General Hospital Tuesday March 21st Update


General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/21/00

Jax wakes Chloe up from her bad dream. She tells him about it. But in the dream, she was not only the victim but she was driving, too. She dreamed it once in black and white, and once in color. They remember that horrible night. (Jax looks pretty dopey, needs a haircut badly!) He and Chloe make love and have champagne. She wants to get dressed and do some work for L&B. He asks her to move in with him. She wonders if he's only asking because she's sick. She wants them to be like Edward and Lila, "for keeps". He wants to act on the moment while they can and makes a romantic speech. She finally agrees.

Felicia insists that Mac bring Helena in. She says it's urgent because Helena said she was leaving again. Mac is not interested because of his jealousy of Luke. He doesn't believe what Felicia heard was enough to link Helena to Lucky. She begs him to get someone to bring her in. Finally he makes the call to Garcia. Felicia thanks him, but Mac wants to know why she was on the docks. She says she just went for a walk and ended up there. She tells him that she loves him and wants their life together, but he is having a hard time believing it.
She tells him she went down there for him, to say goodbye to her other life. They argue. Mac acts like a jealous jerk. Felicia wishes they could start over. Mac is cold but says he'll promise to talk to Helena, if he can find her, and Mrs. Lansbury. She cries and asks him to go back to being like they were before. He asks her if she can never mention Luke's name again, so she tearfully agrees.

Stefan stands in the yacht closet, upset because he's lost Laura again. He has flashbacks to their time together, both good and bad. Then he looks for a way to escape. He finds a big knife and tries it on the lock. He finally makes his way out of the closet and leaves.

Carly apologizes to Sonny for giving Bobbie the info. Sonny doesn't want to hear it and tells her to go upstairs. Roy says it was a "bad idea" but assures her they'll find Bobbie. Finally she goes upstairs. Sonny wonders if Sorel will contact him there now, since Roy screwed things up by trying to rescue her. Roy wants to rush out and try it again but Sonny tells him to stop, he's "out of it now". Roy yells back at Sonny "The Hell I am! I'm going to find her and bring her back, Sonny!" He looks very out of control and Sonny looks shocked. Sonny tells him to control his temper and tries to talk him out of going after Bobbie again. He won't listen so Johnny prevents Roy from leaving the penthouse. Sonny explains quietly that they "shouldn't work at cross-purposes". Sonny gets a call from Bobbie; Carly rushes downstairs when she hears the phone.

Sorel brings Bobbie, blindfolded, to another room in another place. Sorel tells her she can thank Roy for the move. She wants to know what happened to Roy; tears are still on her face. She threatens that Roy better live or he'll get it from Sonny. Bobbie, still tearful, begs Sorel to call off the meeting with Sonny, and asks him to send someone to make sure Roy is okay. He doesn't care. 

Sorel makes Bobbie phone Sonny, but instead of telling him what Sorel wants, she tells him about Roy being beaten up and left for dead. Sorel grabs the phone away and tells Sonny to be ready to move. Sorel tells Sonny that they need to cooperate more....he needs a "show of good faith" from Sonny. He wants Sonny to move a shipment for him in exchange for the merchandise he has (meaning Bobbie). Sonny lies to Carly that the phone call was "casino business" and tells her to relax. She goes upstairs. Roy knows it was Sorel. Sonny fills him in that Sorel wants him to move a drug shipment in exchange for Bobbie. Sonny wants him to do it but Sonny hasn't decided yet. Later, Carly comes back to see Roy has left and Sonny is just sitting there with a glass of cognac. He is still annoyed at her for betraying him. She tries to explain that she was only trying to help Bobbie, who has never asked her for anything before. He compares her to Hannah. She asks him to remember what it was like to be so in love. Sonny promises Carly that he will rescue Bobbie, but he asks her to go upstairs again. Carly wonders if they can get back to how they were after this is over, or will they be enemies again? Sonny sighs but doesn't answer.

Sorel yells at Bobbie but she's still only concerned about Roy. She tells Sorel that Sonny won't agree to his deal if the cargo is drugs. Later, Roy runs into Hannah on the docks. She freaks out when she sees his bruises and cuts. He tells her what happened. She wants him to go to GH but he says he's going back to look for clues. She tells him to at least ask Sonny for help, but he explains that Sonny is "deciding" whether to move the drugs or not. Hannah also knows that Sonny won't touch drugs. Roy is frustrated. Hannah asks how he and Bobbie broke up, so he explains. She gives him support. He worries that Bobbie won't forgive him when he tells her the truth...if she lives through this crisis. He tells Hannah that the FBI wouldn't help him. Sonny phones Roy and tells him he needs his help, he'll give Sorel what he wants.

Meanwhile, Bobbie flashes back to Roy's getting beat up, and cries. She prays for him not to be dead.

Helena wonders why Lucky keeps looking out the windows of the plane. He tells her he was looking for the lights of Port Charles, but he can't see them any more. He asks her why they landed there if they weren't staying. She says she had business there but hopes he doesn't think she was just trying to tease him. He wants to know where they're going next. She gives him shrimp and tells him they're going to lots of places, starting with "somewhere special", and then after his "history lesson" is over, they'll go back to Port Charles.