General Hospital Monday March 27th Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/28/00

Jax chats with Chloe. They are glad to be moved in together. Ned and Alexis arrive. Ned has the papers for Chloe to sign and they plan to have dinner while Alexis and Jax work. Alexis offers to cook for Jax "just one last time". She makes him microwave popcorn. They each work on their laptops and fight over the last popcorn. Jax makes a comment about her ring. She tries to deny it's an engagement ring but he doesn't buy it. Alexis suggests that they all stay married to their respective partners. She explains that they should still fight for both Chloe's company and L&B. Jax doesn't believe her and thinks there's some deeper problem. He says he knows her too well now. Alexis caves and explains that she and Ned discovered they love each other. She is terrified now. Jax gives her his opinion about love. Alexis is worried about Ned's many marriages. Jax tries to give her more confidence. He shares his own feelings about Chloe and her illness. Alexis is sympathetic. They hug. 

Emily and Juan kiss some more at L&B. ho-hum. She stops him in case her parents should happen to come in. Nikolas brings in Lynn Rizinger, a very busy woman whose cell phone doesn't stop ringing. Nikolas explains that Lynn is a high-powered agent that he's trying to get to work with L&B. Nikolas introduces Juan as one of their hot new singers, so Lynn wants to hear him sing. Juan says "sure" so they get ready. Lynn seems to like him and tells him he's "terrific" and she might be able to help him with contacts she has. After she and Nikolas leave, Juan is jumping for joy; Emily seems a little jealous. Later, Emily asks Liz if she's heard about Lucky yet. Liz is still worried. Emily shares with Elizabeth her concerns about Juan and Lynn. She worries about other fans he might have. Juan comes in; Elizabeth congratulates him. Juan and Emily chat about his big break. He thanks her for suggesting to Nikolas that he left him sing for Lynn.

AJ gets his divorce papers from Carly via mail. Edward is not happy about it. They argue again. AJ is relieved to be rid of Carly.

Tony runs into Chloe and Ned in the Port Charles Grill. Tony asks Chloe some medical questions. Chloe gives a good report and also tells Tony cheerfully that they're divorcing. He doesn't seem to want to know any details. Ned and Chloe discuss their "marriage" and how it helped their relationships. They look at their divorce papers. AJ stumbles in and shares that he's divorced now, too, and that they "should celebrate". Ned and AJ squabble and AJ heads for the bar. Ned tries to stop him from drinking so he won't drive home. Ned suggests he get a room there. Tony, who is still at a nearby table, tells them to knock it off. Ned and Chloe go to dinner. Chloe tells Ned he has to let AJ make his own decisions. She offers to give him back his ring but he suggests she keep it as "a momento". He agrees to do the same thing. Tony tries to give AJ advice about his problems but AJ tells him that there are things going on that he doesn't know about. AJ gives up his keys to Tony.

Chloe and Ned return to Jax's place. Everyone kisses their real partners.

Bobbie drops by Kelly's; Tammy wonders where she has been. Bobbie doesn't tell her about being kidnapped. They chat about the nurse's strike, and Elizabeth's mood. Tammy tells her that she should call Roy because he's been asking about her. Elizabeth says hi to Bobbie and wodners if she's heard anything. Liz thought Bobbie was with Luke and Laura. They chat about the search.

Hannah runs into Roy on the docks and wonders what's new; he tells her Bobbie is fine and that he told Bobbie "the truth" but he may have lost her. They discuss it. Hannah takes his side, of course, but worries that Bobbie might tell Sonny. He doesn't think she will; they argue about it. Roy, still upset, walks off. Hannah runs into AJ, who shares about his divorce. She looks worried when he stumbles into her as he leaves.

The other FBI guy runs into Bobbie outside Kelly's and wants to know about her kidnapping. She says she has been staying with her daughter, but he knows it's BS. He tries to put pressure on her, saying that Sorel does drugs, etc. When he grabs her arm, Roy comes running up and grabs the guy and throws him against the wall. Things are tense. The FBI guy insists on talking to Roy, too, so they take a walk. The FBI guy wants to know why Roy didn't use the kidnapping to get the goods on Sonny. Roy claims it's because Sonny didn't share all the details with him. Bobbie follows them and listens to the conversation. Roy chides her for eavesdropping. Bobbie doesn't care; she is just worried for Roy's future as an FBI informant and a free man. She says she's still mad at him but he doesn't deserve to go back to prison. They argue. She tells him to do what he has to but to stay out of prison. He can only promise not to lie to her again. She storms off.