General Hospital Monday March 20th Update


General Hospital Update Monday 3/20/00

Tony had told Chloe about her tumor being benign but says that it might destroy her vision anyway. He wants to try some medicines to shrink it. He says the only side effects might be from the tumor, migraines and weird dreams. He suggests she keep a symptom diary. Chloe and Jax are optimistic. They go home and plan to celebrate but in a limited way, since she's supposed to rest. But Jax finds her asleep on the couch, so he covers her up and kisses her on the forehead, then leaves the room. Chloe dreams about being hit by the car.

Felicia watches on the docks as Mrs. Lansbury meets with Helena to let her know Stefan's movements. Helena pays Mrs. Lansbury off.

Ned finds AJ at a bar and they argue about AJ's screwing up and his drinking. Ned tries to get him to stop drinking so he can get his life back. AJ is beligerent and storms out, saying he's going to get Michael back. Ned meets Alexis there and fills her in on what happened. He is worried about his family, especially Lila and Emily. When she offers to ask Sonny to let Lila visit Michael, he starts nagging her about how bad Sonny is and she shouldn't represent him. He gets a call from Chloe who shares her good news. Alexis tells him to mind his own business about who she works for.

Sorel's thugs have beat up Roy while Bobbie watches, aghast.

Back at home, Carly frantically tries to get news about Bobbie. She wants to call Mac but Sonny says that will only get Bobbie killed. Sonny hugs her to reassure her. Roy arrives, all beaten up, and angrily asks Sonny what he's done to get Bobby released. Sonny asks him to explain what's happening, so he does. Carly comes back and wants to know what's going on, so Roy tells her what happened but that Bobby's not hurt. She thanks him and offers to help with his bruises. Roy and Sonny can't figure out how Bobby knew about his meeting with Sorel. Sonny remembers that Bobbie was there the day before they left for their trip. Carly finally admits that she gave Bobbie the information. She is defensive about it.

Mac tells Dara that he and Felicia worked things out. She's relieved because he's been in such a bad mood lately. Mac talks to Kevin on the phone, and then Felicia arrives. She tells him that she saw Helena on the pier. Mac is upset because Felicia promised to stay out of Luke's business.

Stefan, Luke, and Laura argue on Helena's yacht. Luke tells him "The game's over" and pulls out his gun. Laura sides with Luke somewhat but she's only really interested in finding Lucky. Stefan offers his help, since he has contacts and lots of money. Luke rejects him and locks him in the closet. Stefan yells and bangs against the door for Laura to help him. Laura looks doubtful but goes along with Luke, and they leave the room. Later, Stefan can sense Laura through the door so he asks her to listen. He reminds her of their past, and how he's helped her get through Lucky's death. He asks if she really believes he could do this to her (Lucky's fake death and kidnapping), especially if he loves her. She doens't know what to believe. He begs her to let him help her. Laura tells Stefan that if he means what he says, when he gets out he will go straight home and wait there until they find Lucky. Luke wants to just leave Stefan there to die, but she has a cell phone so she can phone the police to let him out.

Tony catches AJ going through some medical files, trying to find dirt on Sonny. He asks Tony if he wants to get even with Carly. Tony says he remembers last time he took on Carly, what it did to his life, so no thanks. He thinks it's better for Carly and Sonny to make each other miserable. AJ doesn't agree. Alan comes in so AJ tells him why he's there. Alan is worried and offers to drive AJ home, but AJ refuses and storms out. Alan has to explain to Tony about AJ hitting the bottle again. Monica arrives so Alan fills her in.