General Hospital Monday June 5th Update


General Hospital Update Monday June 5th, 2000

Jax and Chloe argue about Helena. He tells her that he is determined to get the drug for Chloe that Helena owns. She is worried about him.

Felicia tells Mac that if he's hinting at taking away her girls, they've become enemies. Mac explains what the girls have been feeling and blames it all on her. He doesn't want to hear her explanation of what happened at the diner and says Luke made her into a liar. They continue arguing. She calls him "cruel and heartless" for trying to come between her and her girls. Felicia tries to talk to Maxie about hitting the boy at school. She says that Maxie can't take her anger at her out on other people. Maxie says she wants to live with Mac.

Elizabeth can't believe that Lucky suggested she go for Nikolas instead of him. He says they're over so Nikolas is a good substitute because he "gets" her. She wonders why Lucky is saying this. She tells him how happy she is that he's alive. He says he's changed and tries not to think of their past. She reminds him of all they went through together. She says he never talks about what happened in the last year and that maybe if he talks about it with someone he trusts, he'll feel better. She says, "I am still a safe place for you, Lucky, and I always will be. Tell me what happened". He explains that he was kidnapped because Faison wanted revenge on Luke for "some stupid diamond smuggling job that had gone wrong". When he couldn't escape from his trap, he became bitter at his parents. He blamed them for everything. He says Luke made Laura a liar by "raping her and convincing her it was love". It changed the way he looked at everything, including her. She says he can't decide who she's in love with and that she and Nikolas are "just friends. Nothing more". She declares that he's in her heart forever.

Helena and Stefan trade jabs about the picture of her and Lucky. He says he knows that she did something to Lucky's mind, a more powerful version of what she did to Katherine. He mentions the chess game, then tells her he knows all about what she did, with Faison, etc. She denies it, of course. He blames her for tormenting Luke and Laura, and for breaking up him and Laura. He tells her, "Enjoy your freedom, mother, while you still can".

Sonny is at a loss for words but tries to apologize to Carly for forgetting the crib he had ordered. Carly cries softly, "Why? Why did we have to lose our baby?" She asks him about the crib so he describes how/why he picked it out. He tells her sincerely that he would never have deliberately hurt her this way. She says she knows and loves the crib's design, which he had specially made. He curses himself for having it made, implying that he jinxed the baby by planning everything. He gets a drink and asks her if she wants one. She wants to know why he's "so angry". They both react differently. She is very sad and he is very angry. They talk about what they might have done differently, especially toward A.J.   Carly gets defensive and says Sonny must blame her, that's why he's angry. He tries to deny it. She says if she hadn't left A.J. and the mansion, he wouldn't be drinking, so it's her fault that the fall happened. He says no, he is the one who took everything away from A.J., so the fall was his fault. Carly suddenly takes the mature path and says it's not either of their faults, it's just a "terrible thing" that happened, and that blaming themselves isn't going to help. He promises to get rid of the cradle. She says she felt better after talking to Bobbie, who has lost a lot in life. She goes to bed.  Later, she sneaks back and watches Sonny totally destroy the crib in anger.

Jax approaches Helena in a friendly way to ask "a favor". He tells her about the drug. She feigns surprise. She is coy and promises to take his request "under advisement". He says if she keeps the drug from him, it must be "personal". She says "everything is personal".

Elizabeth plays her and Lucky's song on the jukebox (actually she plays the song that was her sister's song with Nikolas, Me Loving You, but somehow it's become her and Nikolas' song) anc cries.  Lucky watches her through the Kelly's window.  Nikolas chats with Elizabeth about the quarantine at Kelly's. She is still thinking about her conversation with Lucky but doesn't share it with Nikolas. He keeps asking her if something is bothering her.

Stefan cuts himself.  Alexis sees Stefan, who says the reason he's bleeding is that Luke hit him. Stefan explains how it happened. He says that Luke threatened to kill him so he wanted to let her know, since she's his lawyer. She advises him to stay away from Luke. He doesn't see how he can do that without leaving town.

Chloe has another disturbing dream where says yells, "Jax, don't! I don't want that! Take it away!" as Jax approaches her with a music box.   Jax comes home. She is relieved to see him but he can tell she had another nightmare. He tells her what Helena said. If Helena won't help them, he vows to get Stefan's help.

Helena tells someone that she needs their help in getting rid of Stefan.

Stefan corners Mrs. Lansbury on the docks. He reminds her that he's done a lot for her over the years and he has her constantly watched and followed. He threatens that if she betrays him again, it will be her last thought. He tells her he wants her help. He thinks Helena is planning on murdering him and says, "I want you to help me give her what she wants".