General Hospital Wednesday May 31st Update


General Hospital Wednesday May 31, 2000

Roy and Bobbie head to the airfield to find their private plane. Bobbie is shocked to see how small the plane is. They get in. Bobbie is still nervous so Roy holds her hands and encourages her. They chat and then kiss. Bobbie goes to ask the pilot when they will land but find Agent Larkin in the cockpit, holding a gun on them. He says they're getting off there. There is a struggle with the gun and Roy hits Larkin so he is unconscious. Roy puts a parachute on Bobbie and then holds onto her as they jump out. Why they don't hold a gun on Larkin and make him land it, I don't know.....they land in a field of some kind (in the dark). They are glad to be alive. Roy thinks maybe they're in Florida or Georgia because they can smell the ocean. They kiss and relax in the grass. Roy recognizes the sound of a nearby interstate and says they'll head there in the morning. Bobbie is thrilled to be having the adventures with Roy. They kiss some more.

Felicia introduces her grandmother Maria to Chloe. They are there with Maxie so Chloe can show the kid some of her sketches. Things are still tense between Maxie and Felicia. Maxie rudely tells her mom to stop trying to bribe her. Felicia patiently explains that they always get her a new dress for the Nurses' Ball. Maxie bluntly says she doesn't want the dress, just the life they had with Mac, and maybe Felicia should take her back to Texas. Felicia suggests they leave and Maria sharply tells Maxie to apologize to Chloe for "wasting her time". Maxie tells Chloe sweetly that the dresses look cool and thanks her. After Maxie and Maria leave, Felicia shares her frustrations with Chloe. Chloe sympathizes and tells her how she felt when her parents divorced. She suggests that Maxie feels unloved but it's easier for her to be angry than to show how she feels. Felicia appreciates the advice but is "still confused about her feelings for Luke" and Mac. Felicia tells her about her situation with the two men. She confesses that when she's kissed Luke she wanted things to go further, but she always stops because of her children. Chloe advises her to just keep trying with her girls and eventually she will wear them down with love.

Ned returns from New York. Chloe and he chat about the concert from the other night. Ned thinks that Edward paid someone to lock him a closet so he would miss the concert. Ned says it just convinced him that he would never go back to ELQ. He wonders why Jax postponed the board meeting. They flirt and go out to dinner.

Carly thanks Sonny for getting Michael to sleep. Sonny asks her if she's eaten; she seems unconcerned. She asks him when Michael might stop asking about the baby. Sonny says it's hard to explain it to the baby when they can't understand it, either. Taggert and Dara visit. Dara delicately asks them about whether AJ assaulted her. Carly asks about murder, but Dara tells her that she would have had to be at least 24 weeks pregnant for that to apply. Taggert asks Carly if she wants to press charges. Carly hesitates but Sonny says that the fall was an accident. They all discuss the details. Taggert, knowing that they may not be telling the whole truth, suggests that if AJ should happen to have an "unfortunate accident", it would be murder. Taggert and Dara leave. Sonny says he has an appointment and has to leave. Carly looks thoughtful (maybe she's thinking that Sonny is going to off AJ, too). 

At Kelly's, Hannah warns AJ that the police are looking into Carly's fall and might come after him. AJ is angry that Carly might have lied and that Sonny might be out for revenge. He swears that he never pushed her. Hannah agrees that Carly could definitely lie. AJ wants to go get drunk in case he gets arrested. Hannah urges him to "fight" but he doesn't think anyone will believe him. Taggert and Dara come by and tell him what happened with Carly and Sonny. (They're building a nice triangle here with Taggert, Hannah, and AJ--or is it a quadrangle with Dara?) AJ is relieved but gets away as fast as he can from Taggert, who is making snide comments about his alcoholism. Taggert asks Dara to get him coffee. He tells Hannah that Sonny will make AJ pay.

Sonny visits Lily's grave. It's the anniversary of her and their child's death and he asks her to look out for his new child in heaven. Juan comes along. They have a nice chat as they both put flowers on her grave. Sonny asks him about his opening up for Ned the other night and says that Lily would have loved that. Juan expresses his sympathy for his loss. He tells Sonny that he "would have been a great father". Sonny wishes him well with his career and then leaves him to have some private time at the grave.

Taggert fills Mac in on what happened with Carly and Sonny. Maria and the girls greet Mac at Kelly's; she drops them off with him. The girls tell him how much they missed him and Georgie asks if they can live with him again. Mac tries to explain things. He suggests they make dinner there a weekly thing. The girls share their daily doings. Felicia walks in so they get tense. She explains that she was going to bring home takeout. She asks them about their homework and then goes to excuse herself, but Mac insists she join them. They all seem to get along well during dinner.

Emily runs into Juan outside Kelly's. He tells her about going to the grave. They talk about Sonny and Carly. They feel bad so they hug each other.
Carly finds a "new baby" book and starts to open it when Johnny announces Emily's arrival. Carly asks him to come back and give her an excuse to make her leave quickly. Carly is defensive with her. Emily expresses her sympathy and apologizes for how mean she has been. Johnny comes back but Carly hesitates to get rid of Emily, feeling lonely. She gets rid of Johnny and confesses what she did. Carly tells Emily that she knows that Em really loves Michael and that's why she sometimes is mean to her. They agree to be civil for Michael's sake and shake on it. Mike comes in, kinda rude, looking for Sonny. He insists on waiting. Emily goes to leave and Carly tells her to come by any time to see Michael. Em gives Mike her condolences, too. Things are tense between Carly and Mike. Mike asks her how Sonny is doing. She is annoyed that he doesn't seem to care about her feelings. Mike tells her that it's the anniversary of Lily and their child's death, and now he has another death to remember, thanks to her. Mike chews her out for being careless and provoking AJ. She looks very vulnerable and stung, doesn't protest because she already feels guilty and knows he's right. As he says she doesn't care about anybody but herself, she cries and tells him, "I loved my baby, Mike! I would never hurt my child..." 

Sonny comes in asks Mike what he did to her; Mike looks repentant. Carly tries to explain the details. Sonny doesn't want her to relive the experience and blames Mike for making her do that. Mike tries to explain but Sonny orders him out. He leaves. Sonny if very protective and has her sit down to relax and feel better. He tells her that Mike was "out of line". She asks if he thinks the miscarriage was her fault but the phone rings, interrupting them. Larkin phones Sonny to talk about "the not-so-dead Roy DeLuca and your girlfriend's mom". Larkin threatens that Sonny better give him Roy or he will have Sonny put away for good. Sonny counters that he'd better disappear or he'll use what he has on Larkin to put him away. Larkin doesn't think anyone would take Sonny's word over his. Sonny hangs up on him and goes back to Carly. She asks him if "everything's okay". He suggests she get some sleep. She asks him where he went so he tells her. She tells him she's sorry for making the day worse for him. He says no, she didn't, but she knows he's lying.