General Hospital Thursday June 1st Update


General Hospital Thursday June 1, 2000

Jax keeps arguing on the phone to try to find out how to buy the European conglomerate that owns the pharmaceutical company that owns the medicine that Chloe needs (whew!). Chloe comes in as he hangs up. Chloe jokes around but has a sudden headache; she says they're getting "worse and worse". There is no point in her going to the hospital since Tony can't help her. She pushes him to go out instead of hovering over her. He goes but only because he has important business--getting that drug for her.

Jax visits Edward. Edward is confident that he can beat Jax. Jax says, "You win; it's over". Edward is suspicious but Jax says he can have ELQ, it doesn't matter to him any more. Jax asks him if he wants to buy back the stock he bought from AJ and Tracey. Edward hedges but Jax threatens to sell it to Ned or Sonny. Edward can't figure his offer out. Jax replies that "some things are more important than business". He tells Edward about the drug and how he needs to get money to buy the conglomerate. Edward is sympathetic and even offers to pay more for the shares than they were worth. Jax says the regular price will be fine. They shake on the deal and Edward tells him, "Chloe could have done worse than choosing you, young man". Edward gloats to Lila that he won. She is sorry to hear that Chloe isn't better. When Edward tells her that he offered their help, she smiles and says, "You're a better man than you realize, Edward!" They laugh.

Mac comes home just as Felicia is leaving. They agreed that he would spend more time there with the girls. She is headed out to find out where Bobbie's been. The girls should be home soon with Maria, she says. He says they'll probably go to the park. Things are sort of tense, not too bad, just a little awkward. Felicia says she made his "favorite oatmeal cookie" and coffee. He's grateful but looks afraid to be too nice to her for fear of getting burned. Maria brings Georgie home. Georgie asks him if he can stay all night. He says no and wonders where Maxie is. They tell Mac that Georgie is in detention for hitting someone. Georgie goes to change from her school clothes. Maria fills Mac in on the details--Maxie flunked another math test and punched a boy who laughed at her for it. Mac is angry and worried. Maria is disappointed in Felicia. Mac tells Maria that Felicia says she was going to Kelly's, so he'll go get Maxie. He picks up Maxie, who is angry as usual. She keeps putting down Felicia and asks to live with him. Mac says she can't and asks her to give Felicia a chance because she is really trying hard. Maxie says she belongs in Texas where she was finally catching up on Algebra. Her eyes fill with tears as she tells about how hard she studied for the test (Sorry, but no kid gets an F on any math test who is really trying unless there is some learning disability or something--it takes a lot to get an F!). She speaks fondly of her horse back in Texas. She begs Mac to let her go back. Mac says that "fighting is unacceptable". Maxie only wants to talk about Felicia and storms off.

Luke tells Tammy to hurry off to catch her train; she's going to a reunion with some old friends. Luke suggests he go, thinking some are still hookers, but she tells him they've all gone on to "other work". He is disappointed. She doesn't want to leave Luke in charge but he insists he'll pay for anything he breaks. She left him some simple things to prepare. He reminds her it's his kitchen, but she says it's only half his and she wants Bobbie's half to still be there when she returns. It's a funny scene. Lucky comes in as Tammy is leaving. She's surprised to see him and they exchange pleasantries. He is polite. She asks how he's really doing. He says he craves chili so he heads to the kitchen, but then Luke comes out after crashing some pans around. Lucky gets angry and leaves. Tammy tries to give Luke some sympathy. Luke says, "he's alive; that's enough for now". Later, Luke serves a sandwich to a customer. Felicia comes in; things are awkward. She says she wanted to ask Tammy about Bobbie. Luke asks her to wait. The customer keels over into his sandwich. Luke wonders if he poisoned him. Felicia calls 911. Luke tries to help by giving him the Heimlich maneuver but it doesn't seem to help. The guy is alive but unconscious.

Helena tells her hunky goon to go get Lucky for her. As he leaves, Laura walks in and asks what she's done to Lucky. Helena says she saved Lucky from Faison. Laura knows that she planned the whole thing and killed Faison. As she points out, "You stole my son and you gave me back a stranger". Helena taunts her that Stefan now knows that she's "as cold as ice". Laura says that when Lucky left, they were on "good terms" and accuses Helena of using Lucky "as bait" so she could drag them through their past. Helena points out that Luke has "a weakness for blondes", meaning Felicia. Helena says that Lucky expected to be rescued by his parents, but he wasn't. She says he wasn't that hard to find. They keep sparring about her treatment of Lucky. Laura demands to know what she did to get Lucky to reject them and threatens Helena that she'd better not have done anything permanent to him.

Lucky is not happy to have been summoned to Helena. He tells her he plans to leave town soon. She asks him if he wants to play chess. He doesn't want to but he gives in. She says to remember what she taught him: "First and foremost you must always protect your queen". He smiles and says he understands. Helena tells Lucky about her conversation with Laura. Helena reassures herself that Lucky would tell anyone who asked that once she "rescued" him, she took him wherever he wanted to go. He replies, "Why wouldn't I?"
He says he missed beating her at chess. Somehow she's convinced him not to leave PC (he acts brainwashed). Hmm, maybe the chess pieces are drugging him through his fingers? She approves of his chummy relationship with Nikolas. 

Stefan runs into Laura on the docks. She doesn't want to speak with him but he asks about her visit to Helena. Laura derides herself for not going to look for Lucky right away; he realizes that's the thought planted in her mind. Laura asks, helplessly, "What has she done to my baby?" He says he is trying to find out. She asks him to tell her when he finds out and she promises to believe him.

Stefan sneaks onto Helena's boat and eavesdrops on her conversation/game with Lucky. Lucky discusses Elizabeth with her. She discourages him from continuing his relationship with Liz as Stefan watches.

Ned walks in as Juan writes songs; he compliments him. Juan tells him that Emily wrote the words. It's a surprise for her. Emily comes in so Juan hides the music. Emily has the mail and thinks Juan might have fan mail. Emily is shocked at the lewd pictures he receives from his fans. Juan reassures Em, who is jealous of his fan mail. They go back to answering phones. Em chats amiably to one of his fans on the phone and then opens another one with a bathing suit photo (which she tears up).

Alexis asks Ned to lunch. Lois phones and Alexis answers the phone. She looks nervous as Ned speaks with his ex. They speak about Eddie Main. He mentions an anniversary, then hangs up after a while. Ned compliments Alexis for being "such a trouper" and explains that it would have been his and Lois' 5th anniversary today. But he assures her that Lois didn't want to marry him, only Eddie. Later we see Alexis answering phones. She and Chloe discuss Lois and how she might want Ned back. Alexis is really hungry for lunch. Ned comes out. Chloe has another headache. She offers to watch the phones but they insist that she go home and rest. She says she hasn't been able to sleep anyway because of her weird dreams. They give her the choice, go to lunch with them or they'll make her go home, so she chooses home. Later Chloe takes some pain meds as Jax walks in. He tells her what happened with Edward. She is grateful and they kiss. He gets a fax--Helena Cassadine owns the European conglomerate.

The paramedics tell Luke and Felicia that the guy who collapsed didn't have food poisoning, he probably has dengue fever ("a highly contagious tropical disease transmitted by mosquitoes"). Felicia and Luke worry about how contagious it is; one of the paramedics wants to take their blood samples to see if they have caught it. Luke faints. They taker their blood. The paramedics tell them that they are quarantined until the blood work is done with--the rest of the night. They are both annoyed. Mac phones and is surprised to hear Luke's voice.