General Hospital Tuesday May 30th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/30/00

Chloe and Emily greet each other outside Kelly's. Emily asks her for her help with Lila, who is down because of Carly losing her baby when she was on her way to see Lila. Emily lists her family's problems, including Jax trying to take over ELQ. She thinks Lila could use some support. Chloe agrees to visit her.

Liz fields calls at L&B; the phone is ringing off the hook because of Ned. Nikolas comes in and sees her working so he makes himself scarce. Alexis and Ned come in, arguing about Eddie Main. Nikolas comes in and tells them he has a big meeting with a promoter about Eddie. Ned tells him that was it, his last concert. Later, Ned talks to a concert promoter and then tells Alexis that L&B is in great financial shape now, due to his concert. She points out that another concert would make the company even more money. He reminds her that a tour would keep them apart for weeks at a time. He says it's fun to be Eddie Main but that's not him and he can't be him all the time. Alexis says that he and Eddie are the same person and she doesn't understand why he can't be himself on stage--that's what the fans wants, and that's what he wants. Ned wants to "focus on the future". Emily conmes in, all bubbly about how good he was in concert. They both agree that Juan was great, too. She asks Ned if he could get Juan some "local gigs". Juan comes in and Ned tells him that he will be opening for some big band (SuperNova?). Juan is stunned. Ned and Alexis leave to do business. Juan and Emily kiss. She asks him how his interview at the radio station went. He says the agent Lynn (the one Em is jealous of) gave him confidence when he was nervous. Nikolas congratulates Juan on his success. Nikolas tells him that they will hire someone else to take his menial job at L&B; he is "talent" now so he has to spend his time in the studio. 

Emily asks Nikolas if he found Lucky and what he said. He tells Liz that Lucky loves her and asks her to sit down. He thinks she should give Lucky "more time" and some space to get used to things again. They hug.

Jax meets with Tony. Tony says that drug should be her best shot, but it is still unavailable. Jax says he is going to get her that drug no matter what.

Edward talks to Sonny's answering machine, saying that while he's sorry about his "horrible loss", he needs to talk to him about the board meeting this afternoon. Alan comes in and can't believe Edward is depending on Sonny. Monica and Lila come in. Monica tells Edward he will lose because he's alienated everyone else, so he deserves to lose ELQ. Edward tells why he thinks Sonny will support him. Alan and Monica think he's delusional. Edward discusses other underhanded tactics for thwarting Jax. Alan agrees to vote with Edward, only because the family's legacy is at stake. Edward leans on Lila, who is supportive in his time of need.

AJ greets Hannah in the park; she is about to jog. He mentions that he "ran into Sonny" in the pier. Hannah can't believe he has crossed Sonny but doesn't believe AJ is responsible for the baby's death. AJ thanks her and assures her that he will live, and all is cost him is his son. They discuss the problem. Hannah pledges her friendship and tells him she's worried about him. He blabbers on about his pathetic relationship with Michael and how jealous he is of Sonny and Michael's relationship. Hannah assures him that eventually, Michael will wants to get to know him, so he'd better be in some kind of shape to see him. AJ doesn't want to hear it so she stalks off.

Lucky stops Helena on the docks to continue their last conversation. He tells her he wants to "leave Port Charles--soon". Helena is surprised because of his siblings. Lucky says he can't stay because he doesn't want Elizabeth to get hurt any further. Helena tells him that he can't leave. Lucky says, "what are you going to do, lock me up again?" Just then Stefan walks up and says she can't because "she'll be charged with kidnapping now that you finally admitted she held you prisoner". Lucky says it was Faison that kidnapped him; Helena rescued him. Stefan doesn't buy it still. Stefan says he still has his offer. Lucky leaves. He tells Helena that her "control is slipping". Stefan tells her that her plan is "brilliant", to alienate Lucky from his parents and cause Laura to blame him. They taunt each other. Stefan wonders what "leverage" she has to make sure Lucky won't turn on her.

Jax talks on the phone to someone about buying the pharmaceutical company so he can get Chloe her medicine. The ELQ takeover is causing him problems. Jax visits Edward to tell him that there won't be a board meeting after all because he needs to "postpone it". Edward is suspicious, but Jax won't enlighten him. Jax predicts that by Friday he will own ELQ. Jax leaves and Reginald enters. Edward thinks he's won. Reginald says that he thinks Lila was looking forward to spending some time with him. As Edward blusters about how he will try to take over Jax's companies since he is distracted by Chloe's illness, she storms in and yells, "Edward, how could you!" She can't believe she's been defending him to Jax, when he was right all along about how devious Edward is. She tells him she's through with being on his side. Edward tells the others in the family about Jax calling off the meeting. They don't understand why Edward is so confident.

Mike visits Tammy. She wonders where he's been. He tells her about Carly losing the baby. She's sympathetic. He fills her in on the details. AJ comes in right then so Mike calls him a "baby killer". AJ apologizes but says he "didn't push Carly". Mike said it doesn't matter; the circumstances were his fault. AJ once again refuses to take responsibility for his actions. They argue. Mike tells him to do the world a favor and drive his car into another tree (LOL!). Just then, Alan comes in and defends AJ. Mike says he hopes one day he will suffer the grief he's caused Sonny. "I already have", AJ says as Mike leaves. Alan wonders if AJ is crazy for antagonizing Sonny and Mike. AJ tells him not to worry. He explains what Sonny said about not harming him. Alan tells him again to get sober, but AJ says that didn't work last time.

Jax finds out that he can't buy that drug company so he vows to buy the "whole conglomerate" if need be. Chloe arrives and apologizes for not believing him about Edward's true character. She promises to mind her own business. He happily thanks her and tells her he will get that drug no matter what. They kiss tenderly.

Tammy finds Mike grieving on a bench on the docks. He is upset because of how he found out about the baby. He feels guilty about what he said and how bad Sonny looked. He is all choked up as he asks Tammy why Sonny has to suffer so much. She holds him and supports him.

Stefan lurks under the dock stairs, waiting for Lucky. Stefan asks him again if he can help. Lucky doesn't want to hear it. He thinks Stefan is only interested in getting back at Luke or getting Laura. Stefan says that's not it; he and Laura are through. He asks Lucky to ask Nikolas, whom he trusts, what he thinks about Helena and the kidnapping. He will help Lucky "no questions asked" if he wants him to.