General Hospital Monday May 29th Update


General Hospital Monday 5/29/00

Jax talks to Tony on the phone about the drug that they need for Chloe. He hangs up, angry, and tells Chloe that the company that makes it won't release it yet (it's experimental). He is very frustrated and she is worried about him. She asks him to knock it off. They start arguing about ELQ again. Chloe tells him that she hates how her illness is destroying their relationship. Jax tries to make her see that business and personal matters are separate. Helena arrives at their door and says she heard them shouting out in the hallway. She has an offer for them. Chloe leaves, upset. Helena tells Jax she's concerned about Chloe's concern and she knows the latest news about her condition. Jax tells her to leave but Helena flirts with him. As she leaves, she tells him to call her anytime. Later, Chloe comes back and apologizes for her behavior. She pledges to stay out of his business. He promises he's "not out to get Edward personally". They reaffirm their love by making love. Later, Chloe has a bad dream about Jax saying, "murdering you would be a pleasure" as if he were saying it to her, instead of Helena (like he did earlier). She wakes up and Jax tries to reassure her.

Lucky tells Liz and the others that he can't sit still at their dinner. He "can't go back". They try to talk him out of leaving but he walks out. Liz runs after him and begs him not to leave. Lucky says he couldn't handle it. He tells her part of him is still locked in a room. Liz tries to tell him how much she loves him and never felt apart from him, and how much the dinner means to her. She explains about last year's dinner and how the fire happened after it. Laura walks up and tells them it's good to see them. Lucky yells at Liz, thinking she set up the meeting. She denies it but he doesn't believe it. Liz yells at him as he's walking away so he comes back. Laura defends her. Lucky yells at Laura, saying he doesn't want anything to them. Liz is aghast at his behavior and asks how he can be "so unkind". He says again that he's changed but she says that doesn't excuse it. She wonders if they have anything left. Lucky apologizes to her as Laura walks a little bit away, leaving them alone. He says she's the "most honest person I know" and his parents' problems don't involve her. He says that's why he wants her to stay away, so he won't hurt her. He leaves, glaring at Laura. Laura apologizes to Liz, who tells her what happened at the dinner. Laura suggests she not give up and they hug. Liz goes back in and tells Emily and Nikolas that Lucky's gone and doesn't want to see them. Nikolas goes out to look for him. Emily doesn't get it. Liz blames herself. Emily tells her that Lucky loves her and it's not her fault how he's acting. "He can't stay away; I know that!" affirms Em.

Roy plays poker and wins but the guy who lost accuses him of cheating. There is a standoff and the guy leaves because he's out-numbered. The owner of the bar offers Bobbie a job but she turns him down. Roy and Bobbie celebrate because they can now go home. Roy asks the barkeep about hiring a private plane; he and Bobbie explain that they lost their passport and other stuff so they can't take a commercial plane. He agrees to find them one. Roy and Bobbie discuss going home. He promises to go right to the authorities when they get back, since they have the bank records to prove Larkin is crooked. Bobbie and Roy make the deal with the pilot. Roy pays him a lot out of his winnings. Bobbie goes to talk to the barkeep about renting his spare room for the night. She is happy to hear that their room has a view of the beach but they are anxious to get back to Port Chuck.

Carly talks to Michael and worries about Bobbie. She is still sore from the miscarriage. She tucks him in and then goes to the nursery door. She makes herself open the door, but she cries as she goes in and looks around. All the baby stuff and furniture is gone. She sinks to the floor against the wallpaper with teddy bears on it.

Sonny tells AJ on the docks that he killed his son. AJ looks worried but Sonny lights into him verbally, threatening him. AJ tries to explain that he didn't want to hurt Carly. Sonny says because of Michael, he can't punish him. Sonny does his best to make AJ feel guilty. They argue about Michael. Sonny tells him Michael is everything AJ will never be. "You're not a man; you have no honor, you have no pride" Sonny tells him, and AJ better stay away from his family. AJ walks away. Luke comes up and asks Sonny what's wrong. Sonny tells him about the baby dying and AJ's part in it. Luke asks why he doesn't kill him, but Sonny explains that he can't explain that to Michael. Luke sympathizes. Sonny wonders why it's so painful since he never knew his kid. He tells Luke it's great that he got Lucky back, but he's in so much agony that he walks away as he says it.

Sonny comes home to find Carly in the nursery, sitting on the floor. He tries to help her leave but she asks him to bring back the furniture and toys. He says he can't. She is angry at him for pretending there was no baby. He says he thought it would be easier for both of them. She yells at him for disposing of everything, including people, all the time. He says the baby will always be a part of him. They argue about it. He says he gave the stuff to a children's shelter. She gets more and more upset, saying, "how could you!" but then later, she calms down and apologizes. She quietly asks Sonny if he thinks they could "start over" but he is gone and doesn't hear any of it. He's downstairs having a drink. He is unsteady and drops the glass.

Lucky runs into Luke, thinking that running into Luke is a setup, too. Luke has no idea what he's talking about but he looks stunned by Lucky's paranoia. Luke says that "not everything is about you!" Lucky continues to rant and Luke tells him that he's stayed away as he asked. Luke says that he thinks underneath all his "anger and self-involvement" that he really does want his parents close by. Nikolas comes up and asks what happened. When he sees Luke he tries to give them space, but Lucky insists he stay so he can have "someone he trusts". Luke shakes his head in wonder. Luke reminds Lucky that they were past all their problems and asks "what changed?", since they're back to being enemies again. Lucky apologizes to Nikolas for his behavior. Lucky asks his brother to ask Liz to leave him alone. Nikolas looks unsure of that idea.