General Hospital Thursday March 23rd Update


General Hospital Update Thursday 3/23/00

Mac and Felicia walk on the docks, arm in arm, after dinner. Mac says he walked there so they could reclaim this spot for them (and not just be a memory of Luke). They happily kiss. Mac gets a phone call from Taggert about work. He suggests she go to Kelly's to wait. As Felicia walks away, she hears one of Helena's goons talk to Mrs. Lansbury about Lucky, Luke and Laura. He spills that Helena is luring Luke and Laura to Ice Princess Island. She says she doesn't want to get involved any further, since she's already been questioned by the police. Mac is surprised to find Felicia sitting on the docks, thinking. He tells her that his business is taking longer than he expected. She tells him it's fine and she'll get a cab home. 

At Kelly's, Tammy wonders why Elizabeth is still working. She wants to know what Elizabeth is running from. She tells Tammy that she is keeping busy so she won't think about Lucky. They sit down and discuss it. Tammy asks Elizabeth to just keep positive thoughts about her past with Lucky and to be grateful for them without wanting more. Elizabeth doesn't know if she can do that. Tammy gives her confidence. Mike arrives with flowers for their date. Mike also gives Elizabeth some advice about how things will all work out for her. Elizabeth says she'll close up so they can leave. On the docks, Elizabeth runs into Felicia, and asks her if she was sure it was Lucky she saw. Felicia describes what she saw. Elizabeth wonders why it's taking so long for Luke and Laura to find him. Felicia assures her that it's too early to tell and suggests she not let her imagination run wild. Elizabeth leaves to go to her studio, wanting to be alone. 

Felicia calls Claude, Luke's assistant, trying to track him and Laura down. They haven't heard from him. She frets about what to do. She remembers her promise to Mac about never mentioning Luke's name again. She fingers her wedding ring and says, "I'm sorry, Mac, but I have to do this". 

Chloe moves into Jax's apartment. They kiss. He wants her to take it easy but she has lots of energy. He suggests they put that energy to "good use" and they start making love. Chloe can't believe that Jax never cooks and has no pots or pans. They joke around about all the microwave popcorn that Alexis left in the kitchen. Alexis arrives, interrupting their kissing. She has brought divorce papers. Alexis notices that Chloe is moving in. Chloe leaves them alone for a minute to get something from her place. Jax won't sign the papers unless Alexis sues him for divorce (she drew them up so he is suing her). She asks him if it's a good idea to move Chloe in, given her medical condition. He gets upset because he knows that Alexis has been getting this idea from his mom. She says she doesn't agree with Jane that Jax should break up with Chloe. She is concerned about his getting hurt because of Chloe's illness, not paying attention to his "own health and happiness. He assures her that being with Chloe is good for him, but he appreciates her concern. They hug. He asks her if she's ready for "the real thing". She says she's getting closer, thanks to their brief marriage. He makes a joke about Ned and they thank each other for the help. Jax offers help if she ever needs anything; they say goodbye in a sweet way. Jax takes off his wedding band, kinda sad. Chloe returns and they joke about his being available. They kiss. Chloe shows him a figurine that her mother once gave her. He puts it up on the mantle (right where Brenda's used to be).

Sonny returns but has no news about Bobbie for Carly. They are both on edge. She wants to go to the cops because she can't stand waiting. They argue. She is trying to leave when Roy arrives. Sonny insists that she leave, but she won't. They argue some more. Roy tells him that everything is ready and he has the merchandise. Carly keeps trying to butt in. They both tell her to stay out of it. Carly tells Roy, "You have no idea how much she loves you" and talks about how much Bobbie loves him. She tries to get info from Roy about what's going on, so she can help. He promises her he'll do whatever she can to bring Bobbie back. He says Sorel has "nothing to gain by hurting Bobbie" and he also vows to protect her from Sonny, or anyone else. Sonny and Roy take off to get the job done. Carly waits nervously. She tries to go out but Johnny stops her. Carly tries to get Johnny to let her out, but he won't be dissuaded.

Bobbie and Sorel are in his limo. Bobbie whimpers, asking him to at least call the hospital to see if Roy was admitted. Sorel tells her to knock it off. Sorel, Bobbie, and his guys meet Sonny and his guy. Sonny has a case full of drugs. Sorel has his goon take Bobbie back to the limo so she's not a witness to their transaction. Sonny insists that Sorel give him Bobbie. Sorel says he thinks he'll hang on to Bobbie now, since their business went so well. When Sonny balks, Sorel threatens Bobbie's life. Meanwhile, Bobbie finds that Roy has taken the place of Sorel's chauffeur!