General Hospital Wednesday March 22nd Update


General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/22/00

Alan, Monica, Edward, and Lila sit in silence at home. Their house seems empty without Michael and while they worry about AJ being out drunk. AJ comes in, looking well, and has some orange juice. AJ can tell they're acting weird, guarded. He sits down to have breakfast while they watch. He deliberately takes out a flask and pours vodka on his cereal, to annoy them. Edward insults him, as usual. Alan, Monica, and Lila plead with him to stop drinking. AJ says he's given up, but he seems like he's in a cheery mood. When AJ asks how ELQ is doing, Edward, Alan and AJ argue. They all know that without AJ, Jason, or Ned, ELQ is in big trouble. Edward storms off. Alan asks AJ if he wants to go to AA with him. AJ makes fun of them and leaves to go to Kelly's for breakfast. Alan wonders what they should do; Monica suggests they throw him out. Of course, they argue. Monica asks him if he thinks he's really helping AJ or is he just hoping to be a "good father". Alan tries to get her to see how it is to be an addict. She knows too well the other side. Alan says he can't get past the fact that AJ was there for him when he was an addict, even though Alan had treated him so badly all his life. He knows that Monica can't forgive him for what happened to Jason. 

AJ sees Hannah on the dock and apologizes for his behavior the other day. He tells her he's a drunk and "didn't mean to be a jerk". She forgives him but Taggert comes up and tells AJ to go away. AJ apologizes to Taggert, too. AJ makes himself scarce. Hannah thanks Taggert for coming to her rescue but says she doesn't need defending any more. They sit on the bench on the docks and chat. She confides that she's still considering leaving the FBI. Taggert says she's "a good cop" and she says he's "so cute".

Later, AJ finds Monica sitting on the couch. Things are kinda awkward. AJ sits down and apologizes for his behavior earlier. But things get more tense and they start arguing again about Jason's accident and his drinking. AJ, hurt, storms out.

Ned and Alexis talk about L&B's financial problems. They agree that a large amount of cash is needed. Ned postulates that they need an established artist to hit the road and make them a lot of money on tour. Alexis says Eddie Main is the obvious choice. Or, Ned says, he can go back to ELQ and Edward will finance him. They agree that's a bad idea. They are kissing when Elizabeth walks in. She tells him that Chloe's losing customers because of her illness. She thinks that Gertrude is using email to scare Chloe's customers. Alexis and Ned worry about what they're going to do. Elizabeth suggests Juan but they can't get their money from a new artist. They are all hoping for a miracle. When Nikolas walks in, excitedly talking about a phone call he got, Elizabeth at first thinks it's about Lucky. He tells them that a major band is looking for an L&B artist to open on an east coast tour--Eddie Main. Alexis and Nikolas badger Ned to perform, but Ned doesn't want to consider the idea. Alexis and Ned leave for a business meeting. Nikolas can't figure out what his problem is. Emily arrives, upset about AJ, and looking for Juan. Elizabeth and Nikolas offer their support. Emily suggests that they go look for Lucky themselves, but she isn't serious. Juan arrives so they hug. He gives her a piece of paper with a song he wrote about her. Emily is touched by it. They make out.

Elizabeth and Nikolas talk about the search for Lucky. He invites her to go look at a new gallery in town. She agrees to leave the worrying up to Luke and Laura.

Luke tries to speak to a French man at an airport. He is trying to find out who was on Helena's jet and when it left. Laura makes a mess on the man's desk. He gets so annoyed that he tells them that the plane went to Argentina. Luke and Laura remember what happened to them near Argentina's coast--Ice Princess Island. They wonder if Helena is trying to turn Lucky against them. Luke thinks they should get get the plane (which is returning) to take them back to the island. He has a cunning plan...Luke pretends to be a beef baron and offers a huge amount of money to the pilots to get to Argentina. They are suspicious so they put Luke in cuffs. Laura storms on the plane, pretending to be an FAA agent. She claims that she and Luke are undercover agents testing airport security. She questions Luke, who agrees that he was able to get through the airport and airplane without being stopped or without following security regulations. We can tell Laura is making this up as she goes along, and Luke is trying to follow. She insists that they turn the plane around and report to her, etc. but Luke pretends to ask her to give a verbal warning instead and give them a break. She reluctantly agrees and tells them to remove his handcuffs. They do. Luke and Laura hastily exit the plane and take a commercial jet to Argentina. Luke admires Laura's acting on the plane. She's amazed at how easily the game has come back to them.

Helena and Lucky make their way carefully through an underground tunnel filled with pipes and cobwebs. She opens a hidden door and they enter an inner room. This was Mikkos' lair where he tried to freeze the world and Luke and Laura had to stop him. Lucky realizes they are on Ice Princess Island. Helena confirms, "where your parents killed my husband". Helena shows him the plans to the weather machine. Lucky admires the plans and how Mikkos created it. Helena tells Lucky that freezing Port Charles was an "accident" when Mikkos was "testing" the machine. He meant to bring order to the world but Luke and Laura panicked everyone needlessly and cost him his life. Helena lays out the idea of paradise with rainforests galore, but says that Luke and Laura hunted him down like an animal. Lucky says, "You must want revenge". Helena denies it and says that she just wants to help Lucky, who has been his parents' "victim". Lucky tells her that if his parents find out he's alive, they'll track him down. She says that doesn't worry her.