General Hospital Friday March 24th Update


General Hospital Update Friday 3/24/00

Lucky and Helena chat in the Ice Princess lair. They have a chess game right there. She tells him that chess reveals someone's true character, and she assesses Lucky's character as being a "reckless" person but one who will turn into "a true champion". He puts her in check so she gives him the choice: should they leave or stay a little longer?

Luke and Laura fight their way through a dense jungle to get to the Ice Princess lair. Luke wants to stop for the night. Laura wants to keep going but he says that without the sun to guide him, he won't be able to find the underground entrance. They sit and rest their tired bones. Laura admires the beauty of the place and they remember their past. They even mention Robert Scorpio, who was there last time they were there. Laura tries to be philosophical and ask where that live-in-the-moment Laura went, but Luke makes jokes. Then he says the reason they stopped being that way was Lulu getting sick, forcing them to stop. Now they can only focus on getting Lucky back. Laura is amazed at how "invincible" they were when they were together. She says that "ordinary life" caught up with them, not danger. Luke says he "flunked" normal life and she says she did it "too well". Laura likes how she turned out, but she wishes that they could be doing adventures together like the old days. They hear something and hide in the jungle. Luke jumps out and wrestles with a figure. It turns out to be Felicia.

Edward tries to visit Carly but Johnny stops him. Carly doesn't want to see him but Edward begs to be let in for a minute. She lets him in out of curiousity and serves him tea. He tries to get her to admit she misses the Q mansion, but she says she's very happy there. He makes fun of Sonny and notices that she is tense, especially where Bobbie is concerned. He offers her "independence" to live wherever she want, as long as she lets them visit Michael.

Bobbie is really happy to see Roy and kisses his hand. She tries to blab at him about the warehouse but he wants to drive her away from there instead. As Sorel threatens Bobbie, Roy drives her away. Sonny taunts him about his stupidity. Sonny's man, Ray, holds a gun on Sorel, who is now alone. Sorel tries to convince Sonny not to shoot him but Sonny makes fun of him instead. Sonny takes some of the drugs and throws them into the water. He yells at Sorel, "I do not transport drugs!" but then tells Sorel that the case is full of powdered sugar. He tells Sorel to turn around; he objects at first but then has to do it. He makes Sorel sweat and then forces him to walk home. Sonny tells Ray that they'll send Sorel's car back--"piece by mangled piece".

Sonny returns and isn't happy to see Edward with Carly. Edward tries to explain; Carly thanks Edward and tells him that she and Michael are there because they want to be. Sonny tells Edward that he better stay away or AJ goes to jail. He spells it out for Edward that his family is not welcome there, except for Emily and Lila. Edward leaves but vows to "get Michael back". Carly asks what happened but he makes her wait while he asks her why Edward is there. He says that she should be there soon, and that she's with Roy, and both are fine. Bobbie and Roy arrive so Carly and she hugs tightly for a long time. Bobbie smiles at Sonny, who returns the smile, over Carly's shoulder. Sonny tells Roy, "good work" and that Sorel is "neutralized for now". Carly tells Bobbie how worried she was about her. Bobbie says she was treated well, she just worried about Roy a lot. Bobbie tells Sonny that she's sorry she went through his desk. Bobbie just wants to go home to sleep in her own bed; Roy goes with her to see her safely home. He tells Sonny first that he made Sorel's limo go off the pier. Sonny laughs. Carly apologizes to Sonny for what happened. Sonny says she is his mistake, and "you're a slip-up I can't afford, Carly". Sonny chews her out royally for what he had to do to bail her out. Carly is defensive as usual. She asked him if he wants to go back to being enemies and reminds him that they made a good start. He doesn't agree; he says he can't trust her again.

Bobbie goes home with Roy (it will be good to see her in something other than that leather jacket and red outfit!). She thanks him for rescuing her. She relates that when she saw him beaten again, she flashed back to 20 years ago. She apologizes for leaving him there 20 years ago and wishes she could have been braver. Then she tells him she loves him. They kiss. He says there are things she doesn't know about him. He tells her he doesn't really work for Sonny, that he's a "snitch" for the FBI.

Stefan meets with Helena's thug to ask where Helena is holding Lucky. He doesn't want to hear it when he says Helena plans to release Lucky. Finally he tells Stefan that they're at Ice Princess Island. Stefan makes plans to leave but Taggert arrests him instead.

Mac comes home and rushes upstairs to Felicia, not seeing the note she left. He comes down again and sees it. She tells him what she overheard about Luke and Laura walking into a trap. She tells him she's not choosing Luke over him, she just has to help two friends who are in danger, and then she'll come home to them.