General Hospital Monday March 27th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 3/27/00

Carly begs Sonny not to walk out in the middle of the night, but he says he has business to do but he can't trust her, so he has to do it elsewhere. She tells him she's not spying on him, that's not what that was about. He says he can't trust her, and he leaves. Later, Sonny returns and is surprised to find her still up. She wants to talk about their problem. He tells her to just say what she wants to say so he can go to bed. She says they were "doing great" before, but she made a "little mistake". He doesn't see it as so little. She says she's not Hannah, not spying on him, and reminds him of all the secrets she's kept for him. And she goes on again about Bobbie being her mother. Sonny tells her that her kind of love (for her mother) "means nothing". She says without trust, love means nothing. She points out that he is all alone. He points out how she uses Michael and says he'll make sure she never betrays him again. Carly calls him a "cold, miserable excuse for a human being". He says he'll do whatever it takes to keep her out of his business. She's worried that he'll be too cold and unforgiving to their child. She makes a mean remark about people dying on him. He points out that's a good example of why he can't trust her. She begs him to try for the sake of the baby, but that doesn't help, and he goes upstairs.

Bobbie is confused by what Roy is saying. He tells her that what he's told her about his life since he "died" was a lie. He isn't sure what else to say; she feels a little sick but tells him to just say it. He tells her that the FBI let him out of jail as long as he would infiltrate gangs, etc. on a long-term basis. Plus they used Hannah as leverage, since she was about to be put in foster care (her mother ran off). Bobbie is sympathetic as Roy talks about how mean and sneaky the FBI is. He tells her that Hannah had a full-time nanny when he wasn't away doing work for the FBI. Hannah saw him as a hero, which is why she joined the FBI. She still doesn't know he's a "snitch". He wants to tell Hannah the truth, too. Bobbie is a little miffed that he wasn't in jail for the last 20 years, so he could have called. But he says he had nothing to offer and the FBI controlled his life. She tells him how her life could have been different if he had been in it, and how she used to think about him. "Why come back now and lie to me?" she asks. He confesses that he's working for the Feds against Sonny, but when he first showed up he was sent there to "track a money launderer". She realizes that he was after Jerry and she gets really angry, thinking he got rid of Jerry so he could get her. He listens patiently while she rants. He says he was after Moreno, not Jerry. He just found some account numbers that didn't look right and turned them over to the FBI. He says he wouldn't have done that if he knew it was Jerry becuase she loved him. She doesn't buy it and tells him she's had "enough lies". She asks him if she meant anything to him at all. He says, "you mean the world to me". They argue some more. He swears he didn't know before Jerry was arrested, what was going to happen. He tells her that yes, he's a good liar, that's what he does, but he hates it. And that's why he hasn't gone to bed with her, because he wasn't being honest with her. "I love you. I've never stopped" he swears. He tells her that seeing her being taken away is what convinced him that he had to be honest with her, hoping that she can forgive him. She asks him to leave, so he does.

Lucky tries to decide what to do. He asks Helena if they leave, will she take him back to Port Charles. When Helena compliments him, Lucky tells her to cut the bull. He wants to know what she wants from him. She says she just wants "the pleasure of" his company. Lucky beats Helena again at chess. Helena gets a phone call and says, "it's time".

Luke and Laura ask what Felicia is doing there. She explains about what she overheard. Laura is not too happy to see her. Luke explains why they're there. Felicia explains why she's there and says they can consider her "another pair of eyes and ears". Laura isn't sure Felicia should stay, but both Felicia and Luke think she can be useful. They pack up their gear and get ready to go, since it's close to daybreak. They look for the secret entrance to Mikkos' lair. Luke finds the door and Felicia finds the control panel. They look for a secret code word. It's not "Ice Princess" Instead they realize it's 10/23, Mikkos and Helena's anniversary. Luke and Laura suggest that Felicia keep watch outside while they go in. She looks a little perturbed at being left out of the fun. When Luke and Laura get inside, Helena and Lucky are gone, but they can tell that they were there. They find no clues.Outside, Felicia hears a helicopter and looks up. felicia runs in to tell Luke and Laura, so they all rush out. But it's too late. Luke is frustrated. Laura snaps at Felicia. Felicia snivels that she can't go home without having found Lucky, or her marriage will be over. Laura goes outside for air, but that springs Helena's trap. Luke and Felicia are stuck inside.

Taggert brings Stefan in for arrest, for leaving the country. Stefan threatens him. Mac comes in and asks how "the far east" was and whether he found Lucky. Mac tells Stefan that he thinks he might have kidnapped Lucky to break up Luke and Laura. Stefan sneers and retorts that Mac is bringing his personal life into his work again, which makes Mac grab him and try to hurt him. Stefan is in cuffs so Taggert tries to break them up, but just then, Alexis and Dara come in. Alexis cries assault. She and Dara argue and then leave to see a judge. Dara returns later to tell them that Stefan has to stay in custody for 48 hours. Alexis asks Mac to let him go so that he can find Lucky. Mac tells Stefan he's free, but he'd better call him first when he finds Lucky.