concert he performs in the state. Em ushers her out. Juan wonders what he did wrong when he sees Em's gloomy face. She then relaxes and says it wasn't his fault. She shares how hard it is for her to see "girls like that". He tells her not to worry, she'll always be his girlfriend. They kiss.

Chloe writes in her diary about the nightmares and headaches. Jax comes in and they joke around. Alexis arrives. They catch up on what's been going on. Jax asks Alexis for help with Helena. Alexis offers to go to Helena for him about the drug, but he says that's too dangerous. He just wants Alexis to help him think of something else. But Alexis won't hear of it and heads out, determined to speak with Helena.

Helena continues to speak to someone about how much poison it would take to kill Stefan. Then she talks to her aide about how to "get close to Stefan at Windemere". Alexis arrives and says she wants to ask Helena for a favor. Helena doesn't want to hear about it. When Alexis asks her why she won't give Jax the medication, she replies, "Why should I? What's in it for me?" Alexis points out that Jax will like him more. Helena doesn't buy it so Alexis says that she owes Chloe for running her over when she was trying to kill Alexis. Helena denies it again. Alexis says that if she gets the medicine for Chloe, she will help Helena next time she needs it, "no questions asked". Helena doesn't believe that Alexis would hold up her end of the bargain. She asks if Alexis would give her life, and Alexis laughs. Helena reminds her that she supposedly tried to kill her, so why would she need her? Alexis says that the only reason she hasn't ripped out Helena's heart is because she thinks she might have some humanity, and dares her to prove it. Why would you do this? she asks. Helena whispers, "Because I can" and Alexis storms out.

Alexis phones Jax to tell him that the visit with Helena was fruitless. He reads Chloe's journal where she says "a part of me wonders if I'll ever get well". He continues reading and reads the part where she heard Jax's venomous words to Helena. Chloe comes down so Jax asks her about it. "You're dreaming I want to murder you?"

A man brings the poison to Helena. She is pleased.

Maxie and Georgie argue about where to go with Mac, the park or roller-blading. Mac says they can do both. They are heading out when Felicia comes home. There is an awkwardness as usual, as Felicia tries to be sweet and they ignore her. Georgie is the only one who hugs her goodbye. Felicia cries after they leave. Maria comes home with some groceries. They talk about her problems with Mac and the kids. Felicia is frustrated. Maria tells her that those are the consequences of leaving your husband for a year and running around with another man. Felicia is steamed that she is getting so much flack when she hasn't even slept with Luke. Maria hopes they can patch things up but she thinks it "might be too late". Later, Mac and the girls return. They tells Maria about their outing. Felicia walks in. Mac asks if a messenger dropped something off for him, but Felicia says no. Things are sweet except for Maxie, who is a bitch to Felicia as usual. Even Mac is pleasant. Maria takes the girls upstairs. Felicia invites Mac to dinner. He tells her that the package that's arriving is for her. Before she ask anything, the doorbell rings. Mac looks at their wedding picture which is sitting on the table as she signs for the large envelope. She looks worried about what might be in it. He tells her to open it. She reads them--they are divorce papers and he's also filing for custody of the girls.

Luke drops by Kelly's and says hi to Tammy. She teases him about the guy who collapsed last week. He explains about being quarantined. Laura walks up just as he says that he and Felicia "found ways to pass the time". Tammy excuses herself so they can talk. Laura tells Luke that she was there the night he got quarantined with Felicia. He says it was "just a coincidence". She says she just feels bad for Mac, then asks directly, "Are you sleeping with her?" Luke refuses to answer so she backs off. She says they don't have anything in common any more besides Lulu and Lucky, and they can't agree on the latter. Just then, Lucky walks up behind her. When Laura tries to be nice, Lucky bites her head off and says that he's not going to avoid them any more but he refuses to engage in pleasant family moments. Luke chews him out. Lucky says they should just ignore each other and then he walks away. Luke is frustrated. Laura thanks him and they hug. Laura wipes away tears and tells Luke how hard this situation is. They are holding hands. He tells her how sorry he is. They kiss but she is very upset so she leaves. Luke looks like he's almost ready to cry, tool.

Nikolas laughs as Liz explains about Emily's jealous. They sit at the docks. She tells him about her meeting with Lucky. He is supportive and says that Lucky still loves her. She has doubts. She reluctantly tells him about what Lucky said about them being together. Lucky walks up and hears that part. Nikolas looks surprised.