General Hospital Friday June 2nd Update


General Hospital Friday June 2, 2000

Sonny comes downstairs to find Carly sitting on the floor with a stuffed bunny that Michael had taken out of the baby's room. Sonny asks for it and waves it in her face in a joking way. Carly has tears on her face as she talks about what might have been. Sonny asks her if she wants to go upstairs to play with him and Michael. She doesn't want to go up. He points out that Michael is asking for her and she isn't dressed yet. She gets more upset. Sonny tries to make up with her. He says she's a good mother and he will help her, whatever she needs. Carly confides she wanted to get up and spend time with her son, but when she went into his room, she found the bunny. She asks him how he faces the day. He doesn't really answer. Roy phones Sonny. He asks for Bobbie and puts Carly on. Carly braces herself as she takes the phone. She asks Bobbie to come over so they can talk. Bobbie can tell she's upset.

Larkin is watching Hannah on the docks when Roy comes up and greets her warmly. Roy tells her he has "evidence to show that Larkin is corrupt". She is glad he's back. They hug.

Bobbie goes to Sonny and Carly's place and asks what happens. As soon as she sees Carly, she knows. They hug tearfully. Sonny walks away quietly to give them some time. Carly explains how she fell. She feels "empty". Carly is very bitter. Bobbie tells her that while she'll never get over the loss, she'll lose the emptiness, and her baby will always be a part of her. Carly tells her about how the nursery was emptied; she understands now why Sonny did that. She feels bad about the terrible things she said to Sonny. Bobbie says it's okay; Sonny knows what she's going through. Carly wishes they could "hold on to each other". Bobbie suggests she hold on to Sonny as tightly as she can. Carly decides to get dressed. They hug.

Sonny walks up to Roy and Hannah on the docks; he wonders if they should be seen in public yet. Roy says he had to see his daughter. Sonny understands. Hannah thanks Sonny for what he did for Roy and says he's "a lot better" than he admits. She also tells him she's sorry for his loss. She and Roy hug and she leaves. Roy tells Sonny about the info he has. Sonny says fine and he will set up a meeting with his lawyer tomorrow. He tells Roy about losing the baby. Roy is shocked and asks how it happened. Sonny sits and explains in detail. He feels guilty for having had to make the decision to terminate the pregnancy in order to save Carly's life. Roy tells him he just did what he could. He gives Sonny a copy of the evidence he has against Larkin so Sonny can give it to Alexis. Roy says he's going to be staying at Bobbie's. He expresses deep sympathy to Sonny before leaving.

The police put yellow tape across Kelly's to quarantine it. Laura walks up so he fills her in on Luke and Felicia being in there. Laura is not happy to hear that they're together. Inside, Felicia tries to tell Mac what happened, but he hangs up on her. Felicia is depressed, thinking Mac will never believe her. Luke goes to cook something, to cheer her up. Meanwhile, she phones home but gets the machine. Mac is listening but doesn't pick it up. She tries to explain about the dengue fever epidemic. He looks confused. Kevin arrives to visit. He is not happy about interrupting his honeymoon. Mac needs his help. He explains about Maxie's problems but then he starts ranting about Felicia and how she's acting. Kevin can't believe it of Felicia but he knows that their relationship is not perfect. He advises Mac about how to deal with the girls. 

Elizabeth sees the tape outside Kelly's; she's told she can't go in, even though she lives there. She sits with Laura. They discuss the fever thing. Laura offers her house but Liz says she can stay in her studio. Laura shares that she's trying to stop herself from looking through the window at Luke and Felicia. Liz has the same problem of trying to back away from Lucky. Laura decides to go home rather than hover around Kelly's.

Lucky and Helena speak cryptically over the chess game. Every time she suggests something, he goes along with her as if it were his idea or the most natural thing in the world. Such as not leaving Port Charles and not worrying about hurting Elizabeth. Stefan listens in from around the corner. Lucky puts her in checkmate. She says she wants to get a present for him. They go out shopping, hand-in-hand. She says, "And then, you can do what has to be done". After they leave, Stefan walks in with a contemplative look. Stefan rummages through everything. He finds a picture of Lucky and Helena, smiling. He asks himself outloud, "How could Lucky Spencer enjoy your company? He would have to be brainwashed..." Helena returns to find Stefan sitting at her desk. He holds up the picture and asks what's wrong with it. They spar. He accuses her of altering Lucky. She denies it, but he says, "I know what you did to Lucky Spencer...and how."

Luke makes Felicia a burger but she declines it. He tries to cheer her up about Mac. He suggests they make the best of it. She laughs because he is making a pass at her. She says she's tempted but he's always getting her into trouble. He wonders what happened to "Orfy" and suggests they let her loose. He puts on the jukebox. They dance to "Moondance". It's very funky and sexy. A cop comes in to tell them that they can leave because dengue fever is only transmitted by mosquitoes. They look disappointed but finish their dance.

Felicia rushes in her house, smiling, yelling, "I came home as soon as they let us leave!" She says hit to Kevin and Mac says, "So how's Luke?" Her face falls. Kevin tells her that Mac asked him to come by. She tells him she was happy to hear about her wedding and she hopes he'll "always be happy". He leaves. Felicia chews Mac out for telling their friend his side of the story. She gives Mac a swift recap of what happened at Kelly's but he doesn't want to hear it. He tells her that Maxie has detention for the rest of the year for punching a boy. Wow, strict school! Mac tells her, basically, that she's a bad mother. Felicia looks very wounded. Mac threatens to take the girls away from her.

Elizabeth finds Lucky resting on that bench on the docks. He says he was looking for her. He says as regards his feelings for her, things change. She is confused. He tells her he thinks she would be happier with Nikolas.

As she pauses during jogging, Hannah is abducted by Larkin outside Kelly's.

Sonny comes home and finds Carly dressed. She asks him if they should keep the bunny away or give it to Michael. He doesn't think there's anything wrong with keeping a momento of their son. She suggests he make dinner. They have a nice moment. A man brings Carly a big box, a delivery from Sonny. He is in the kitchen when she calls out, "What did you get me?"
He comes out just as she unboxes a specially-made baby crib. He apologizes for forgetting that he ordered that. She throws herself in his arms and they hold each other tightly.